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Information Systems Fundamentals

Abstract on Information Systems Fundamentals

This report will include the recruitment process business flow diagram. Every step will be clearly indicated in the diagram. It will also include the steps along with the description part. I will also include the suggested areas for improvement in the process.




Detailed business process flow diagram for Hays Recruitment Firm..

Explanation of the business process flow diagram for Hays Recruitment Firm..

Suggestions for Improvement.



Introduction to Information Systems Fundamentals

This report will include the business process flow diagram for the Hays recruitment firm that is based out of Australia. In this report we will include every step that is involved in the recruitment process. Also we will discuss on the improvement of the recruitment process and will also suggest three ways to get the process improved.

Explanation of The Business Process Flow Diagram for Hays Recruitment Firm

There are many ways to know the performance of the recruitment process. These are:

  1. There is a job offering to be hired internally. The time it takes to fill a position can help you get a job. The recruitment process is effective if your position is met immediately after the employee leaves or within a few days. Conversely, if it takes days to fill a position, the recruitment process has no effect.
  2. The quality of the people employed is another factor in considering the effectiveness of the recruitment process. The quality of the recruitment process can be measured by considering the satisfaction as well as retention rate within the organization.
  3. The cost per hire calculation is also a measure of the hire effect. If the cost of hiring a particular individual is very high, you need to change the hiring process as well as find a cheaper way to hire a person [1].

The process flow diagram shows the steps that contain a typical recruitment process: In general, there are many steps, from achieving a job offer to ending a job offer.

The steps highlighted in green are the steps that contain the interaction with potential job seekers. Steps where candidates may get negative feedback about the company. The problems involved in these steps are:

  1. If a candidate is called to discuss his or her interests as well as to explain his or her pre-selection/interview work at that time, if the job is not clearly discussed, the candidate may receive negative feedback.
  2. If the interviewer asks an unrelated question during the interview, the candidate may be somewhat negative about the company.
  3. If you are at the end of your work contract/negotiation as well as you are not going smoothly, the examinee may feel something bad.
  4. Candidates may appear negative if there is a discrepancy between the content they convey as well as the content they feel.

ERP systems can reduce these potential problems by clearly defining processes as well as incorporating them into the system. Thus, at any point in time, manual intervention to the process is reduced or eliminated. Therefore, candidates always feel what the system is. The interviewer also asks questions according to a predefined process, so there is little chance of asking irrelevant questions.

Because everything is retrieved by the system, the candidate gets the same as the one defined in the system [2].

Suggestions for Improvement

Three ways to improve the recruitment process are:

  1. We recommend that you always consider people in your organization before you search for candidates outside your organization. Those who are promoted in-house are familiar with the labor culture in the organization. In addition, people working in the organization can introduce some good candidates if they know their opinions.
  2. With daily technological advances, most companies are recruiting candidates using their application tracking system. The system helps identify where the applicant comes from. This data helps recruiters find the right candidate.
  3. Finding good candidates is not easy. In many cases, companies must approach candidates directly. Research has shown that candidates can be easily found on social media platforms. However, if companies want to hire them just like experienced candidates, they need to approach him. Experienced candidates may be available through the traditional job board. Focus on the right sources of information to improve the quality of candidates working in your organization.

Conclusion on Information Systems Fundamentals

In conclusion, we have created the business process diagram for the recruitment firm and also suggested the improvement areas for the firm.

References for Information Systems Fundamentals

[1] M. Kessler et al., "A hybrid approach to managing job offers and candidates", Inf. Process. Manage, vol. 48, no. 6, pp. 1124-1135, 2012.

[2] M. Mochol, H. Wache and L. Nixon, "Improving the Accuracy of Job Search with Semantic Techniques" in Business Information Systems, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 301-313, 2007.

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