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To a medicine student, nursing represents the prima-facie logistical operations of the medicine world. From being responsible for taking care of patients, it also performs imperative medicinal procedures. The transitional process of theoretical studies creates the space for practical application, which is reflected in nursing case studies. A significant contributor to an effective nursing case study is the Blood Pump Case study. Blood pumps are important systems to fuel blood inside our systems in case of a weak heart. According to Clayton & Hose (2017), the human heart must have strong muscular walls to allow contraction for pumping blood out into the arteries. Thus, blood pumps are advanced procedures for maintaining blood and oxygen levels of the heart.

It has been argued by Chan et al. (2002) that the lack of maintenance of healthy levels of blood volumes and oxygen content can lead to the heart not being able to function at optimum levels, gradually leading to heart failure or death. Therefore, the role of nursing is critical to the juncture of blood pumps for medicinal practice.

When writing an effective blood pump case study, understanding fluid mechanics in our bodies and its operational analytics are imperative in nursing procedures. Blood pumps act as alternatives when the heart is too weak or is unable to function due to disease. Thus the importance of blood pumps and their related advancements require in-depth knowledge. Several nursing students are unable to cope with the burden, and for that reason, we provide adequate case study writing help services. If you struggle to cope with your nursing assignments, Online Assignment Expert is the right option for all your constraints. We adhere to quality research and university guidelines and ensure that your blood pump case study is addressed accordingly so that you can reach your academic dreams.

Steps to Write a Case Study

Blood Pump Case Study Experts Share Key Elements to Keep in Mind

  1. Choosing a Subject - It is important to choose a patient who suffers from a weak blood circulatory system. Mentioning their biographical, physical, and mental conditions in the prescribed format is necessary to state the level of awareness you may have about the patient. Afterwards, you are required to state the illness or the cause behind the patient's condition, after which you are required to state the treatment which will be responsible for curing the patient.
  2. Literature Review - An impressionable case study requires in-depth knowledge about its pre-existing knowledge. The established studies and relevant cases similar to the patient’s issues must correspond as empirical knowledge. This can be further enhanced through supplementary and additional primary and secondary sources. The importance of a literature review in any case study implies the student’s mastery in that inquiry.
  3. Methodology - The student then has to state the methods required for pumping blood into the patient's body. A blood pump case study requires step-by-step and preventive methods of treatment. Ibey (2016) has further argued the importance of implying usage of smart pump logs, the support server continuous quality improvement (CQI) data, and the medicinal order entry system to present the reader with the clinical scenario.
  4. Case Report - Under this, all the occurring procedures have to be noted down. It is equally important to note any errors that are taking place in the procedure. If the treatment is a success, it is important to note every step involved for future reference.
  5. Data analysis and Inspection - It is important to recognize key areas for improvement with the available data. Additional considerations must also be added for future pump enhancements.
  6. Conclusion - This should act as a summary of all the key points made in the case study. It will help highlight the main areas that can be analyzed and inquired about for future studies and references.

The various elements of a case study require dedicated hours of time and work. If you feel like case studies are out of your hand, you can always avail of case study writing help.

Detailed Analysis of Heart Blood Pumps via Our Case Study Writing Help Guided Sessions

The heart is at the centre of our circulatory systems. The circulatory system is a network of blood vessels responsible for conveying blood to each part of the human body in all humans. The mechanics of fluid blood is critical for carrying essential nutrients for a healthy body. Accordingly, the heart has main blood vessels connected to it and are responsible for carrying out all these functions.

Karch (2018) has further demonstrated the various functions of the heart:

  1. The inside of the heart comprises of four-chambered hollow organs. These chambers are further divided into two parts and separated by a muscular wall called the septum.
  2. The right and left sides of the heart are further subdivided into two upper chambers referred to as the atria, and the double lower chambers are known as the ventricles. The atria receives blood from the veins, while the ventricles pump blood to the arteries.
  3. Further, the atria and the ventricles collaborate by contracting and relaxing to pump blood away from the heart in a rhythmic manner.
  4. The heart has four valves through which the blood leaves – Mitral Valve, Tricuspid Valve, Aortic valve, and Pulmonic Valve. The mitral and tricuspid valves lie between the atria and ventricles, while the aortic and pulmonic valves are found between the ventricles and main blood vessels that leave the heart.

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Is it Possible to Review a Blood Pump Case Study Sample Solution?

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