Communication Skills For Nurses And Midwives Assignment


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Communication Skills for Nurses and Midwives Assignment

Nurses serve their patients in the most important capacities. We know that they serve as our first lines of communication when something goes wrong or when we are concerned about our health - Lois Capps.

This is how important communication skills are for nurses and midwives. Sometimes, college professors give “communication skills for nurses and midwives” assignments to the students. Many do not know how to proceed with it. First of all, there are a lot of irrelevant resources on the internet. Maybe your professor is not going to like that information. What will you do in that case? If you have doubts like these, then choose Online Assignment Help.

Every year thousands of nursing students take guidance from them because they have been called the bestNUM1102 assignment help all over Australia. Before discussing them, let us shed some light on nurses' and midwives' communication skills.

Why is Good Communication Skill Required in Nursing

Important Communication Skills for Nurses and Midwives

Good communication between nurses and patients is essential to take care of their nursing care. Great communication skills are required for delivering accurate and compassionate healthcare. Some of the communication skills for nurses and midwives are given below:

1. Verbal Communication

Attractive communication is key in nursing healthcare. If your aim to speak accurately and honestly, it is very important to know your audience. Before speaking, always notice their person's age, culture and level of health literacy. Do not use complicated terms about problems patients are facing.

If you are frustrated for some reason, always take care of your tone. Don’t let your emotions affect the patients surrounding. You can do certain things also like:

  • Motivate the patient by asking questions like, “can you tell me more” do you need anything, etc.
  • Avoid words like sweetie, uncle, honey etc. which can be offensive in some cultures. Instead, use sir, madam or use their name.
  • Always speak clearly and avoid technical terms of nursing.

2. Non-verbal communication

Use some non-verbal signs like facial expressions, body language, eye contact, gestures, tone of voice, etc. Smiling can make your communication more effective. Some other ways are:

  • Show interest in what your patients say by maintaining eye contact with them.
  • Always smile but don't stare.
  • Sit down with the patients but maintain proper distance.
  • Body language should be non-threatening. Writing these points on communication skills for nurses and midwivesmakes your work more attractive.

3. Active listening

It means understanding other personal experiences through listening. For this, you need complete attention and engagement. These skills are essential for all kinds of nurses because as a nurse, you have to talk with staff or doctors as well, not just with the patients. Active listening requires both verbal as well as non-verbal skills. Example

  • Use your head and never interrupt.
  • Lean forward towards the speaker and maintain regular eye contact with them. Want more points? Then seek NUM1102 assignment help.

4. Trust

Nursing professionals need to build trust with the patients by actively nursing. See what their concerns or complaints are. Reply properly to their complaints. For many patients seeking healthcare is very concerning. In that case, we need to develop trust with them. By following certain things, you can easily build trust with the patients.

  • First, always tell the truth.
  • Be transparent while sharing information.
  • Admit mistakes, if any.

5. Cultural Awareness

As a nurse professional, you need to work with many people from different cultural and social backgrounds. So always be aware of their sensitivity and your words. Take care of your words, especially when dealing with transgender and elder patients.

Do not mistreat them and make them uncomfortable. Being a health professional, you need to study some basic knowledge about their culture.

6. Compassion

Conveying compassion is an important skill in the healthcare domain. Some studies show that compassion can quickly treat certain problems, like acute illness, relieving anxiety, etc. - Journal of compassionate healthcare. Follow these steps to become more compassionate:

  • Imagine yourself in a patient situation.
  • Try to understand their needs and expectations.
  • For more points in compassion, get help from communication skills for nurses and midwives assignment experts.

7. Making Personal Connections

Make personal connections if possible. Due to this, they feel comfortable and safe. It also helps in improving trust. Some ideas of making personal connections are:

  • Spends some minutes with the patients daily.
  • Tell them some jokes.
  • Show some interest in their lives.

8. Presentation Skills

In health professionals, nurses have to communicate most of the time. This includes informing doctors about their day to day concerns or telling family members about their health conditions, treatment plans etc. these skills are very useful, especially if you are working as a community care nurse. You can use the patient teach-back strategy. In this, patients have to repeat information whenever they say something. It helps them in better understanding. For detailed information, get NUM1102 assignment help. They provide you with professional specific details whenever you need them.

As we already discussed important communication skills for nurses and midwives assignment, now let's talk about ways of overcoming different barriers in the nursing and midwives communication.

Methods of Overcoming Barriers in Communication

Communication is the sharing of information between two human beings. It is very necessary, especially in the nursing profession. But, sometimes there is a communication barrier which means either of two human beings does not understand what they are being told. To overcome this, there is certain things which need to follow:

  • Always check whether it is a good time or place to talk with the patient.
  • Always be clear in your language. Ask them if they understood or not.
  • Sometimes people do not want to talk. Please respect their decision.
  • Avoid any distractions during communication.
  • Acknowledge every emotional response during the communication.
  • Never make a judgement of any emotional response.
  • To avoid physical barriers, close the door and try to mitigate outside noises as much as you can.
  • Avoid any psychological barrier; sometimes, patients feel anxiety when visiting hospitals or nursing professionals. Try to overcome this. ‘

 Writing all these points helps in communication skills for nurses' and midwives' assignmentsAfter studying this information, you may feel confident in writing the assignment. But remember getting the right information is just a half-way to get high grades. There are many other things you need to do to get high grades. In the next section, we will discuss why you may need Medical science assignment help and how we can help you achieve your goal.

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