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Performance Management

Meaning of Performance Management

In the fast pace environment in which the organizations operate, there is a constant need for an organization to develop their skilled employees and by improving their performance. Performance Management is a highly used and most effective means to improve the performance of employees (Brown, O’Kane, Mazumdar & McCracken, 2018). Performance management can be understood as an endless process of establishing performance goals that are in accordance with the objectives of the organization (Na-Nan, Chaiprasit & Pukkeeree, 2017). Performance Management is an important instrument for organizations that helps them to improve the productivity of employees in terms of both quality as well as quantity. Along with it, performance management promotes alignment of the goals of the employees with that of the organization. Managers play an important role to help employees understand the performance management system and process. Managers must try to provide an environment in which the employees can maximize their productive capacity and perform at their own best levels (Bartz, 2017).

Performance Management Process at ComSys Technologies

The performance management process is a series of steps that is used to plan, analyze, and examine the performance of employees (Pulakos, Mueller-Hanson & Arad, 2019).

The Performance Management process at ComsSys Technologies consists of planning and deciding about various goals and objectives of individuals as well as the organization. The next step involves providing employees with the requisite training and mentoring. It is important for the organization that employees understand the process and operational mechanism. Furthermore, appropriate reward strategies are determined. Next, is setting measures to compare the performance, which is, weighing out the outcomes. It deals with reviewing employee performance. Also, providing the employees with actionable feedback so that they can understand what all areas to improve. The last step of this process is to reward employees so that they can remain motivated and to further enhance their performance.

The mission of ComSys Technologies is to provide products as well as services since it is a service-based company, development of employees is imperative for the organization to flourish (ComSys Technolgies, n.d.). The company recognizes this fact and considers employees as their most important asset. In order to enhance the performance of the employees, the organization has developed policies so that all the employees of the organization can reach their full potential in terms of delivering quality work and boosting their motivating levels through the rewards system. ComSys Technologies uses Workforce Management application, this application provides timely forecast and organizing of all communication channels. It accurately predicts the staffing requirements and presents the impact of budget or movements in demand on personnel. Also, it provides information when the performance of the employee deviates from the set target. Comsys Technologies believes that training is essential for the team members, thus from the very beginning, continuous training is provided along with it constant support, and guidance is provided so as to imbibe the required skills in the employees so that they can meet the customer demand and to enhance their productivity .

Effective Communication

Role of Effective Communication in Performance Management

Communication is a human element that is integral to the performance management process. Effective communication can be understood as the transfer of information from the mangers to the employees working under them and vice versa, thereby, making communication a two-way process (Bartz, 2017). According to Kumar and Raju (2017), the Performance management plan involves employees, their managers, supervisions, experts, and other associated members. In order to coordinate between them, efficient as well as effective communication is required. If communication is not properly done, then the main objectives of the organization cannot be attained. Effective communication is a crucial mechanism to establish performance standards and their measurements and work responsibilities.

Effective Communication at ComSys Technologies

ComSys Technologies promotes the contribution of team members in shaping the way they do business and encourages open communication (ComSys Technolgies, n.d.). The managers ensure that the performance expectations are defined clearly for the staff members; they have been communicated properly to the staff members. Also, the employees are free to provide their opinions about the operations, and share their problems with their respective managers. Also, managers communicate their feedbacks to employees so that employees can strive to improve their productivity levels. It is important for ComSys to keep their employee passionate about their work. When working in teams, they promote initiative by all employees and new ideas are welcomed by the team leaders and managers. The focus is to make employees to more creative so that they can develop innovative products to ensure sustainable growth of the organization. The company uses a special channel for communication “ComSys Unified communication”, which facilitates it to streamline all forms of communications (ComSys Technolgies, n.d.). It assimilates the elements of communication comprising a telephone, e-mail, voice, unified messaging, conferencing, and others in order promote quick and effective communication. Effective unified communication provides Comsys with enhanced efficiency in operation and as a result, it has a significant competitive advantage.

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