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People always had one issue in the early days of personal computers: limited data storage capacity. Portable data devices had similar problems. It wasn't long ago when floppy drives and CDs were the primary data storage devices. Individual consumers were not the only ones who were concerned. Organizations of all kinds were aware of the benefits of digital databases in terms of accessibility. However, digital storage was unreliable, especially while dealing with large-sized data at large-scale industries or companies.

Big Data refers to a vast amount of structured and unstructured data that is difficult to process using typical database and software techniques. Nowadays, the popularity of big data courses has increased tremendously among students due to the variety of job prospects of these courses. However, students face several challenges while dealing with big data, such as information privacy, analysis, search, capture, storage, curation, visualization, and transfer. Considering these difficulties, students often lookout for a reliable big data foundation assignment help.

Online Assignment Expert is a one-stop solution for all your academic concerns. We have a panel of top-graded big data experts who are well-versed with various statistical technologies that may assist students with data analysis, data collection, presentation (Business Intelligence), and data cleaning. They can assist you in writing statistical reports and professionally presenting data in front of teachers based on the analysis performed after the statistical model is created. If you are a student in need of big data foundation assignment help, feel free to contact us, and we will ensure that you receive an exact solution to all of your statistics tasks.

What is Big Data?

Big data refers to large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that can be mined for usable information. Big and data, the conjunction of these two words gives a clear picture of huge enormous data and can be present in structured or unstructured form. Talking about the information ahead of big data, it's quite easy to handle data using application tools. But to precisely analyze or figure out big data that can be as big as exabytes, the conventional data analysis methods often fail.

Hence, to process and analyze big data, the latest and advanced technology must support huge amounts of information. Earlier, it was quite difficult to design applications that could analyze huge chunks of information efficiently and precisely. But with time, several researchers and web developers have invented software applications that can read trillions of data in a matter of time and provide the accurate meaning of the data.

Many businesses utilize big data for analysis purposes, and this process is known as big data analytics. A company's growth could explain the relevance of data analysis. Organizations use big data to make decisions that will help them reach new heights. Our experts at Online Assignment Expert conduct a significant study on big data to provide you with customized one-to-one sessions that will help you write well-curated assignments on big data.

What are the Characteristics of Big Data?

If you keep thinking about the uniqueness of big data, then let us tell you that some important points determine this uniqueness. Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics (5V's) of big data.

  • Variety: This aspect of big data explains various sources and forms of data that can be structured or unstructured. Big data is often sorted in various formats, including text, audio, email, video, etc.
  • Volume: Organizations gather data from several sources, including smart devices, transactions, videos, social media, industrial equipment, and images. This explains that big data holds a huge volume of data. Such data is usually raw and unstructured and is gathered from many sensors and years of storage.
  • Velocity: Velocity explains the speed of data generation. With the advent of the internet world, data streams into businesses at an enormously faster pace and must be managed promptly to fulfil the demands of the end-users.
  • Variability: Apart from the increasing varieties and velocities of big data, the data often flows unprecedentedly and may change or vary greatly. It's a challenging task for organizations, but they need to know what's trending on social media platforms and ways to handle seasonal, daily, and loads of event-triggered data.
  • Veracity: Veracity explains the quality of big data. Since data is retrieved from various sources, it's tricky to link, match, clean, and transform the data across the systems. Businesses must connect and tally hierarchies, relationships, and several data linkages. If they fail to do so, all their data will spiral out of control.

What are the Career Prospects After Completion of Big Data Course?

Big Data is omnipresent, and there is a pressing need to capture and retain whatever data is generated for fear of missing out on something crucial. There's a lot of information moving around. All that matters is how we handle it. This is why Big Data Analytics is at the cutting edge of technology. Big Data Analytics has become critical because it helps businesses improve their operations, make better decisions, and gain a competitive advantage. This is true for both organizations and professionals working in the analytics field.

There is a plethora of job opportunities available for those who have completed their Big Data Course. Several Australian universities offer big data management and analysis courses. One such course is the 9938 Big Data course that the University of Canberra offers for which also scholars often look for 9938 Big data assignment help. Let's delve into the learning outcomes of this course.

  • Develop data collection strategies that give appropriate information regarding business decision making.
  • Clearly define the concept of big data and its significance for modern businesses.
  • Efficiently communicate the knowledge of various types of big data and their roles.
  • Elucidate the big data and give appropriate recommendations to business decision-makers.
  • Recognize and suggest appropriate metrics for business performance across various sectors, departments, and business types.

From a career perspective, there are a plethora of job opportunities available for those who have completed their Big Data Course. Since analytics is used in various industries, there are many different job titles to choose from. Here are some of the suggested job titles.

  • Big data solution architect
  • Big data analytics architect
  • Big data analytics business consultant
  • Big data engineer
  • Analytics associate
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

If you are also pursuing the 9938 Big data course and struggling with big data foundation assignments, then you can surely seek our 9938 Big data assignment help.

Our Big Data Foundation Assignment Help Experts Explain Applications of Big data

  • Development in research and healthcare sector No one can deny that research has revolutionized every sector. Today, we can answer most of our questions, thanks to the research field. Previously, research was conducted only with the obtained data. But with big data in hand, the research has become much easier for people. They can easily retrieve minute details about the human body, from its functioning to structure at cellular levels. For instance, a project named HGP (human genome project) can identify the genome of any individual with great ease. This research is a breakthrough in human history as it enables us to learn about the structure of genes, various genetic disorders and their related treatments.
  • Strengthening security and criminal justice Nowadays, most government agencies have big data that includes people's personal information within or outside the nation. Such data is employed to track the activities of the criminals and any criminality occurring within or outside the state. 
  • Development in business and marketing field Big data is immensely useful for businesses. When a company launches a new product within the market, it has to be aware of the pulse and response of the audience regarding the product. Big data is not required if the business is operating within a smaller area or is directed toward a specific type of audience.

Take a look at some of the samples related to the big data foundation.

Retrieval of samples for all academic tasks is every student's first choice. Samples help the students prejudge the quality of the final product, which they will avail of through any services in the field before paying for it. Are you searching for a sample related to the big data Foundation? Let us tell you that Online Assignment Expert provides free access to thousands of samples to understand the right approach used in case study writing. Check out a sample below for your ready reference.

Big Data Foundation Sample Big Data Foundation Samples Big Data Foundation Samples Assignment

By reviewing this file, do you think you can confidently write any big data assignment? Sometimes, students need someone to guide them through their work due to piled-up assignments. Online Assignment Expert can be your one-stop solution if you are stuck on the same page. Apart from providing quality assistance in case study writing, we also provide top-notch IT assignment Help.

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