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Bipolar disorder is a health condition wherein a patient experiences extreme mood swing. It is usually a lifelong condition but can be managed through proper diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. Nursing students are frequently asked to submit bipolar patient case study assignments. Writing a bipolar patient case study requires an in-depth understanding of clinical judgment and patient care plans. However, most of them are unaware of the exact steps involved in drafting medical case study papers due to the lack of on-field experience. We are aware why it is so cumbersome to compose a professional case study that can help you secure top grades. The teaching style of our nursing experts is unmatched, and they can give you essential tips and tricks for writing a bipolar case study assignment effortlessly. So don't wait and avail professional guidance from the time-served tutors of Online Assignment Help Expert.

Types of Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar disorder, earlier called as manic depression, is a mental health disorder accompanied by abnormal shifts in moods, productivity levels, will to carry out daily tasks, and concentration. Episodes of mood swings might occur several times throughout the year or rarely. Some patients may also experience an emotional phase between two episodes of mood swings, while others may not encounter any such phase. There are several forms of bipolar disorder based on symptoms. Let us discuss each one of them.

  1. Bipolar I disorder: In this disorder, the manic episodes last for around seven days, or the condition worsens so much that the patient may require immediate hospital admission. The condition may also be accompanied by episodes of depression lasting about 15 days.
  2. Bipolar II disorder: This disorder is accompanied by a characteristic pattern of depression and hypomanic episodes. However, the patient does not experience a full-blown manic episode.
  3. Cyclothymic disorder: This disorder is accompanied by periodic episodes of depression that last for around two years (one year in adolescents and children). However, the symptoms are not that severe and usually do not require medical assistance. 
  4. Other types: These disorders, also known as bipolar and related disorders, are usually induced by drug abuse or medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Cushing's syndrome. 

It is difficult to identify the symptoms of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents. Children and adolescents may experience distinctive episodes of major depression or hypomania, but this pattern could be different from that experienced by adults. Moreover, there could be a rapid shift between the depressive episodes. Therefore, bipolar disorder is usually diagnosed in the late adolescent years or early adulthood. 

University Prevalence:

Several Australian universities offer medical and nursing courses. Some of the leading universities are Monash University, the University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University, the University of Tasmania, and Torrens University. With a global ranking of 58, Monash University offers a master's degree in Public Health. Charles Sturt University holds a global ranking of 801, and it offers an undergraduate certificate course in Case Management and Coordinated Care. With a global ranking of 5106, Torrens University offers an undergraduate course in Applied Public Health. The University of Tasmania holds a global ranking of 303, and it offers an undergraduate certificate course in Health Service Management (Safety and Quality). With a global ranking of 38, the University of Sydney offers several health courses such as an honours degree in medical and health, certificate courses in public health, and an undergraduate degree in science (Health).

Learning outcomes of medical and nursing courses:

  1. To demonstrate efficient communication skills (oral and written).
  2. To develop case studies and their management plans as per the management standards of the medical practice.
  3. To demonstrate ethical and professional behaviours and principles.
  4. To elucidate the effect of healthcare policies and legislation on patient and population health.
  5. To develop the ability to use analytical methods and research tools for critical evaluation of the health status of various populations.
  6. To develop the ability to implement public health principles to existing public health issues.
  7. To discuss the essential healthcare services provided by the public health programs to preserve and enhance the population's health status.
  8. To employ research, reasoning, and analytical skills to solve health issues and make appropriate data-driven decisions.
  9. To implement case management principles in clinical situations.
  10. To coalesce case management and disease management into the patient care plan.
  11.  To determine appropriate methods for coordinating the services to fulfill the client's needs.
  12. To execute evidence-based, multidisciplinary collaborative practice.

Medical case study writing is a research-based design that includes the medical findings or prognosis along with a literature review of other reported cases. Although medical case study reports are placed at the bottom of the evidence-based practice hierarchy, they provide essential information of shared experiences and uncommon events to enhance the patient's care experience. Medical case studies can give rise to a hypothesis that could not be confirmed until observational or experimental study designs (such as clinical trials and cohort studies) are conducted. Besides this, a medical case study provides evidence to the medical community that any random study design could not be picked up for medical research.

Case studies could be used as an essential tool to the ever-expanding body of medical knowledge. Research conducted on rare disorders is one such example of a case study. It could be challenging to conduct controlled trials with continued testing since there could be a scarcity of patient populations (small population size) to consider for the study. Case studies represent a design for recording the viewpoints and possible interventions for managing the disorder. Case studies also play a vital role in developing new hypotheses and research methods. The conclusion of several case studies may help compare and generate new hypotheses for additional research and testing (George, 2019).

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