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Digital Media Metrics 

Abstract on Comparative Digital Media

This particular report compared the websites of EB Games and Gametraders, both of the mentioned businesses are a videogame retailer that is the video games throughout the world. EB Games is the website that is owned by our client whereas Gametraders is its competitor. It was observed that the headquarters of the EB Games is situated in the United States of America whereas the headquarters for game traders are in Australia. The purpose of this particular report was to difference the difference between the websites of EB Games and Gametraders, whether it is in terms of industry-standard procedures, privacy, navigability, or usability. In this particular report, two online-based tools were used namely, GT Metrix and Moz, the role of these two tools were to determine the website's performance along with the SEO capabilities. It was identified in the report that both the company's website differed from one another the main reason behind this was, that both the organizations have a different customer base and the websites were designed and developed according to their respected customer audience so that the efficiency of the business can increase.

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Introduction to GameStop 

GameStop is the parent company of EB Games, whose headquarters is situated in Texas, United States. EB Games deals with selling gaming consoles, gaming merchandise, smartphones, hardware, and arcade systems. It has been observed that the most successful products of the EB Games are the gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, Xbox One, and many more. After its successful operations in the United States of America, EB Games moved towards the United Kingdom under the name of Electronics Boutique. As EB Games only dealt with video game it became a major hit in the United Kingdom and was able to take the video game industry in the United Kingdom by surprise (EBGames, 2020).

Whereas, Gametraders is an Australian Based video game company that deals with almost all the products which are directly or indirectly linked with video games. The organization commenced its operations in the year 2001, the specialty of this particular business entity is that it does not only deal with the latest gaming consoles but it also entertains any old consoles that are brought to their doorsteps (Gametrader, 2019). In addition to this, Gametraders are also famous for hosting weekly gaming tournaments. The above-given factors are the major reason why the customer base of this particular organization is different from other businesses.

Discussion on GameStop 

EB Games caters to a large audience that is interested in playing video games. This particular organization caters to all the age groups that are from5 years to 50 years. It has been observed that the people in the age group of 19-40 have a liking towards action, RPG, sports and strategy-based video games, however, youngsters under the age of 18 are more inclined to games that are more interactive and the old people are observed to develop a liking towards arcade, and poker like games (Birk, Friehs & Mandryk, 2017).

On the other hand, Gametraders only target youngsters. The majority of the revenue of Gametraders is generated from the selling of collectible items and game merchandise (Gametraders, 2020). In addition to this, children around the age of 12 are easily attracted by the card competition whereas people over the age of 40 can be won over by the collectibles that the organization has to offer. Gametraders is said to have made a name for itself as it can provide its customers with merchandise, cards, and consoles which are very rare and cannot be found easily in the market.

 EB Games keeps a blue color tone to its website has been witnessed that the color blue can be easily approached by any age group (EB Gamers, 2020). The search bar is situated in the top section of the website and just underneath the search bar lays the menu bar. This particular setup is one of the most preferred layouts of the website in multiple organizations. Being a large and recognized brand, it has to cater to a vast target audience. The layout of the website is user friendly. Anyone can browse through the website and can identify the product that is required by the individual. Multiple links are portrayed in the menu bar, which makes it even easier for the consumer to reach their desired product.

Whereas the Gametraders website is quite contrary to its competitor's, everything differs drastically as compared to EB Gamers. Gametraders do not provide a drop-down menu feature, which directly or indirectly helps the customers to keep their calm (Crestodina, 2017). The main reason why the website does not have a drop-down menu is that the majority of the customer base is comprised of young individuals, who might lose their calm in a matter of seconds. Also, this particular without this particular feature browsing through the website become easier and user friendly.

If privacy is considered, EB Games discloses a detailed page, in which all the privacy policies of the website are portrayed. This particular page has fifteen sections that help to answer some of the basic questions of the user. In comparison Gametraders, terms of privacy are not very detailed and sophisticated.

To find out the performance of the website, the GTMetrix tool was used (Kaur, Kaur & Kaur, 2016). The performance scores from the GT Metrix tools were astounding as well as unexpected. It was observed that EB Games scored around 71% which falls under the C grade in the performance rating (Figure 3). The total time taken by the website to fully load was recorded at 7 seconds, whereas, the total size of the page was estimated to be 3.48 megabytes.

To identify the domain authority of the EB Games Moz SEO analyzer was used. Domain authority refers to the relevance of the website (Kobayashi, 2018). According to this particular tool, the EB Games had a score of 66 in terms of domain authority. Also, the company had more than ninety thousand ranking keywords and around 7.0 k linking root domains. The most used keyword for this particular brand is EB Games Australia.

On the other hand, the Gametrade far exceeded it, competitor, in terms of brand website score. The brand website score for Gametrade was recorded at 91% which is estimated to be of grade A category (Figure 4). In addition to the page does not take a lot of space that is the page size was recorded at 2.61 megabytes. However, Gametraders was not able to completely obliterate its competitor as the loading time of the page exceeded that of its competitors.

Despite such a good website, the domain authority is way lesser than that of EB Games, according to the Moz SEO analyzer score, Gametraders has a domain authority of only 35. Also, the top-ranking keywords are far lesser than EB Games, as it was identified that Gametraders had only 34 top ranking keywords.

Recommendations on Comparative Digital Media

It was identified in the given report that the majority of Gametraders customers are youngster, because of this it is quite evident that with the change in time their customer base will get affected. It is evident that the gaming industry is progressing with great speed, and with each year passing this particular industry is setting up a new milestone for the future generation. Gametraders should witness it as an opportunity and try to improve its online usage a little more so that it can get an edge over its competitors.

Conclusion on Comparative Digital Media

From the report, it became quite evident that there is a vast difference in all the aspects of both the businesses. Whether it is an age group or products, they are quite different from one another. All these factors led both companies to design and develop websites that would cater to their respected target audience and would help in increasing the efficiency of the organization.

References for Comparative Digital Media

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