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Understanding Digital Audiences



Organisation info.

Current audience.

Current content performance.

Recommended strategy.

Strategy goals.

Brief overview of strategy execution.

New content direction.

The strategy.


Frequency and timing.

Channel 1 – Facebook.

Channel 2 – Instagram..

Messaging and interaction.

Risk management


Background of Social Media Strategy

Organisation Info

The organization under consideration is Bondi Hall, a new opening alongside Bondi Beach Public Bar and Native Drops. The café-cum-wine bar is operated under the Paramount Coffee Project and after its initial launch in 2016, had a facelift and relaunched in late 2017, with an impressive line-up of a walk-in fridge with wines and nighttime snacks. Apart from being open during the day, the café also opens for drinks and dinner Wednesday to Sunday.

Current Audience

 The current audience of the café includes young adults from 21 to 30 who like to visit different cafes’ to experience new things. The market audience is not segmented on the based on race, however, most of them are predominantly form middle class. The café also has potential customers such as tourists who are not currently being approached through marketing strategy. Moreover, the target audience of the café is also wine enthusiasts and likes to try new kinds of wines.

Current Content Performance

The current performance of the marketing content is limited, non-strategic and ineffective in terms of attracting new customers. The business does not have a dedicated website which severely limits its ability to provide information regarding the establishment to a wider audience. Furthermore, activity on its Facebook account is also very limited, with only 94 likes and 150 checked ins (Facebook, 2020). This is low even after considering that business is relatively new. Moreover, even though its Instagram account performs better with 1375 followers and 736 posts, it also has comparatively few followers (Instagram, 2020).

Also even though Instagram shows better engagement across each platform, the post only gets an average of 1000 likes which is not much considering the range of the platform. Tuten & Solomon (2017) mentioned that in order to build an effective online community business needs to consider the users live outside of the immediate sphere of use. Form the Facebook and Instagram posts it can be said that even though the posts are understandable and clear, they lack a compelling call to action as they simply show food images without any form of engagement.

Recommended Strategy

Strategy Goals

In order to solve the strategic issues identified with the social media marketing strategy of the café, this report recommends the following strategy. The most important action which should be undertaken by the business to enhance its marketing performance is to improve engagement with their targeted audience. Their content on social media website also lacks variety as does not stand apart from posts of other cafes and restaurants. Felix, Rauschnabel & Hinsch (2017) reported that interacting positively with the target market base can significantly improve the performance of a business (53% to 63%) and can help the business to engage customers, along with improving their level of trust. The below-mentioned strategy is designed to enable the business to create an interesting and active social media presence and to improve its profile by creating opportunities for building a sound relationship with its target customer base.

Brief Overview of Strategy Execution

The given strategy uses social media channels to realise the marketing objectives. The social media channels used in this strategy include a Facebook account and an Instagram account to deliver the promotional content. The said strategy should be executed over a period of 4 months and should be started as soon as possible. The strategy will help the business to develop and grow and the initial target is to improve the engagement metrics of the targeted audience by 35 per cent.

New Content Direction

The new kind of content used in the proposed strategy will move towards more interesting, welcoming and engaging format, and a new audience for the café will be encouraged to become a part of the online community. It will also improve the trust levels of the business with the target customers and will give them opportunities to actively engage with the business.

Business strategies such as competition strategy will also be affected by this marketing strategy. The proposed strategy target adults which are the target audience of the business, by changing the incentive and nature of the competition. For instance, rather than simply posting the images of food items offered by the establishment, online posts will include competitions like fun foods, funky wines etc. Similar games will be used to start online challenges and the business name will be associated with the content.

The Strategy


The Facebook page of the café has only 94 likes which are terribly low considering that the platform is capable of reaching millions of individuals. The strategy will use Facebook posts to engage the audience with the business and professional social media providers will be used to develop engaging content. Facebook is chosen for this strategy as it’s the most widely used social media platform in Australia and allows a business to interact with its key demographics. As identified in the previously conducted audit of the business, the café needs to post new content rather than repeating what every other café is saying. Also, people should be included in the posts, not just food items as eventually the business deals with catering for the needs of individuals.

Moreover, the Facebook page of the café should regularly post new content which is according to market needs and demands and is liked with the Instagram account. This will facilitate engagement across platforms and will allow the business to support sound engagement (Alalwan, Rana, Dwivedi & Algharabat, 2017).

Another suggestion is to show staff members and other community members belonging to different cultures and background which can allow the business to associate itself with better service. This is so mainly because images of food items do not convey the feeling of happiness and warmth as much as posts about people do.

Another aspect of the proposed strategy involves engagement on Instagram account with the help of influencers. The strategy suggests that Facebook contact should be mentioned on Instagram with a direct link to support cross channel functioning.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media channels is owned by Facebook which allows a business to get seamless functioning across channels. Dahl (2018) suggested that mobile ad revenue will generate approx. 4 million this year which illustrates the prevalence and popularity of the channel. Also, with more than 75 per cent of its users following at least one brand, Instagram is a vital tool for businesses which allows them to reach a wider and new customer base.

The new Instagram account of the café will focus on pictures of happy customers and employees as posts with smiling people get 34 per cent more likes than the ones without them (Cheung, Pires, Rosenberg & De Oliveira, 2019). Moreover, the account should tag the location of the café and should provide visual directions to the café. Moreover, the content needs to be aesthetically appealing and café can use the help of professional photographers and influencers to generate such content. Brighter, happy and cheerful colours of food items, wines and people are recommended. In addition to this, the business can also try to report posts they are tagged in to improve the involvement of customers. Stephen (2016) mentioned that photos generated by users provide a better conversion rate than regular posts.

Frequency and Timing

Channel 1 – Facebook

In terms of timing, Facebook posts should post twice a week to avoid overcrowding their page and deter customers.

Channel 2 – Instagram

Instagram posts will be regular to ensure that the café remains in followers’ minds.

Messaging and interaction

The tone of the message should be cheerful, fun and consistent across platforms. The business should also provide clear guidelines for employees to use social media account and the way they should phrase the content.

Risk Management

In terms of risk management, there is risk involved in posting the faces of current and former employees along with the faces of customers. That’s why online posts should ensure anonymity and employees should take the permission of customers before posting their images. Also, café should avoid tagging specific individuals.

Bibliography for Social Media Strategy

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