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Clinical Reasoning Cycle- Important Approach in Nursing Procedures

The nurses and doctors investigate the symptoms of a patient's illness. To comprehend the source and repercussions of the illness, the data gathered by the signs is processed. The clinical reasoning cycle refers to the entire process. The clinical reasoning cycle involves the tools needed for the intervention, which are planned, and the results are gauged in a way that captures the entire process. The person's attitude is the most crucial aspect among the many ones that affect this procedure.

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What Are the Important Stages in Clinical Reasoning Cycle?

Experienced nurses perform a variety of clinical reasoning events for each patient under their care as part of their clinical practice assignment. Clinical reasoning, a learned talent, allows a nurse with experience in the field to enter a patient's bedside and immediately take note of significant data, draw inferences about the patient, and initiate appropriate care (Cooper & Frain, 2017). Ultimately, the clinical reasoning cycle involves six important stages.

The clinical reasoning cycle describes the steps health professionals particularly nurses, take to receive cues, interpret information to comprehend the patient's problem or condition, carry out interventions, evaluate the results, and reflect on the process (Kozier et al., 2014). Thinking about the patient's circumstances or facts is the first step in the clinical reasoning cycle. In other words, the clinical case is given to the nurse (Dalton, Gee & Levett-Jones, 2015).

The gathering of patient data takes place during the second stage of the cycle. Specifically evaluating their existing data, gathering new data, and retaining information (Knox, 2015; Hunter & Arthur, 2016).

The third stage of the clinical reasoning cycle is processing the gathered data. The nurse or health professional analyses the patient's current health situation in light of pharmacological and pathophysiological patterns in this phase and selects the pertinent information. It establishes the potential results for the decisions that need to be taken (Koivisto et al., 2016).

Identifying the patient's issue, or determining the cause of their current condition, is the fourth stage in the cycle (Dalton, Gee & Levett-Jones, 2015). In other words, during this stage, the nurse synthesizes findings and data to arrive at the final diagnosis of the patient's issue.

Setting goals is the clinical reasoning cycle's fifth stage. Here, the treatment objectives are decided upon in light of the patient's circumstances (Daly, 2018). Notably, treatment programs are not designed to be unending or to lack a specific, time-bound objective. Therefore, the health practitioner should be aware of the type of action to take and how quickly they want to see the intended result (Siegert & Levack, 2015; Perry, Potter & Ostendorf, 2016).

Taking action is a part of the cycle's sixth step. This indicates that the medical practitioner carries out the necessary procedures to achieve the patient's treatment goals (Delany & Golding, 2014). As a result, each person should be informed of any modifications regarding the treatment objectives for the particular patient. Additional members of the healthcare team are frequently brought on board.

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T.L. Jones' Analysis of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle

According to Tracy Levett-Jones et al. (2009), it is based on a procedure that the nurses gather signals, categorize information, comprehend the patient's current health or associated complications, prepare a plan and implement interventions, examine the result, and learn lessons from the procedure. A nurse should strengthen their clinical reasoning cycle abilities by gathering the correct clues and taking the right action against the right patient for the right cause at the right time.

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