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Civil Engineering Assignment

Introduction to BIM to Enhance Sustainability in Constrcution Industry

BIM refers to Building information modeling (BIM) which is either a process or tool or technology to develop, maintain, and manage physical, functional, and operational characteristics of areas or places. They are filed in a different format to be exchanged or extracted to check different managerial and decision-making functions regarding building construction and area development.

BIM Towards Building Design

Building Information modeling helps in spanning whole structure to time and occupation limits. A BIM manager throughout his information process deals with virtual design and project management. With the advancement of BIM, it's easier to predict the performance of the building structure. As it is an integrated framework with drawings, plans, and schedules we can monitor the construction progress in an easier way. BIM helps in analysis, schedule management, and take-off characteristics. We can model and design the structure with easiness in the BIM framework. The significant areas of building design like architectural, structural, and MEP are coordinated properly and identified along with exact locations.BIM utility helps in reducing human effort before physical construction as the concept is purely virtual. Through the advancement of BIM in the construction industry, it was able to improve structural safety and reduce take-off and estimation errors etc. The building could be easily designed and loads can be analyzed within a short time. After which it will be able to allocate the materials and resources for the construction. Subcontractors and designers can just input their values and the model itself prepares schedules and estimates for the construction program. BIM helps in effective waste management on-site as the BIM model itself allocates the appropriate resources for construction.

BIM Towards Operating Energy

BIM helps in effective facility operations. With the help of data stored in the BIM model, the construction manager can effectively handle the problems that arise in the site. If any damage is noticed for any building member, he could check the building model rather than inspecting the whole building. With the help of the BIM model, the concerned manager can get all the information regarding the materials and elements that are used for construction. BIM has advanced features for incorporating provisions of sensor measurement and control signals within the structure. This helps in analysis and operations management. With the help of 3d printing and laser scanning photogrammetry techniques, it is easier to determine the correct measurements of the assets in the building model. Through BMI we can easily analyse the strength of the material which was constructed hundred years back. All standards, codes, methods, and materials are incorporated along the BIM model to reduce the complexity of building design.

BIM is a new and advanced technology to the construction industry which helps in clear and accurate building documentation. It helps in the visualization and coordination of construction documents. It has the option of embedding the vendors and suppliers of labors and construction materials along with location details and quantities required for estimation and contracting purposes. It helps in speedy execution of projects with a reduction in delays and costs accordingly.

BIM Towards Its Develoopment Stage and Waste Management

BIM model contains all data that is needed for design purposes and analysis. It has a feature to automatically create a file for building simulation and performance analysis. This can save human effort and time to a great extend. Large simulation tools and plugins are available for different buildings based on their functionalities. The traditional method of building planning was limited to two-dimensional drawings which included only plan, elevation, and sections. Building information modeling has advanced features like adding spatial dimension thereby creating a 3d model by incorporating three dimensions (width, length, height). After which a 4d model was developed by incorporating time and its 5 the dimension which was cost. New features include advancements for sustainability and property management. BIM is more than modelling and is a wide collaborative process throughout the operational life cycle.

BIM is now in its 6th-dimensional model stage. It is a stage refereed to for linking 3d components of building structures and assembling for project management. 6 d model is a model in which building component information, photos, warranty files, operation manuals, and web links to online sources with manufacturer and supplier details and contacts are linked. BIM can effectively help in the reduction of waste by utilizing the information or data provided and through its innovative simulation and decision-making process. Different scenarios can be modelled like weather conditions and delay information’s etc. to test different approaches for project delivery on site. BIM has advanced management options to collaborate with different activities and add new suggestions and properties to improve serviceability and strength of the structure.

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