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Management and Leadership

Introduction to Leadership Reflection

Leadership is the act of encouraging a team of people to work against a common goal. This can mean leading staff and colleagues with a strategy to meet the client’s needs in a business setting. The different questionnaire attempted by the leader and the result of those suggest that the leader follows the democratic leadership style. Amongst the different styles of leadership, democratic leadership is where the team members are involved in the decision-making process. Researchers have found that this learning style is usually among the most efficient and resulting in high levels of productivity, maximum contributions from members, and a high level of team morale. Employees come together to discuss and address issues by offering everyone a chance to participate in decision making. In this essay, the leader assessment based on the leadership skills have been discussed and the improvement the leader can do in his current style of leadership that is the democratic leadership.

A good leader keeps on working on the strength and weaknesses of continuous feedback from the co-workers. Effective leadership according to the contingency theory states relies on making the right balance between context, behaviour, and needs. The scores received from the LTQ did not so much difference between the self-rating and the scores provided by the other members of the team. The feedback will help the leader in constant improvement of the strengths and weakness and to enhance on the leadership skills. The leader believes that the most valuable quality of skill theory would be that it places good leadership performance, not on traits but learned skills. The leader views on this contrast the trait theory of leadership, which suggests that leaders are born with features that make them more suited to a leader's position than those that lack certain natural-born features. The leader's style of leadership is democratic wherein the team members are actively involved (Hendriks and Karsten 2014).

The primary theory, Katz’s three-skill approach states that the skills required for effective leadership are human, technological, and conceptual skills (Burkus 2010). Technical competency refers to competency in a particular job. Human intelligence refers to being able to communicate with people and the ability to deal with specific concepts and ideas refers to intellectual abilities. Based on the leadership skill inventory the leader is good with a score of 24 each in technical and human skills and needs to work on the conceptual skills a bit with a score of 21. The Leadership Skills Inventory helped the leader in enabling them to evaluate the skills relative to the generated leadership model. When the members progress through the company levels, the value of competence shifts from technological to individual to philosophical (Dong et al. 2016). The leadership skills inventory will help the leader in better communication with people, bring out best technological efficiency. The leader can work on the conceptual knowledge where he is lacking and can make a proficient growth.

This Leadership Style Questionnaire helps new leaders identify their desired style of leadership. The questionnaire provides three types of leadership style (Authoritative, Democratic, Laissez-faire) that are calculated by the total score of a participant. The leader's total task score is 41 which is good and in high range and it states that the leader is good in assigning the responsibilities to the team members, the leader also conveys the responsibilities of each of the team member. The leader has a total score of 45 on the relationship task and this score infers that the leader makes the team member very comfortable and make them feel as an asset to the organization. This represents the leader democratic style of leadership (Iqbal et al. 2015). The leader can now focus not only the performance of the team but also give the required push to individual team members to reach their potential and follow transformational theory which will further enhance the output of the team.

Conclusion on Leadership Reflection

The leader believes in a democratic style of leadership where the focus is to involve all the team members in the decision-making process. The leader’s style also makes sure team members are aware of the responsibilities and their importance. The leader follows a transformation theory wherein the leader focusses on the better performances of the team members and pushes them to reach their maximum potential. The three-skill approach has been followed by the leaders, which stresses on the technological, human, and conceptual skills. These skills make the leader more competent and enhance leadership skills. The leader believes that even though the most important strength of the skill theory is that it places strong leadership performance on learned skills, not on an individual's inherited traits.

References for Leadership Reflection

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