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Biochemistry is the chemical process that happen in plants, animals, and microorganisms and changes occur during their development. In this, we study how chemicals like proteins and carbohydrates give rise to living organisms in biochemistry. In the 21st century, the importance of biochemistry is felt in many health sectors, including the military sector.

That's why many students in Australia choose this discipline as a career. Many times professors gave biochemistry assignments to the students to check their performance. The problem started with many because they either do not have time for many reasons or lack resources. 

Due to this, they feel a burden about their assignments. If you are one of them, then don't worry. Get Assignment Help from Online Assignment Expert. They have the best Medical Biochemistry Assignment Expert team. They will guide you in every perspective. But before this, let's first talk about the history of Biochemistry.

Idea of Biochemistry

History of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a discipline that started in the 1700s and 1800s. It started with the study of fermentation and the discovery of the first enzyme in the biochemistry world. But the 20s is the century that completely changed the world of biochemistry due to new techniques like X-Ray crystallography that allowed biochemists to study all dimensions of the molecules precisely.

The most famous molecule that carries our genes is DNA which was very interesting for many biochemists. Its structure was discovered in 1953. This discipline also reveals that living cells have structure molecules. Some form walls and membranes, while others are in the cytoskeleton. So, this is the basic overview of the history of biochemistry. Now let's discuss the biochemistry discipline deeply.

Medical Biochemistry Assignment Expert - Discusses About Biochemistry as a Discipline

Need authentic help for a biochemistry assignment? Or try to find more information. To make a biochemistry assignment, you need to understand many things, which we will discuss below. If you don't want to search and waste your time, seek help from medical biochemistry assignment expert.

1. The science of Biochemistry

The main goal of this discipline is to explain all life processes in the molecules. This heavily depends on the fundamentals of organic chemistry and other sciences. 

It is not surprising that the first biochemist was a person who specialised in organic chemistry. The main discovery of this discipline was DNA "double helix" by Watson &Crick and DNA sequencing by Fredrick Sanger.

2. Chemical basis of life

When we think about biochemistry, protein structure suddenly gets stuck in our minds. They are present in every living organism. That's why there is a huge importance of protein in biochemistry. They are carbon-based compounds. The discipline of organic chemistry best describes properties like shape and chemical reactivity in biochemistry.

3. Understand molecular structure

The three-dimensional shape of a molecule is for the chemical and physical properties of the molecules. There are different models to study the molecule's structure, but we will only focus on the valence shell model. In this, we assume that electron pairs repel each other. To better understand the molecular structure, focus on these points:

  • Lewis structure
  • Count the number of electron pair
  • Arrange them
  • Arrange the atoms to minimise the electron pair
  • Name the molecular geometry

If you understand better, you can seek help from a BMED11-205 assessment expert. They better understand the molecular structure and key chemicals concepts.

  • Chemical bonding - The molecular and atomic orbitals of nitrogen, atomic and oxygen bonding are very important in biomolecules. The positions and shapes ultimately determine the shapes of biomolecules. For better understanding, get help from BMED11-205 unit assessment experts.
  • Functional Groups - Want to understand the chemical reaction of the biomolecules? It's better you know its functional groups. They are the specific grouping of atoms that have their characteristics. Common examples are ketones, amines, alcohols and ether etc.
  • The same functional group always has the same chemical reactions. This helps in predicting chemical reactions and the behaviour of chemical compounds. The functional groups can also modify the reactivity of another functional group if it is present nearby. Covalent bonds always link the atoms present in them. They can also be charged; carboxylate salts can turn into polyatomic ions.

4. Biomolecules are polymers

Biomolecules like proteins, polysaccharides and nucleic acids in cells are polymer chains of amino acids, monosaccharides and nucleotides. Generally, they are formed by condensation reactions.

  • Proteins - Many chemical reactions happen in the cell. Most of them are carried by proteins. It is also a major component of most cells and tissues. Proteins are composed of amino acids held together by peptide bonds. Peptide bonds are formed by condensation of the carbonyl group and amino group of the amino acids. This is important information that you should remember while making a Biochemistry assignment. For extra, you can seek help from a BMED11-205 assessment expert.
  • Polysaccharides - They are polymers of glucose, also called monosaccharides. Always remember that different polysaccharides perform different functions. It is a type of molecule that biochemists first studied. By studying polysaccharides, you can examine how the structure is crucial to biological functions. Examples of this are starch, glycogen and cellulose etc. For further guidance, take help from a medical biochemistry assignment expert.
  • Nucleic acids - They are also the type of molecules that carry primary information. They are the guide of proteins and help in protein synthesis. There are four types of nucleic acid-like: adenosine, cytosine, uridine etc. In terms of objective, they express and store the information.
  • Lipids and membranes - They are also a type of molecule composed of carbon and hydrogen. They are more soluble in the organic solvent than water. Their primary building block is a fatty acid.

5. Biochemistry and Evolution

Biochemistry has broadened our knowledge of evolution and phylogeny. In fact, due to biochemistry, we believe that all living organisms are similar on a molecular level. Due to the similarity of organisms, we believe that all organisms at the molecular level have the same ancestor. rRNA analysis proves that all living organisms are divided into three domains - bacteria, Eukarya and archaea.

So, in the end, we can say that biochemistry has changed our way of thinking about living organisms. Due to this discipline, we know a lot about DNA and its functions. That's why many students in Australia choose to pursue their careers in this field. Moreover, they need help from a Medical biochemistry expert in many cases.

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In universities, every student has to make assignments for getting high grades. Whether you are making a biochemistry assignment or a nursing assignment, you need help getting high grades. Students do not have specialisation in many topics. Sometimes they do part-time jobs to afford their studies. 

Topics like biochemistry and Nursing are very broad. If you are pursuing Nursing, you need nursing assignment help because you have to research deeply, and for that, you have to find relevant resources. It takes a lot of time. Now consider you already decided to seek help but from where? For that, you can take help from an Online Assignment Expert. They have already helped thousands of students. Here’s a look at their previous work:

Medical Biochemistry Assignment Help

Medical Biochemistry Assignments Help

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