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A case study is an excellent approach to put ideas taught in college and business school into practise. A case study is a description of a person or a business that covers a real-life or hypothetical circumstance as well as the complications that one would find in the workplace. A group of capable academicians will supply you with the greatest case study assistance. The purpose of a case study is to evaluate the application of a theory in a real-life or similar circumstance so that students may gain first-hand experience with it. However, the difficulties of producing case studies sometimes overshadow the student's developing enthusiasm in the subject.

Are you one of those students who has trouble processing the case study materials that are required to track the existing company’s problem? Due to tangled notions that are difficult to handle, every student working with management concepts has previously sought Xiaomi case study assistance. Assume you still require the services of an expert to assist you with the project. In that scenario, you should contact an expert at Online Assignment Expert, since we have a long history of offering high-quality assistance with your assignment's complicated rubric. We understand that completing a case study project necessitates strong analytical and formatting abilities, which most students lack owing to their overwhelming workload.

A Background That You Must Know About Xiaomi

Xiaomi is an electronic corporation based in Beijing, China and founded in 2010 by Lei Jun. Xiaomi invests and develops in a wide range of products, including smartphones, multi-purpose apps, trimmers, headphones, televisions, and a variety of other items.

The first phone of Xiaomi was released in August 2011 and instantly attain a foothold in the market of China. It surpassed Huawei in 2014, as a largest mobile phone corporation of China. They then expanded their hardware inventory, which included an awesome home (IoT) device. Xiaomi now employs around 15,000 people in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and India, and growing into other nations like as the Philippines, South Africa, and Indonesia. According to Forbes magazine, the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has $12.5 billion in assets.

Lei Jun is the tenth most lavish person in China and the 118th most extravagant person in the world. Xiaomi has been designated the fourth most important creative start-up in the world after getting $1.1 billion in capital from financial experts, valuing the business at more than $46 billion.

How Do You Write An HD level Case Study Assignment?

Case study is regarded to be the most difficult sort of assignment since it demands students to comprehend the case's strengths before analysing the weaknesses that need to be addressed. Do you have strong analytical abilities that can assist you in identifying the case study's essential points, or do you want a Xiaomi Case Study Help professional to assist you? According to our specialists, one of the most important aspects of the case study assignment is recognising the problem in light of the requirements, which is helpful in addressing all of the rubric's points. As an example, imagine the requirement file asks, "What is the aspect that has been directly obstructing the organization's productivity?" The case study might include several aspects, but each section must have a focal aspect. If you're having trouble with your Xiaomi case study solution, Online Assignment Expert is the perfect solution for you because of our amazing team of professionals.

The identification of the theoretical framework applicable to the case is the second important aspect of dealing with case study assignments. It might assist you in justifying a vital issue associated to the rubric file that is plaguing you owing to the work's impending deadline. Do you not believe that defining the theoretical foundation for each case is something you have mastered and that you require case study help in your nation from an expert? The collecting of appropriate data or evidence is one of the major elements that makes up the backbone of the case study project, and it necessitates a strong command of research abilities, which most students lack. Do you have a pending Xiaomi case study that you can't finish because you don't understand how to do an analysis in practise? Then you should contact Online Assignment Expert, since our experts are well-versed in case study assignments and can assist you in finishing such difficult jobs.

Utilize our case study aid online guided sessions to gain a thorough grasp of Xiaomi's business strategy –

We know that every company wants to make a profit with high margins, so they're experimenting with different business methods to find the greatest match, which can then be used to increase practise quality.

Xiaomi s Platform Based Ecosystem Business Model

As a gadget manufacturer, Xiaomi made some incredible achievements after third year of its launch. The firm is on way to supply around 60 million phones this year, and has made steady (Although slow) progress in Asia, including Indonesia and India. Apart from phones, the company's growth is incredible.

Resonance is now doing a social media analysis on Xiaomi. China dissects a wide range of the start-up’s methods and demonstrates how well they perform. The following are the business strategies:

Xiaomi is a web-based business enterprise: -

Lei Jun, a fervent supporter and business visionary of Xiaomi, describes it as a web-based company, which is one of the many reasons he despises the ongoing comparisons between Xiaomi and Apple. They believe that a parallel to Amazon is more appropriate. On Alibaba's Tmall, Xiaomi has a customer-facing façade and an e-store. The figures support Lei Jun's claim.

The Landing Page is an E-Commerce Website:

The majority of gadget manufacturers utilise their landing sites as showrooms or well-known web advertisements. Xiaomi goes straight to the point through transforming its landing page into a pure online business store.

Utilizes a different type of social exchange: -

Because most of time Xiaomi supplies its phones online, internet networking plays an important role part for this organization. Xiaomi mostly utilises China’s Weibo, along with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in the areas that are new. Based on the analysis of Resonance China, Xiaomi consistently achieves levels of commitment of around 60% on Weibo, owing to constant regular updates on a diverse range of topics.

There is a social centre for each item rang: -

Xiaomi has around ten main accounts on Weibo, and the Xiaomi Mobile Weibo is most popular out of all, by having followers numbering around 11 million; the account on MiPad recently reached 500,000 followers. Corporate account on Weibo of Xiaomi has 4,000,000 followers, which suggests that people would rather engage online with devices (as it were) than with a company.

Reduces the cost of "Premium": -

Premiums for Apple start at around $700. It costs around $600 for Samsung. Xiaomi, on the other hand, shaved it in half in 2011 by selling high features (along with a basic, blocky design) at affordable pricing — just $325. Xiaomi has also improved its equipment configuration game in order to ensure that the phone's feel does not detract from its incredible specifications.

It Is in Charge of Its Locale: -

Along with its careful online networking strategy, Xiaomi is also a standout performer when it comes to administering its neighbourhood gatherings, or BBS. This is where the brand's most rabid followers, dubbed "Mi fans," congregate to check gadgets, trade information, and, for the most part, hang out.

Business Model Xiaomi

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Can I review a Xiaomi Case Study sample solution?

Online assignment expert has provided free access to the students with thousands of samples or solutions that can be reviewed to understand the quality of work students can use for their guidance. We know that searches for Xiaomi case study are mostly to retrieve a sample that can be treated as a reference to draft their current assignment, but doesn't you think it can spoil the entire work due to the requirements? Please don't lose hope; we are here to provide you with our great assistance that will make this a cakewalk for you, and when good quality assignment help is an option, it is worth giving it a try. Here’s a MGMT2008 Xiaomi Case Study Sample for your reference:

Xiaomi Case Study Sample Xiaomi Case Study Samples Xiaomi Case Study Sample Solution

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