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Anti-Discrimination Case Study

To a humanities student, anti-discrimination theories and policies are important frameworks in institutional settings. As a post-modern development, anti-discrimination has fairly been recognized almost worldwide. Mercat-Bruns et al. (2016) have given recognition to the anti-discriminatory protectionist laws, with growing influence in European countries each year. According to them, these laws are important for the prohibition of differences in treatment based on categories such as caste, class, gender and race. Many case studies have been developed in European studies in relation to this. An effective anti-discrimination case study can be written by analyzing policy frameworks of European institutions and following their anti-discrimination legislations. According to Moreau (2010), anti-discrimination laws define the structures of legal landscapes and operate in certain contexts. It is important to recognize these contexts; for, eg. anti-discrimination policies in the private sector are different from those in the public spheres.

Intensive anti-discrimination case studies require dedicated hours of time and effort. Holmes (2005) has necessitated the need of the hour to bring recognition to these case studies so that there are effective policy implementations to attain an equal society. Therefore, we are willing to provide case study help for students in Australian universities. Humanities students are often assigned several hours of intensive research work for their coursework and papers. Several students cannot cope with the burden, and thus, we provide adequate case study help services. If you struggle to cope with your assignments, anti-discrimination case study help by Online Assignment Expert is the way to go about it. We adhere to quality research methods and university guidelines and ensure that your work is addressed accordingly to achieve your academic goals.

Anti-discrimination Case Study Experts Reveal the Key Elements to Consider

  1. Choosing a Subject - It is important to choose a legal topic for your case study, mentioning the historical, social, political, cultural contexts under which it has emerged. Afterwards, you are required to state the purpose of your case study, in this context, analyzing the effectiveness of anti-discrimination policies in the legal setting of a workplace, institute, policy, etc. 
  2. Literature Review - An impressionable case study requires in-depth knowledge about its pre-existing knowledge. The established studies and relevant cases similar to the social cause must correspond as empirical knowledge. This can be further enhanced through supplementary and additional primary and secondary sources. The importance of a literature review in any case study implies the student’s mastery in that inquiry.
  3. Methodology - The student then must state the methods required for conducting the case study. It requires the procedure to state the procedural methods of going about the case study. It is also implied to youse relevant qualitative and quantitative questionnaires and analysis reports in the methodology.
  4. Case Report - Under this, all factors of anti-discrimination policies have to be noted down and approved. If the policies are not being implemented correctly, you will be required to analyze the causes.
  5. Data analysis and Inspection - It is important to recognize key areas for improvement with the available data. Additionally, considerations must also be added for a greater anti-discrimination regime.
  6. Conclusion - This should act as a summary of all the key points made in the case study. It will help highlight the main areas that can be analyzed and inquired about for future studies and references.

The various elements of a case study require dedicated hours of time and work. If you feel like such intensive case studies are out of your hand, you can always use case study writing services. Our experts have experiential and theoretical knowledge in humanities and will address all your issues.

Types of Discrimination

Understand a Detailed Analysis of Anti-Discrimination Case Studies via Guided Sessions

A utopian society is created with equal accountability on all discriminatory fronts. Therefore, we understand that there are areas of anti-discrimination where our studies must be focused. The key areas of anti-discrimination theories are:-

  1. Race Theory – Hernandez (2006) contributed significantly to this theory. She has added relevant research and intersectional approaches to her study. According to her, African American women have been discriminated against in American companies at a much higher rate than White American women. She points out a relevant case study of Amazon's discriminatory practices and helps bring an empirical anti-discrimination case study on racial discrimination forward.
  2. Gender theory- Bunch (2005) has argued how women have systematically been discriminated against ever since the creation of time and provides a feminist approach to her scholarly inquiry. She takes gender as a primary factor in the case of women and demonstrates accountability for exploitations against human rights, political prisoners and even them being subject to ethnic persecution. Her strong historical grounding has made her study an empirical approach.
  3. Class theory- Also known as father or birth giver to communalism, Karl Marx is recognized as one of the greatest thinkers. In Marxist theory, the capitalist production stage consists of two main classes: the bourgeoisie, the capitalists who own the means of production, and the much larger proletariat (or 'working class') who must sell their labour-power. Karl Marx's works have been recognized globally and in several anti-discrimination theories.

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