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Vital Signs Are Vital - Assignment 1

The four key messages emerge out from the report is

  1. Effective communication-It is important among the medical team members for care.
  2. Person-centered approach- the patient should be given comprehensive care.
  3. Coordination among the medical team is very crucial in giving care to the patient in health care settings.
  4. The safety of the patient is a priority.

The five priorities of registered nurse starting the shift is

  1. The nurse who makes the findings should inform the senior nurse over the changeover.
  2. Information on any vital signs observed during the shift which are substantially beyond the usual range should be conveyed to the next nursing shift at the time of the next handover (Cardona-Morrell et al., 2016).
  3. An entry in the handover notes has to be made concerning certain vital signs that may show why the vital signs were deemed out of control.
  4. The next nurse should be effectively communicated about the next collection of examinations
  5. If the vital signs changed or deteriorated, and what action was taken regarding such symptoms and vital signs must be taken within a short period when observations report vital signs beyond the normal range (Oxelmark et al., 2020).

Vital Signs Are Vital - Assignment 2

The main of the provided research was to have a detailed overview of the positive experiences of nurses providing end-of-life treatment to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients and family members. This research aimed to explore what is realistic end-of-life care practice for caregivers. The research also helped in understanding how nurses produce a better death in the intensive care unit; and to recognize the difficulties nurses encounter, which influence their professional learning and experience and eventually build a decent demise (Stokes et al., 2019).


My aunt was hospitalized and being given the end of life treatment for cancer.


I was very sad and disappointed about the emotions and situation the family members were going through.


The nurse was very supportive and trained in providing the care to the patient as well as they were helping the family in advocacy.


 The nursing staff took extra care in knowing about the cultural values and beliefs of the patient so those can be respected at the end of the life-giving patient a mental satisfaction.


 I learned that extra care should be given to such patients during medical treatments and procedures.

Action Plan

The nurses did their duties by providing comprehensive care to the patient.

Vital Signs Are Vital - Assignment 3

  1. The nursing staff had to adhere to the NSQHS standard of comprehensive care of standard in which they are bound to provide each patient with the utmost care irrespective of the number of patients under their care. The nurses are shared to follow the regulation of NMBA standards and standards set by the Australian Commission on safety and quality in health care (ACQSHC).
  2. The community setting in the health care sector handles a lesser number of patients compared to the public hospital so the management and care of patients are easier.
  3. The objective of this experiment was to establish and evaluate the Wound Clinic model of treatment using a nurse-led, interdisciplinary, comprehensive approach, including training and coaching to improve the skills and capability of primary health care practitioners (Innes-Walker et al., 2019).
  4. The possibilities for increasing this method would offer numerous advantages including increasing the faith of nursing staff in the treatment of wounds, encouraging the role of nurse-led clinics; enhancing the confidence and ability of healthcare professionals to deal with wounds; improving wound monitoring, patient knowledge, and improving quality patient care.
  5. In the six months, nurses were able to overcome challenges in upgrading their evidence-based wound care skills and achieve substantial economic and social benefits if services and policies were aimed at promoting the adoption of interventions to improve evidence-based wound management strategies in such areas of public health (Innes-Walker et al., 2019).
  6. This model would give significant benefits such as: increasing the interest of nurses in the management of wounds, encouraging the role of nurse-led clinics; enhancing the capacity and trust of health care practitioners to deal with wounds; enhancing the treatment of wound infection (Innes-Walker et al., 2019).
  7. It is expected that nurses will provide patient treatment and care, based on the available information. They may have experience and positive feelings, but that doesn't mean they focus their practice work based on facts. There is still a lack of information about who is required to adopt evidence-based practice effectively.

References for Vital Signs Are Vital

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Stokes, H., Vanderspank-Wright, B., Bourbonnais, F. F., & Wright, D. K. (2019). Meaningful experiences and end-of-life care in the intensive care unit: A qualitative study. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 53, 1-7.

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