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Do you find it difficult to assess the skills of enrolled nurses? Does your tedious job make it difficult for you to assess the skills of other junior nurses? You often get overburdened by your work responsibilities and not correctly assess your nursing skills? Then stress no more as our highly-qualified assessment experts and nurse practitioners at Online Assignment Help have got your back. We possess a world-class team of nursing assessment professionals who will help you perform skill assessment for enrolled nurses accurately and provide you assignment help.

Online Assignment Help is a renowned e-learning company known for its quality and on-time services. Nursing skill assessment is not everyone's cup of tea. To execute it flawlessly, one should have an in-depth knowledge of the skills relevant to the clinical practice and how these skills should be evaluated regularly. However, it is a challenging task for nurse educators and senior nurses to assess the skills of enrolled nurses and provide care to critically ill patients. If you also have similar concerns and are looking for professional Nursing skill assessment services, you can surely count on us. Keep on scrolling if you want to know more about our services.

Skill assessment for enrolled nurses is essential to gain clinical competency and develop skills and knowledge required for independent practice as a registered nurse. As enrolled nurses’ function under the supervision of a registered nurse, it is essential that the registered nurse or mentor regularly assesses their skills and knowledge regarding clinical practice to ensure quality care. However, clinical supervision encompasses a dual role as registered nurses regularly assess enrolled nurses. At the same time, they have to provide care to critically ill patients and ensure quality treatment. Such a task could be very tedious for registered nurses. But you don't have to worry about this as our nursing assignment help can offer you impeccable Nursing skill assessment services.

What are the various skill assessment methods?

  1. Peer Review: Peer review assessment is considered a vital assessment mechanism to provide feedback and foster professional growth in clinical practice. There are several benefits of the peer review assessment method, including identification of problems in practice, elucidation of findings of self-assessment, and chances of sharing colleagues' experiences and feedback on the performance. The issue associated with this assessment method is that the reviewers should understand the role of a nurse in the clinical setting and what to expect from them. Peer review assessment often leads to anxiety and tension among the colleagues or between the reviewers and the enrolled nurses owing to potential disagreement among peers over an assessment.
  2. Direct Observation: This assessment method has been identified as an essential tool for assessing previous knowledge. However, there is very little evidence to assess the efficacy of direct observation in assessing skills and competence. The issue associated with this assessment method is that the assessors/ mentors should be aware of the practical and clinical setting of the assessment and the effect of direct observation on the validity of assessment results.
  3. Self-Assessment: Self-assessment is the most widely used competence assessment method. This method has several advantages, including appropriate identification of areas of improvement and strengths, deliberate control over clinical practice provided to enrolled nurses, and cost-effectiveness. Some of the disadvantages of this method include time barriers, issues related to documentation of negative experiences, and subjectivity. Despite these disadvantages, self-assessment is a beneficial starting point for skill assessment. However, evidence supporting the efficacy of this assessment method is entirely insufficient. Therefore, it has been recommended that students/ enrolled nurses take assistance from their mentors to reflect on their practice.

University Prevalence:

Several universities across the globe offer nursing skill assessment and related courses. Some of the leading global universities that offer such courses are Anglia Ruskin University, Victoria University, the University College of Learning, the University of Adelaide, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and University of Tasmania. With a global ranking of 771, Anglia Ruskin University offers a short-term course in advanced skills in clinical assessment. Victoria University holds a global ranking of 551, and it offers a short-term course in interpersonal skills and communication. The University College of Learning, with a global ranking of 8, offers a short-term course in competency assessment for registered nurses. The University of Adelaide holds a global ranking of 108, and it offers a short course in health assessment and clinical nursing. With a global ranking of 5068, Kwantlen Polytechnic University offers a short course on competency assessment and enhancement for the Nursing Program. The University of Tasmania holds a global ranking of 308, and it offers a short-term course on communication skills in practice.

Course Objectives of Nursing skill assessment courses:

  1. Ensure that the nursing practice fulfills the ethical, professional, and valuable legislation needs.
  2. To promote the health and safety of colleagues by determining the potential risks and ways to manage them and identifying the situations that might affect the health and safety of the individuals shortly.
  3. To learn culturally appropriate practices that respect the individual identity, personal beliefs, and goals of the individuals.
  4. To develop efficient interpersonal communication skills.
  5. To learn how to collaborate and participate with the members of a healthcare facility for coordinating patient care.
  6. To participate in quality enhancement activities for evaluating and improving the standards of nursing practice.
  7. To evaluate the progress of the consumers/ patients toward the desired outcomes.
  8. To maintain and establish therapeutic interpersonal connectedness with the patients.
  9.  To learn how to efficiently reflect and evaluate the efficacy of the nursing care process.
  10. To undertake precise and extensive nursing assessments in the clinical setting.

The primary goal of healthcare is to deliver high-quality care to the patients, and in this, nurses' competence and skills play a vital role. High-quality education and training are essential to generate an efficient nursing workforce that can provide safe and quality care to patients. Assessment is essential for the development and learning of nursing students and enrolled nurses. Registered nurses could assess the skills of enrolled nurses with the help of various assessment strategies. However, it could be a complicated task for registered nurses to assess the competence of qualified nurses as it becomes difficult to evaluate nursing competence at an advanced stage.

Additionally, registered nurses have to simultaneously assess the competence and skills of the enrolled nurses and nursing students and deliver care to critically ill patients. Thus, to effectively assess the skills of nursing students and enrolled nurses, support from academic administration is required. Several traditional assessment methods are subjective and untrustworthy, owing to which clinicians tend to be biased in their judgments. Thus, there exists a need for innovation in assessment methods, such as developing digital assessment tools to critique the skills of enrolled nurses.

Why should you seek us for skill assessment of enrolled nurses?

Skill assessment is an essential part of clinical practice. It helps registered nurses or nursing mentors to determine clinical skills, previous experience, and knowledge regarding clinical practice. Skill assessment is a highly-responsible task that requires impeccable judgmental skills. Several traditional assessment methods used by the registered nurses for evaluating the skills of enrolled nurses fail to meet the standards of clinical practice. Moreover, it becomes pretty tricky for registered nurses to manage their clinical practice with the assessment task. If you also have similar concerns and are looking for expert guidance for assessing the skills of enrolled nurses, you can surely count on us. We at Online Assignment help are the best in the market because we offer:

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