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Comp4920 is a computer science, bioinformatics and computer engineering subject that is mostly undertaken by students who are not pursuing it as the main subject. This course allows students to refresh their knowledge of essential principles that will benefit them in the long term. Bioinformatics, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science students take this course in the code name COMP4920, while students pursuing Software Engineering students take it in the code name SENG4920.

SENG4920/COMP4920 is necessary for diploma of degree programs such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Computer Engineering as well as for important workforce preparation. The course's particular goal is for pupils to comprehend the duties regarding IT professional and IT sector’s ethical components as they apply to issues like security and privacy, trade secret, software quality and legal obligations of professionals in IT department. Tutees must be in their last year of course or close to completing their degree in computer.

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It is considered that students are in their final year of course (close to completing the course) for a degree of computer, to have finished part of their 3rd or 4th stage of Software Engineering or Computer Science courses, and to have adequate understanding and maturity in these subjects.

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Learning Outcomes of COMP4920 Include:

Students will be able to do the following after finishing this course:

  • To make professional decisions, compare, critically assess, and apply ethical frameworks.
  • At the initial level, computer scientist or professional engineer, demonstrate awareness of numerous current professional challenges, for example data privacy, intellectual property, legal frameworks and software quality.
  • Describe or show the ability to communicate in a way that allows you to convey well-thought-out arguments.

This course helps students build the following graduation capabilities:

COMP4920 Graduate Capability

Teaching Techniques:

The course includes guest lectures on a variety of topics as well as seminars concentrating on specific professional concerns and case studies. Case studies and practical applications are emphasised.

Lectures provide a wide overview of a topic, such as professional & ethical issues or software project management. Public speakers can give knowledge in various subjects, also the lessons serve as a solid foundation for seminars and case studies. In most situations, guest speakers provide their approval for filming their lectures.

Seminars allow pupils to have detailed talks about certain contents as well as, in the case of student seminars, in order to develop their ability to communicate themselves, analyse critically, and present their findings.

Essays allow pupils to investigate a scale of problems of professionals in a particular context while also developing analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and improved written communication abilities. The essay's content develops on the 4th Week of the seminar based on social media ethics, 3rd Week of the seminar based on ethical reasoning, and 5th Week of the seminar based on ethical argumentation, and is written out in great length on the assignment page for such an evaluation item.

What is Covered in COMP4920?

COMP4920/SENG4920 is a required course for students to be "job ready." Professional problems and ethics in the IT business are covered in this course. Because students gain from the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, it is critical that they attend lectures, especially because the course emphasises on "soft skills."

Students are encouraged to voice their opinions and establish their own judgments on specific topics relevant to the IT business using reasonable reasoning in seminar-style discussion groups. Through team-based student seminars, seminars also enhance team organisation and presenting abilities (s). Critical thinking skills are enhanced by conducting research and case study writing based on an in-depth analytical essay on a variety of ethical and professional difficulties relevant to the field.

This course emphasises the importance of time management. Each student is expected to attend all seminars and lectures, prepare for every seminar via reading the required material ahead of time, participate actively in seminar discussions, and devote approximately 20 hours to lecture summaries (including attendance), thirty hours to seminars, 15 to 20 hours to the seminar of student, 30-35 hours to company case study, & 10-15 hours to the movie reflection.

How Online Assignment Expert Offer Comp4920 Company Case Study Help?

You might be wondering how learning this programming language differs from studying any other programming language. Comp4920’s computer language is significantly easier to understand than C++ or JAVA, as previously stated. Apart from being simple, this language might help students who are having difficulty grasping the material. The specialists at Online Assignment Expert have been sharing a few pointers with students that have helped them breeze through the topic with ease.

With very little interaction, the topic can provide you with a lot more information. The contrast between other complicated computer courses and comp4920 company has been described by our programming assignment help.

The following are some of the important parallels that distinguish comp4920 language from other foundational computer courses:

  • Comp4920 is a software engineering introductory course. As a result, this topic gives you a basic understanding of the curriculum without being complex. This also gives you the chance to study essentials in a step-by-step approach.
  • This class prepares students who are not majoring in computer science. It helps you become more efficient as you get a better understanding of the subject.

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Comp4920 Case Study Assignment Help

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