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Forensic Mental Health Assessment Help by PhD Experts

Forensic mental health assessments provide treatment of those with mental illness and a history of criminal offending. There are systems in every country to support people at risk of offending on mental illness grounds. In these, those systems try to save them from being found guilty.

Many students who join Nursing/Mental health courses sometimes get assignments on topics like Forensic mental health assessment. The problem started because many students did not know how to start it; many lack time to make lucrative assignments. If you are one of them, Relax!

 You can seek help from an Online Assignment Expert to solve all your queries. They have the best NURS6085 assessment expert in Australia who can help you any time. But, first, we will discuss some points on forensic mental health assignment.

Forensic Mental Health Assessment

Overview of Forensic Mental Health

People in the criminal justice system have higher mental health problems than the general community. Those who have mental illness are either detained in custody or get life imprisonment or sometimes become victims of crime. Here the forensic words very matter, which means related to legal issues.

When certain people/criminals have a mental illness, they are sent for assessment by the courts, police, or other health providers. Treatment may be provided in the hospital or maybe in prison, depending upon the seriousness of the case. Many offenders are assessed by other reasons also like:

  • Whether they are capable of pleading or not.
  • What is the state of mind when they did some criminal activity
  • What is the current situation?

NURS6085 Assessment Expert Discuss the Types of Mental Illness

Mental illness is a very broad term. Every year many people faced this problem. It can vary from person to person in mild, moderate and severe. The Australia Institute of Health and Welfare (2018) report states that around 40% of Australian prisoners have been diagnosed with mental illness. Generally, Mental Illness is divided into two categories:

  • Non-psychotic Illness - Systems offenders feel sadness, tension, anxiety and compulsive disorders. These are some examples of these illnesses.
  • Psychotic Illness - Sometimes they feel hallucinations, distorted views of reality, delusions, manic depression etc., are some examples of Psychotic Illness.

There are other mental health disorders also like:

  • Organic brain disorders are caused by diseases like dementia, which damages brain tissue and causes mental health problems in many people/offenders.
  • Intellectual disability - When someone is a child, their brain development causes mental health problems since childhood.
  • Personality disorder - when a person interacts with someone, it causes disruptions. This issue comes under personality disorder.

Law and Human Rights in Forensic Mental Health Assessment

There are some reports/laws which are very useful if you mention them in your forensic mental health assessment assignment.

  • The Burdekin report, which focuses on the human rights of people who have a mental illness, stated that the convention covers criminals who have mental illness against torture, the International Covenant on civil rights, degrading treatment or any form of detention or imprisonment.
  • These are some principles like the "principle of persons with mental illness" that apply to prisoners. It stated that mental illness prisoners should be given the best possible healthcare.
  • Victoria's mental health legal centre is a community-based centre that advises and specialises in criminal mental illness systems policy and laws.
  • Under many mental health acts, various courts around Australia have established special courts that only focus on assessing offenders' mental health problems. One example in Australia is Queensland which has established a mental health court.

There are other reports and principles also for which you can seek help from NURS6085 assessment expert. Now we will discuss the over - representation of people in the criminal justice system.

Overrepresentation of People in the Australian Justice System

If you study the representation of offenders in mental illness cases, you will see that their numbers are more than in other developed countries in Australia. You can get such data from famous reports like Mental illness New South Prisoners (2003) and Victorian Prisoner Health Study (2013).


Some reasons cause a high rate of mental illness among Australian Prisoners/ people like:

  • Homelessness - The Burdekin report tells us that homelessness causes many bad problems like offensive behaviour, loitering and drunkenness among many people in Australia. This makes them criminals in the eyes of criminal justice. Many studies done by the governments of Canada and the USA tell that there is a strong relationship between homelessness and mental illness.
  • Inadequate treatment - Due to the lack of care of mentally ill prisoners, irrational behaviour develops between them. The Mental Health Council of Australia tells us that the overrepresentation of people with mental illness in the system is due to inadequate support who are at risk of being guilty.
  • Effect of proven guilt - When someone is found guilty of any crime, they may get violent, which causes some serious mental health problems. It happens because they lack freedom and are granted in society. They lose their employment or status, even inter-personal relationships with many.

Type of Prisoners Who Need Forensic Mental Health Clinicians

  • Offenders who need inpatient treatment.
  • Prisoners who require assessment of a mental illness
  • Normal people who are accused of the crime
  • People who are not found guilty of any crime.
  • Offenders or persons who are referred by courts or law enforcement agencies.
  • Prisoners who do not afford/get proper treatment
  • People lived among the general population who are highly likely to get offended.

At least, we will discuss some basic treatments for mental illness people. For others, you can seek help from NURSE 6085 assessment experts.

Treatment for People Suffering From Mental Illness

  • Medication: certain medicines like antidepressants antipsychotics can control symptoms at some level.
  • Counselling: This is a very useful treatment, especially for mental-related illnesses. In this, there is a need for one therapy.
  • Rehabilitation - There are certain programs directed at enabling people to live safely. This is very important, especially if you're living in the community.

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