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Community Relationship Management and Social Media



Mapping of community:


Goal Setting:


Introduction to Community Needs Assessment

In this professional report of community engagement plan I have considered the community of rural regions of Australia. For this purpose the specific area that I have selected for this is Merimbula, a small town located on south coast of New South Wales Australia. The reason behind the selection of the community of Merimbula is their geographical and demographical data as well as the challenges faced by them such as lower income, education and health issues. The overall population of Merimbula was 3544 I 2016.
The community management study for this particular rural seems important to me as it is a tourist spot of the country having a number of beaches and tourists visit this place occasionally so it is very important to overcome the challenges in such situation to show the positive image of country with a civilized and more friendly environment to the tourists of outer world. Another major reason behind taking this community into consideration is the least availability of educational facility to the inhabitants of the town as there is only one primary school and no high school.

Mapping of Community

Merimbula is an underdeveloped village of the Australia which is located in Far South Coast the Australia. If, we talk about population of this village more than 3,544 people live in this village of Merimbula which is state suburbs. Furthermore, there is male population in this village is 47.7% of total population as well as 52.3% population of females. Population of children like 0 to 14 years age is 10.9% as well as 33.2% is old people over than 65. On other hand, ratio of married people in Merimbula is 43.9% which are aged over than 15 but percentage of divorced people in this community is 18.3%. There is also a culture of de facto marriage which is 13% as well as only 43% people lived here as a registered marriage. Talk about education of children of this society. Only 24% of total population joins the institutes for education purpose. From 24%, there are children is in primary schools are 18% as well as 13% in high schools. The student of 13% percent which is in high schools is for technical education. But if we talk about institutions, there is only one primary school for the children which are known as Merimbula public school. Children of Merimbula go to other towns like Bega for high school studies because unavailability of high school in this community which has population round about 35,000. Higher education in this village of Australia is only 11.6% as 12 as their high school studies which are aged over than 15 years. Little bit population of this specific town completed their III or IV certificate but in case of advanced studies only 8% people of this village completed their higher degree like advanced diploma. Multiple languages in this area like English, German, Scottish as well as Australian language. Common language of this village is English which 32% of total population. Other languages like German is little bit as a spoken language which is very rare only 3.8% prefer to this language as well as Irish language also use by the people of this town which is only 10%. We can say that Australian language is the second language of this town. Most of the people speak this language after the English which is 28.5%. Overseas Australian birth children also live in this town that is 18% of total population. On the other hand 62.2% population has Australian born Parents which is large figure than overseas (Mair and Duffy 2014).


Dynamics should be initially acknowledged at initial stages because of its necessity if we want to improve the living standards of society. There exist a number of standards recognized socially and economically which needs to be improved and changed by taking precautionary measures. There are also some categorized sectional regional standards which demands to be focused. Development needs are strongly affected through these standards and make the way to prosper gets disturbed. This chief portion stimulates the following nine economic, social and regional issues and challenges which are as following (Older 2007).

  • Globalization

Globalization is growing the integration of economies all over the world through different ways. Globalization is instantly affecting regions and communities through many influences which are needed to be fixed through knowledge and information through available technologies. The financial sections modify the distinctness and variations of culture through allying economical frameworks (O’Toole and Burdess 2004). The decline in global markets meets the reason of coal quantity needed for electricity production and cause in failure of any support to the industry in economic ways.

The problems are faced when public do not gives any support and do not stand with the global issues through economically or in any manner then it results in scattering rural as well as urban communities. This kind of diffusion has caused consequences in big amount of people and makes causes for the people in the transformation of a closed living society which rely on disregarding the internal and external challenges they face (Mair and Duffy 2014).

  • Schooling

Poverty causes the lack of education due to which their generation stays illiterate and can’t be able to get admission their child in school. Contradiction enforces the government, teachers parents and students to be instanced with literacy.in this manner also there is not equality when we talk about rural and urban areas due to lack of facilitation the main issue faced by schooling in rural areas in the lack of staff, resources even the furniture facilities.

  • Revision of nation’s literacy and numeracy needs

Literacy and numeracy needs have importance because they perform in initial stages of learning process and focus on the learning of other skills regarding the necessity. Literacy and numeric strategy works on the betterment of new resources and effects positively the social health outcomes provides new resources outcomes for all students. Public departments blame schools and students for any failure or decline but teachers and students are performing good in the modification of doing up level basic skills. The departments should be realized that they are not able to achieve the required facilities and numeracies to get move further.

  • Unemployment

For rural areas the main problems they face is when the lack of facilities overcome and needs are not be fulfilled those who are able they migrate to the urban areas to continue their life leaves back their rural areas which need people to become prosper and do work for their area in future but unfortunately they leave and those who does not avail resources to go and settle in cities they face unemployment due to the backwardness of area and facilities.

  • Policy program environment

Government have sources to get exact knowledge about issues and they know already what problems are going through so they have to give immediate response to all the mentioned factors and candidates who are elected should approach to government level to acknowledge about their issues and problems of their state. For the community development it is best for them to work with supporting one another by getting friendly ways to achieve the progress.

Goal Setting

For the betterment of the population of Merimbula and to raise the literacy rate in the area, a high school should be made in the town that will let the youth of town to get higher education while living in their town and serve the community after completing their education as they have to move to other cities for the high schools. A better health system will make it easier for the residents of the town to meet their medical need in the town and thus a healthier society can be established. Government should let the local people in the policy for the town to tell their needs and participate in the wellbeing of the area. Multiple jobs and services should be created in the area as this is a tourism area so the jobs can be created in the tourism field that will let the youth of town to serve for their society and thus by enhancing the tourism, the economic conditions of town will be flourished (Ajagbe 2015).

Conclusions on Community Needs Assessment

Reducing the challenges faced by the community belonging to rural areas is very important as it will reduce the unemployment rate and the individuals will be able to participate actively in the progress of the area as well as for the country. The rural regions of Australia need constant learning and the needs of the individuals living in rural areas. The health is another major factor to be considered and resolved as an unhealthy person cannot perform his duties well. A better health system and awareness to the individual health and the symptoms will aware them to take care of their health. A better education system will increase the literacy rate that will ultimately improve the living standard of the population of this rural area. Thus by providing the better resources to the health and education sector can let the youth of Merimbula to recognize that the learning is a valuable and integral resource to them and they can work for the betterment of individuals and their family. The investment of resources to reduce the challenges faced by the population of Merimbula will enhance the tourist experience to this place which will produce new jobs and living standard will be raised. Fulfilling all the needs for the youth of Merimbula will lead to a bright future for them.

References for Community Needs Assessment

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