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The Ecology of Public Communication

Introduction to Impact of PR on The Nonprofit Sector

A seminar, also known as a conference, is a commercial program which is curated for the spreading awareness or sharing information on a specific topic. Through this seminar, the presenters are going to speak about the most recent issue of COVID-19 and its adverse effects on society particularly the workers. The rights of the workers will be discussed in this issue. COVID-19 has harmed the workforce in Australia (Fitch, 2017). This seminar would present the opinions about the safety of the basic human rights of the Australian workers particularly migrant workers. Thus ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, in collaboration with the University of Sydney, has decided to conduct a seminar to spread awareness about the human rights of the workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


A stakeholder is a person or group of people who are directly or indirectly; internally to an organization or externally, are affected positively or negatively because of the executive of a work (Dembek et al. 2018). And the public in public communication is a group of individuals who constitutes an audience towards whom the public communication is intended (Theaker, 2016). The public for this seminar are Business owners, NGO’s and their workers, migrant or local employees of various companies. They are best suited for this seminar because they are impacted directly because of the COVID-19 and are also related directly to the basic rights of the employees.

The prime objective of creating this communication product is to attract the listeners to the seminar so that they get the basic understanding and become aware of the impacts of COVID-19 and the responsibility of the employers towards their employees.

Through the communication product, the public is made aware of an E-Seminar which is being held on 28th June 2020. It informs them the topic of the discussion would be the impact of the COVID-19 on the rights of workers. It invites people to register and be a part of the seminar, which will not only help them understand the issue of COVID-19 and its impact but will also help them understand the rights of the workers so that amidst the chaos created by the pandemic, the workers are protected.

The Communication Product

The design of the communication product is presenting and communicating the content to the public visually via print or electronic medium (Howie, 2019). The message through the communication product is shared with the targeted public through typography, illustrations, web design, animations, copywriting, and photography.

The digital flyer which will be shared with the users on Facebook and Instagram. In the times of Lockdown, when the gatherings and movements are restricted. The E-Seminar will help create awareness about the issue. Additionally, the same flyer can be sent to the members of ASIC through E-mails which can help them reach those businesses who are part of the community, along with reaching the workers who would be interested in knowing the rights that they have and should ask for from their employers during the hard times of the lockdown (Ertugan, 2017). Additionally, the chosen design and the platform are best suited because they would reach the potential public without breaking the norms of the lockdown and social distancing (Strycharz, 2019).

Advertising on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook is not only cost-effective, but it can also have precise advertising as compared to other channels because it can help target the customers, visitors through the selection of specific demographics (Ertugan, 2017). While the use of the E-mails to the members of the ASIC will help reach the targeted audience without a doubt. This is a quick method of sharing the information to the target audience.

In the recent times, when the pandemic of COVID-19 has stirred the entire world, the companies need to understand the basic rights of the employees. In this time when the businesses are facing a downturn, it makes sense to reduce their number of employees. However, with the downturn in the economy, and most of the company facing losses, how convenient will it be for the employees to find another job and get their lives working is important to understand (Koh, 2020). Today, a lot of people have a lot of views on the pandemic, however, the industry experts will ensure that the people have a better idea about the pandemic and its effects (Elizabeth, 2019). Thus, hearing about pandemic from the experts will help the public gain insights on how to deal with it and understand what rights do the employees have (Flitch, 2017).

Conclusion on Impact of PR on The Nonprofit Sector

Difficult times call for specific actions. This is true, in the times of crisis created because of the pandemic. It is important to understand the problem and its effect on the business and its stakeholders. For better understanding, and ensuring that the actions are justified. E-flyer for attracting the target audience through social media posts and E-mails will help attract the target audience because of the topic it covers.

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