Apply nursing practice in the primary health care Assessment


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Apply Nursing Practice in the Primary Health Care Assessment

Primary health care represents the first level of persoanal health care service that considers an accessible, continual and holistic approach towards the health needs of an individual. Health care professionals coordinate in a multi-faceted approach to address long-term health benefits. Leonardo (2014) has added that nurses play a critical role in expanding, coordinating and connecting primary care logistics.

Several medical universities in Australia have emerged to create primary health care professionals through their training programs. Through this program, they apply the nursing practice in the primary health care assessment guidelines. Many students face challenges while writing their assignments; this is why Online Assignment Expert is here to provide an HLTENN015 assessment expert who will write your nursing assignments as per your university format but clarify doubts to make you a better nurse in the medical industry.

By providing our services, we want to encourage the practice of guidance to make students feel that they are not alone. Our purpose lies in providing guidance and inspiration for primary health policymakers, instructors, managers and clinicians by securing their competencies through our well-researched assignments.

What are the Important Elements for Medical Science Students Working in Primary Care?

To apply the nursing practice in the primary health care Assessment, Grimes (2019) argues that students must have a clear understanding of the conceptual frameworks. This approach addresses the broader determinants of health and related aspects, which work along parallel lines of people's physical, mental and social well-being. The following points are crucial elements for nursing work in primary care:

  1. Patient advocacy and education: In this inquiry, the ability to promote patient's establishment to ensure quality care facilities are studied and actively become health participants. It includes the process of empowering and supporting patients and securing health services that are required for community and population needs.
  2. Effective communication: This process elucidates the ability to quickly acquire rapport with patients and their family members. This process also involves an empathetic approach to incorporating the patient's perceived culture. The key competencies for achieving effective communication rely on establishing interprofessional and health communications.
  3. Teamwork and leadership: It relates to becoming an effective group member of interpersonal teams inclusive of patients, providers and family members. It requires an understanding of team dynamics in building productive and healthy outcomes. The key competencies in teamwork and leadership include collaboration efforts, taking care of management teams, and facilitating patients.
  4. People-centred care and clinical practice: It addresses the ability to create conditions for coordinated services for the patient and their family. The key competencies of this practice include assessing the nature of patients' families, planning and implementing care services in a clinically approved manner.
  5. Continuous learning and research: This relates to the ability to demonstrate reflective practice and experience the available evidence to continually improve the services as a care team member. The learning approach is key towards attaining reflective research practice and maintaining professional expertise.

8 Components of Primary Health Care

What are the Other Important Branches Related to Nursing?

Nursing courses offered in Australian universities cover several arenas of medical paradigms. Some of the general areas of the nursing field are:

1. Law and professional issues of Nursing

This topic covers the theoretical aspects of learning Nursing. It includes subtopics like:-

  1. Loss of Licensure
  2. Malpractice
  3. Negligence
  4. Defamation
  5. Job termination

2. Patient issues of Nursing

This involves minimizing health risks when it comes to a patient. To ace this topic, students must familiarize themselves with aspects of medicinal health policies, improved safety features and skilled health professionals.

3. Behavioural health nursing

Patients going through behavioural problems caused by alcoholism, drug use and mental health issues must be treated under specialized nursing care. For these patients, there are several methods of nursing treatments.

As nursing is a continuously evolving subject, it has many other fields of topic inquiry in its course structure. Therefore, students who feel like they cannot give much time or effort to this subject can apply the nursing practice in the primary health care. Assignment help provided by Online Assignment Expert and stay updated with their knowledge and submissions. We also specialize in several Nursing assignment help servicesas it is a complex discourse in the nursing field.

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HLTENN015 Assessment Expert

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