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Child Development Theories

Aussie Childcare Network Assignment Help: Top Courses & Certifications

  • CERT III Early Childhood Education - The employment opportunities are also increasing with time, so there has been seen a rise in the childcare sector, and many people are more inclined toward joining this course. Because according to the Australian laws, the student who wants to pursue their career in the childcare sector must have the required certification like CERT III early education course. The duration of the course is almost about 6-18 months. Basically, in this course, students are taught to alter the lives of the children and make them better.
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care Online - To work in early childhood care, if you want to upgrade your skills or even you are currently working there, so to be a professional in this industry, these are the qualifications that can provide you with the requirement. The students can complete their diploma in early childhood education and care in 12-18 months as this course is in the highest demand in the industry, so there are phenomenal job opportunities.
  • Early Childhood Education and childcare CERT 3 - In the childcare sector, if you want hands-on experience and to gain practical knowledge, you are required to complete this course. The person should be aware of how to build positive surroundings for the children and support their personal growth. The course duration is 12 months. For some important lectures, it might be required for the students to visit the classroom. If you feel under burdened or stuck with so much confusion during these courses, you can connect with experts of Child Development Assignment Help.

What are the Five Stages of Child Development?

Children start changing in aspects of physiological, verbal, mental, and cognitive development until they reach adolescence. At certain stages of life, distinct transitions happen. These variations, known as developmental milestones, can help you determine if your kid is growing at the appropriate rate or not. Failure to meet these milestones might suggest a developmental issue or a hereditary disease. Opinions differ on how to classify infant growth into phases. A few have characterized children's development in four phases, while others have described it in five stages, and still, others have defined it in six stages. Despite the number of phases varies, the transformations that occur at a certain age or age range stay roughly the same. Because the majority of genetic defects are detected by the time a kid enters puberty, child development may be divided into the five phases listed below:

  1. New-born - In the initial 12 months of childhood, babies respond to environmental stimuli naturally. To express some needs, they develop observation skills like observing objects around them, responding to the noises around them, and screaming. New-borns begin to smile at individuals around the third month of life.
  2. Infant - By the time a youngster is a year old, they have acquired a lot of new skills. Infants between the ages of three and six months may identify known faces, begin to talk, regulate their head motions, and bring their hands together. Infants begin sitting without assistance by six to nine months of age. Infants begin to communicate through gestures. Children between nine and twelve months can point, pick up items, crawl, and even stand with assistance. Children are able to imitate sounds and motions.
  3. Toddler - Children around the age of one and three can stand alone, start walking without assistance, start running. Children can wave goodbye, grasp a pen or charcoal, draw a circle, learn to utter a few words and even short sentences, and even follow simple directions (Decker, 2020).
  4. Preschool Age - Between the ages of three and five the motor skills of the children start developing, various activities children start doing in this age gap like throwing and catching the ball, clothe themselves, they start drawing structures like flower etc. at this point of time they can speak two-three sentences in a row.
  5. School-Age - School-age refers to children aged six to seventeen. Children learn to be autonomous and create their own beliefs at this age. Reading, communicating, and writing has become second nature. Children experience a wide range of emotions, including anger, affection, and many others, and may communicate them through words and actions. During this period, they form bonds and generally become best buddies (Decker, 2020).

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