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Future Crimes Inside The Digital Underground

Conclusion on Cyber Security Research Analysis

The study focuses on cyber hygiene correlating with the adaptability of it by university students of Australia. Social engineering attack has been frequenting these days, and while there is a need to improve cyber hygiene, no authority knows what it means. The aim of presenting a research paper on cyber hygiene is to extend my contribution towards the conceptualization of cyber hygiene, operation of it, identifying its sub-dimensions, and developing practices towards implementing it by the students of Australia. The paper will outline a series of research studies to archive all the previous results in the field of cyber hygiene research.

The outline will begin with concepts of cyber-attacks at general users, the need for cyber hygiene, and a detailed analysis of the loss of student’s data and privacy due to lack of awareness about cyber hygiene. The research methodology of paper will consist of a survey of adult internet users to assess the gap between awareness of social engineering attacks and practices to adapt cyber hygiene to avoid these attacks. And later on, research analysis will be completed by a cross-tabulation technique where the data collected will first be verified by data verification technique and later on, by using data validity technique data will be concluded valid for conducting further research. 

Limitation of The Study

The limitation of the study consists of a lack of prior research on the topic of cyber hygiene which forms a hurdle to understand the research problem and the dimensions of the required field. Along with it, there will be a limited size of data available as all the students from all universities cannot be covered. The focus of the study will always be limited towards the users who will have limited knowledge in the field of cyber hygiene and the behavior of the researcher. Thus, leading towards awareness of a few generic cyber hygiene practices. The practices and software on cyber hygiene are constantly evolving and though many organizations present their guidelines to follow yet the concept is still unclear by many of them [1]. Thus, leading towards the confusion.

Future Scope of Study

All of these limitations can be overcome by future research. The research scope can be expanded following the outcomes of the study. As this is a proposed research study that establishes the meaning and needs for cyber hygiene the replication of the study can be done in greater scope by different universities. The study could include a bigger sample size depending upon the size of the project while including various resources that can be used to follow cyber hygiene by university students and corporate entities as well. To expand the scope of the study, researchers can conduct a longitudinal study for a longer time frame to help to track the ways and mediums of social engineering attack and gain additional insights into correlation with previous studies being conducted and with the present one [2]. The scope of the study can also be extended by including the corporate entities and government institutions into adapting the practices of cyber hygiene into their daily lives.

References for Cyber Security Research Analysis

R. Masood, Q. Zainab and M. Sarshar, "Research Analysis of Cyber Security," Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology: ENetwork, Web & Security, vol. 15, no. 4, 2015. 

M. Goodman, Future Crimes Inside The Digital Underground and the Battle For Our Connected World, New York: Transworld, 2015.

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