HLTINF001 Assessment Answer


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HLTINF001 Assessment Answer

In today's world, hygiene practices have greater importance than ever, especially after covid-19. Nowadays, people have started using sanitization more than before. If you are young and healthy, you can use the hygiene practices very easily, but elders and many others who have permanent disabilities cannot maintain their hygiene.

These people need community services to take care of their hygiene practices. HLTINF001unit comes in these types of community services. Also, there are other courses like Diploma of Anaesthetic Technology, Certificate IV in Ambulance Communications, Diploma of Audiometry, Certificate III in Basic Health Care, etc. This unit has been studied. For completing the unit, they need to give HLTINF001 assessment answersMany students do not know how to give answers properly. That's why they need HLTINF001 assessment help.

If you are confused about the help, we suggest choosing an Online Assignment Expert. They have vast experience in writing such answers. But if you want to gain some insights related to the HLTINF001 unit, then you must read the details are given below:

Five Basic Principles for Infection Control

Overview of HLTINF001 Unit 

As discussed above, in the HLTINF001 unit, we need to study infection prevention and control policies and procedures. So we need to study these things deeply to prepare our HLTINF001 assessment answersLet's discuss some basics of standard precautions.

1. Standard Precautions

Not every human being who is infected carries some infection looks unwell. Also, you can be sure that a person is carrying some infection or not just by looking at them. Also, people who carry some infection do not know about their conditions. 

Sometimes some people know, but they do not want to disclose it for society and other reasons. So what you can do in all these cases. Only there is one path and take standard precautions to protect the people from the spread of infection. One of the standard precautions is handwashing procedures.

2. Hand hygiene practices and Infection control

Germs are present in every place - even on our skin and body. Even healthy people can carry infectious diseases or bacteria. So as a health community worker, you need to wash your hands regularly. The following point contains the importance of handwashing which the HLTINF001 assessment help expert tells.

  • Wet your hands properly with the water.
  • Use soap or skin cleanser.
  • Rub your hands together and write after putting on some cleanser.
  • Rinse your hands thoroughly with the water.
  • After that, pat your hands either with dry paper or a towel.
  • Always remember to turn off the tap with the paper towel.
  • At last, dispose of paper towels.

Want to write HLTINF001 assessment answers? Study these steps briefly to get deep knowledge.

3. Cover cuts and abrasions

Human skills act as a protective barrier and prevent the spread of infection from person to person. Any cut or abrasion on the skin can become the portal for spreading the infection from one human to another. So taking care of these cuts are essential to maintain healthy hygiene.

As a student of the HLTINF001 unit, you need to take care of people who have even small cuts. It helps to prevent them from many diseases. Certain things you can write in the assignment like usages of gowns and aprons. Let's discuss types of gowns:

  • First, understand that gloves should not be an alternative to perform hygiene tasks. You need to perform hand hygiene before putting on gloves.
  • Always wear glove when there is a chance to contact blood or any body fluids.
  • Gloves should be used for single use only. After using them, try to decompose them.
  • We also need to wear a gown during patient care because there is a chance of blood or body fluids sprays.
  • Always perform hand hygiene immediately after removing the Gown.
  • If Gown is already used, staff should ensure that they should be disposed of. Writing all these points in the HLTINF001 assessment answeris quite beneficial.

4. Use Eye Protection and Face Shields

Wearing face shields is very important to protect the eyes, nose and mouth during patient care and cleaning procedures that can generate body fluids and sprays of blood. Sometimes certain chemicals can go to your eyes and harm your vision. 

After using the protection and shields, throw these immediately and perform hand hygiene. Usingthe HLTINF001 assessment helpedget more eye protection and face shield points.

5. Environment Control

Remember that taking care of your surrounding environment is necessary when ensuring proper hygiene. In this case, you need to clean the surrounding surface, beds and sheets, use disinfectant on the surface, cleaning of equipment must be followed in this.

Sometimes, many harmful germs present in the environment can harm you and your surroundings. So it would help if you took care of this aspect. There are other things you must study before writing an assessment, but you need to take some help from experts. Let's discuss what type of questions can cover our experts:

Three Measures Other Than Handwashing to Ensure Hand Hygiene

  • Use of alcohol to kill the microorganisms on hand
  • Use of medical gloves
  • Use of special plasters like Elastoplast spray

What is the Situation Where Non-Sterile Gloves are Used?

Non-sterile gloves are used when:

  • In contact with damaged skin or biological fluids such as blood surfaces contaminated with them.
  • If you come into contact with the environment in which patients are staying or directly with patients.

Ways With Which additional Infection Control Methods are Required to Limit the Transmission of Infection

  • Spread of infectious diseases in the health facilities.
  • Due to health worker problems, they may be infected with some diseases like HIV.
  • The patient is very vulnerable and being treated for some medical condition.

For more questions like this, you need HLTINF001 assessment help to get an idea of writing the answer. But what about the knowledge and resources? Do you know what resources to follow to give all the answers correctly? If not, you must need some expert help for the HLTINF001 assessment answerIn the next section, we will discuss why you may need it?

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