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Strategic Change Management Assignment Sample

Change management is a strategic approach that is utilized for obtaining anticipated futuristic conditions by shifting from the present conditions such as moving terms, individuals, and organizations. All Australian universities teach the change management subjects to their students so that they can learn about the different organizations all over the world regarding the change that should be brought in leadership, power, and culture of the organization. Students enrolled in management courses are provided to complete an assignment about the various changes in the organization; this is the reason why students seek strategic change management assignment sample to get an idea how experts would go about it.

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What all Topics are Covered in Our Strategic Change Management Assignment Help?

There are various types of assignments in change management that provides knowledge regarding the different concepts of change management. With the help of a strategic change management sample and in-depth understating of different concepts, you can learn regarding these concepts of change management:

  • Assignment on strategic and operational change: Assignment on this subject will help the students to gain understating of how various types of changes should be applied in operation. The strategic change management assignment sample discusses components such as target market, policies, and mission in the organization. However, operational changes include changes that are related to the work process and organizational structure. Assignment on strategic change management asks the students to explain the various strategic models and then evaluate these in the context of the current economy. It also demands the student to discuss the need for strategic change by accessing factors.
  • Assignment on innovation and organizational change: It helps the students learn how to deal with changes that occur in the organization because of the manufacturing process and innovation in technology. Assignment on this subject mainly deals with the resistance resulting from changes in the organization.

Mistakes to Avoid while Writing Strategic Change Management Assignment Samples

Generally, students result in several mistakes while writing the assignments that could lead to low grades in the assignments. To avoid these mistakes, the following tips should be followed:

  • Follow correct format: During writing assignments, the student should follow the format prescribed by the university or college.
  • Use of correct references: Students should use authentic references in alphabetical order. Most of the universities asked for MLA, APA, and Harvard referencing.
  • Use of wrong change management strategic theories: While forming an assignment, students should know different types of change management theories; however, they should be aware of their application in a proper way.

Strategic Change Management with Selected Models min

Strategic Change Management with Selected Models:

It is the procedure of regulating any change in an organization structure in a thoughtful manner to meet the objective, mission, and goals of the organization. Change is required in an organization to meet and thrive the competition of industry competitors. There are various models for regulating a change process in the organization. Kurt Lewin’s and John Katter’s are two well-known strategic change management models.

Kurt Lewin’s Change Model: It is a model that indicates a practical and simple understanding of the change process. This model of strategic change management contains three steps:

  • Unfreezing: According to this step, before implementing a change in the organization, it should go through the first step of unfreezing. The main objective during the unfreezing stage is to produce awareness about the current level of acceptability in the organization. Way of thinking, old behaviours, organizational structure, and people must all be very careful during the examination to display to employees how significant a change is for the company to maintain or create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. During the unfreezing stage, communication is crucial so that employees can become informed regarding the logic and imminent change behind it. The perspective of this is to know more regarding the change that is required and urgent in the organization.
  • Changing: This step is also known as the moving or transitioning step and is noticeable by the implementation of the change. In reality, most people struggle to adapt to new changes as they think it is a hard step to overcome from the previous environment. During this step, people start to learn new processes, behaviour, and way of thinking. The more prepared people are for this change, the easier it will be for them to adapt to a new environment. For this reason, communication, education, time, and support are important for the employees. Therefore, change should be planned and executed carefully. Also, throughout this change, employees should be prepared and positive.
  • Refreezing: It is the final step of the Lewin strategic model that refers to the symbolize act of strengthening, solidifying, and stabilizing the new state after the change. The change that is made in the organizational goals, process, people, offerings, and structure are refrozen and accepted as the new norm. Lewin found this step crucial to confirm that employees do not return to their old way of thinking. To reinforce the new start, individual efforts acknowledgement and positive rewards are generally utilized by the organization.

John Katter’s change model: It is a type of model that believes that employees of the organization go through eight important steps. Following are the eight steps of Katter’s change model:

  • Creating an urgency sense or ensuring that there is a change requires that people understand.
  • Establishing a guiding supporter’s coalition helps the model to bring work and new change together as a team.
  • Preparing vision and strategy for the organization.
  • Conveying the idea to the employees in a stress-free manner to understand.
  • Authorizing employees during the organization to act on the potential changes.
  • Producing short celebrations or short term successes along the way to encourage and celebrate success.
  • Associating what is educated from the recent modification to aid the organization in improving the change process in the future.
  • Securing the transformation in business culture via approaches like profit, assembly clear presentation, and customer contentment.

Take a Look at the Recent Drafted Strategic Change Management Sample by our Expert

Strategic Change Management Sample min

Strategic Change Management Samples min

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