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NSG2FNH Assignment Help

NSG2FNH unit talks about the health of Australian aboriginal people. After reading this, you will know the key features of Australian aboriginal people's traditions and customs. Also, you will get a chance to learn about the multidimensional models of aboriginal health and rehabilitation.

Students also learn about the social determinants of current health outcomes, including their cultural and historical factors. Many times college professors gave the students to work on the NSG2FNH assignments. If you are one of them who need NGG2FNH assignment help, then choose Online Assignment Expert. They have vast experience in making assignments on Australian Indigenous people.

Also, they have specialists who are experts in the first national health nursing assignments. They provide various other assignment related services also, but before discussing them, let's throw some light on various topics on NSG2FNH assignments.

Social Determinants of Health Aboriginals

Topics Covered by our Experts for First National Health Nursing Assignment Help

As we already discussed, in this assignment, we will see various factors that affect the health of aboriginal people. We will study their cultural and social factors, inequalities and physical factors that affect their health outcomes.

1. Main characteristics of Aboriginals culture and traditions

Before colonisation, the aboriginals lived in a small families with different territorial boundaries. These groups have some rules regarding social interactions; they also have rules regarding laws, education, and spiritual development. In other words, their culture was strong and well developed. Their children were also nurtured and protected within their laws. Before working on the assignment, you should know these aspects in First National Health Nursing Assignment Help.

  • In 2008 the prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, apologised to the Aboriginal people. For aboriginal people, culture is the most important aspect of their life.
  • Regarding kinship ties: For Aboriginals, a person's emotional, physical, social and cultural well-being traits are interconnected, and they can never be isolated.
  • For aboriginals, personal relationship is not just to the community and the whole family rather to the whole community.
  • In their culture, the personal relationship is also to the land and its spirits.
  • For them, personal and spiritual things are more important than material things.
  • Respect for elders: In their culture, elders play a vital role. An elder can be a woman to men who have been respected in the community.
  • They are deeply connected with their land, central to their spiritual identity. They considered their land a fundamental part of their health. Covering all these points in the NSG2FNH assignment helpis very important.

2. Health status of Indigenous people

According to the world health organisation (WHO), health covers all aspects like physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.

For Australia's indigenous people, quality of health is more than just the absence of any disease. It is a very broad issue that covers the emotions, social, and spiritual well-being of the both individual and the community. Some reports that our experts thoroughly study in the NSG2FNH assignment helpare the National level Indigenous health survey (2018-2019) and the Australian Burden of Disease study. Some important points of the survey are:

  • In 2018-2019, around 40% of indigenous people rated their health as excellent or very good, 35% as good, and 26% as fair or poor.
  • 36% of people living in remote areas describe their health as good, and 30% living in non-remote areas mark their status as good.
  • In a study by the Australian Burden of Disease study (2019), the non-indigenous reporting very good health was 1.4 times the rate of Indigenous communities.
  • Among social well-being: In 2018-2019, 24% of the indigenous people reported mental health issues. Also, the rate of females is higher than males.
  •  Out of all mental issues: anxiety was 17%, Depression was 13% - Australian Burden of Disease study.

Our experts cover all these points briefly in the NSG2FNH assignment help. The next section will cover the inequalities between indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

Inequality Factors Covered by NSG2FNH Assignment Help Experts

There are many areas where improvement happened in the aboriginal people's lives, but there is still a long road to balance the aboriginals and non-aboriginals. E.g. 

  • There has been a decrease in the child mortality rate (0-4) among aboriginal communities; in 1998, there were 217 deaths per 100,000 compared to 146 deaths per 100,000 in 2016. 
  • The smoking rate has decreased among indigenous people from 51% in 2002 to 42% in 2014-2015, but the decline is mostly concentrated in non-remote areas.

Other factors also exist where you can see the improvements, but still, there is a long road ahead to balance the balance between the non - indigenous and indigenous communities. The following points can help you better understand:

  • There is a large gap between the indigenous and non-indigenous communities in some areas, with an estimated gap of 17 years between life expectancy in Australia.
  • Also, these communities do not enjoy equal access to health care, especially primary health care services. They face problems getting necessities like safe drinking water, effective sewerage systems and healthy housing.
  • The 20012 National census shows us their economic conditions. We can see that their average family income in Australia was $364 per/week compared to the non-indigenous people ($585 per/week).

These are some well-documented studies covered by our expert briefly during your assignment work. Now we will discuss some of the solutions so that your professor is impressed by your work. This step is necessary, especially when talking about the health sector. Finding the right solution is very tough for many students; they need nursing assignment help.

Solutions Covered by our Experts in the Nursing Assignment Help

When we talk about the steps we need to take to improve aboriginals, the political will is the first step. Proper laws/policies should be made when any community faces problems in a particular country, proper laws/policies should be made. Also, we need to promote all those health professionals and NGOs who are working for them.

Sometimes there is a lack of political will among our legislatures; then, it's the responsibility of social help groups to become the voice of indigenous communities. Strict guidelines should be made against the racist attack on their colour and dressings. Provide services locally, especially primary health services. Proper transport facilities should be given in their areas.

Nursing Assignment Help by Experts

Nursing Assignment Help by Expert

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