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Harley Davidson is a segment of motorcycles spread worldwide due to its innovative and rich design. This bike also includes a choice of wheels, colour, racks, seats, windshields, backrests, intakes, and exhausts. The marketing strategy of Harley Davidson emphasizes giving a modified experience to its customers to permit them to associate with the brand.

Writing a Harley-Davidson marketing strategy case study is not easy; it requires deep market knowledge. Students enrolled in the marketing course are often asked to write such case studies. If you are stuck with your case study and are standing clueless as to from where to start, don’t worry; Online Assignment Expert is here to provide you with the best-case study writing help.

Before we dig deep into Harley Davidson marketing strategy case study, we need to know the background of the brand. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Background of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturing company established in Wisconsin and Milwaukee in the United States of America. It was founded by the Davidson brothers and William S. Harley. This company often enjoy an offbeat status in motorcycle circles. No other American companies have extent as Harley Davidson.

However, this dream body has a high price rate; the more expensive model of Harley Davidson costs around 50000 USD, while the lowest model of Harley Davidson costs around 6000 USD. This brand covey’s strong sensational freedom for the baby boomers. In addition to motorcycles, this brand also manufactures a wide range of merchandising products. This brand gained popularity in a short time due to its quality products. The company also believes that motorcycles are not transportation vehicles and are sports vehicles; therefore, the main concern of this organization is to manufacture good products. It resulted in enhanced production and productivity of the motorcycles.

SWOT Analysis of Harley Davidson

Our experts will help you learn about the company through SWOT analysis. Here is some of the key information evaluated under the Harley Davidson SWOT analysis. Our Harley -Davidson marketing strategy case study Swot Analysis experts will promptly provide you with authentic case study writing help; if you are looking for expert assistance to finish your assignment. All you need to do is book a session with us for case study writing help, and our experts will guide you. The following section will be the SWOT analysis of Harley Davidson:


  • Contain individuality and freedom value
  • Worldwide brand awareness
  • Good service
  • High-quality products
  • Bikes are professed as status symbols
  • Worldwide guarantee
  • Presence of social media
  • Strong dealer community


  • Due to a strong distribution network, people have limited market reach.
  • The younger generation considers brands a little outdated.
  • Too expensive
  • Lack of technical innovation
  • Unfocussed on new innovations


  • Target market size
  • Growing population
  • Attractive market size
  • E-motorbikes
  • The high density of IT supports
  • Emerging market segments
  • On-going urbanization
  • Increasing demand


  • Enhanced promotion by competitors
  • Competitors entering the segment, cruiser, and copying
  • Changing customer tastes
  • Time and budget restrictions for adult buyer groups
  • Tough environmental rules and regulations
  • Growth of other organizations in the same field

What are the 7P’s of Marketing?

To develop the marketing strategy, one should utilize the formula of the 7 Ps. Business activities should be examined and re-examined continuously. Following are the seven P of marketing:

  • Product: correctly analyze the product to help the organization decide whether this product is suitable for business or not. Ask critical questions about the product quality and marketing value of the product.
  • Price: It is an essential part of the marketing assignment help strategy because all businesses depend on the service or product price. Sometimes, you need to raise your product prices. At other times, it may be suitable to lower the rate of the product. Many organizations in the market whose price does not match the product quality. This type of action from the organization's side can affect their customers and lose their customers' percentage. To remain competitive in the market, you need to adjust your product price according to the marketplace.
  • Promotion: it is a term that displays the quality, price, terms, and conditions related to the service or product of the organization. It involves informing the consumers regarding the product and how the product can benefit the consumers. A slight alteration in the promotion plan can result in drastic changes in the results of the product sales. Small and large organizations in every industry experiment the various mode of promotion, such as advertising and selling their products online.
  • Place: As a businessman, one should develop the habit of reflecting on and reviewing the perfect place or location to meet the salesperson. Any change in the place can rapidly increase and decrease sales. There are various ways to sell the product; some organizations utilize direct contact with sending and selling partners, while other organizations sell their products by utilizing telemarketing.
  • Packaging: it is the fifth component of marketing. Advance the practice of looking and standing at every visual component that is present in the packaging of your service or product. Always remember, consumers only need 30 seconds to analyze the quality of the product. Therefore, always track the packing because the first impression is the last. Minor enhancement in external presence or packing of the product can often lead to an entirely distinct reaction of the consumers. With respect to the organization's packaging, your service or product should consider every perspective of the customers to observe their first reaction to product purchasing. The packaging indicates the appearance of your product. It also refers to waiting rooms, offices, brochures, and every aspect of your organization. Therefore, while delivering the product's packaging, the salesperson needs to look professional in everyone way.
  • Positioning: develop the practice of thinking unceasingly regarding how you are placed in the minds and hearts of your product consumer. If you can produce a fantastic deal in the minds and hearts of the customers, then your interaction with every customer would be specific. Start with the position offered by the organization and which you would like to step forward in your career.
  • People: it is the final or last p of the marketing. It indicates the people present outside and inside the business organization and who are accountable for selling the product. It is exciting how many business people and entrepreneurs work enormously to think about all the components associated with marketing strategy. The potential to recruit, select, retain, and hire proper people with enhanced abilities and skills helps put together everything. To become a successful businessperson, one must produce the thinking habit to know exactly what is going on around them and perform the tasks responsibly. Sometimes, it is not possible for the businessperson to move forward until they enrol the right person in their business strategy.

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