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Design Thinking Process in McDonald's

Table of Contents


The rationale for choosing McDonald's.

Key design principle demonstrated by McDonald’s.

Current challenges.


Introduction to Design Thinking Process in McDonald's

The design thinking model is a solution-oriented problem-solving methodology for a future action plan or desired outcome for a problem by a more structured plan for innovation and growth of the company (Luchs, 2015). The company can use the ideation process in design thinking for new ideas and normalize potential problems with service delivery, digital technology identification. McDonald’s is the largest chain food of fast-food restaurants based in America. It has over 36000 stores in more than 120 countries (McDonald's, 2020). Design thinking process aimed at foodservice, the system will add brand value to the fit food chain restaurant for developing a business portfolio and supporting growth model. The 5 stage process model will be used

The Rationale for Choosing Mc Donald’s

McDonald’s is facing a drop in sales in the market in the US region with stiff competition from burger king and Yum brands (The Brussels, 2019). The use of the design thinking model will be understanding and be identifying potential causes for re-aligning business requirements. The current digital marketing and delivery services have remained stagnant. Customer service and guest visit experience enhancement will increase customer engagement and revenue for the grand

Key Design Principle Demonstrated by Mc Donald’s

The company turned into digitalization by displaying digital menu boards and touch screen kiosks to self-order. The mobile application uses the categorization of food and discovers the food option to enable adding food to the cart. All-day breakfast menu customization by the company on customer demand. Brand marketing through the golden for recognized asset and welcome design across all product branding to create uniformity. The company uses a global digital design system for all products with coherent global expression (Method, 2020).

Current Challenges

Key challenges- Focus on changing company products and services to maintain market share and competitiveness.

The current marketing and advertisement of McDonald’s are less in comparison to rival brand Burger king. Using a creative strategy for highlighting the Mc Veggie by highlighting ingredients and marketing through billboards and social media will help in the top in the mind application on the consumer

Digitalization of drive-thru takeaway and partnership with a digital agency for targeting the urban youth will increase the market base of the company. Using cost leadership and product differentiation strategy will alienate the existing competition through its technology interface (Restaurant business, 2019). Redesigning of the app will help in improving promotional features and burger ordering for family meals and individual orders.

Phase1- Understanding the problem – The annual report of the company and understanding the current segment McDonald’s is providing affordable food at service for both takeaway and dining (The Brussels, 2019). The demand for delivery experience has increased in the past few months. This can be solved through the design thinking process. Unstructured application and little information in the website interface to order without re-directing to the application link. Too many options and little information on add to meal option as a roadblock to ordering. It was observed that the application has compulsory signup and or function as a guest user. Tracking delivery only showed ordered and no live status. There was a lack of perks for users to remain users and easily move to different platforms.

A competitive analysis shows the application of dominos, uber eats have simple UI and has clear feedback on every stage. They offer the option to edit details and illustrates the delivery promptness and update post-delivery.

Phase 2- Observation –The result of our internal assessment shows users purchase food through application for ease and flexibility as compared to a desktop-based purchase. The majority of the website offers promotional offers, sends push notifications. Consumer survey provides details on affinity to application and purchase behavior as causal.

Affinity Mapping- Key consumer statements that result from consumer affirmations (Pressman, 2018). 

Using customer journey for Getting informed---- Order----Delivery----Service----Post service

B using saving options on delivery for users, allowing users to sign up in the delivery stage is optional.

Phase3- Defining the problem- How user experience can be improved to make McDonald’s competitive

Phase 4- Ideating- Brainstorming through the team on the functional marketing offers to be rolled out on the app base search.

  • Using feature prioritization with a tie-up with aesthetics of application and feedback
  • Competitive offers and high service delivery
  • Sales through 30% delivery app based rest through stores and takeaways

Designing mind maps and brainstorming with the product team will help in estimating the right categorization.

Phase 4- Prototyping – The ideas received in previous stages has to be tested in the current app for over and user ratings to understand the likeability of features. The likely features require the team system to develop UX imaging for high scale magnitude for mobile app feature rollout for McDonald's for the estimated budget on its promotional revenue options.

Phase 5 –Testing –Update on the menu and its functionality with singe meal and combo will be part of testing. Perks of signup and maintaining user base and observing its benefit on app downloads. Testing on consumers as pilot runs will create feedback for personalized settings.

Conclusion on Design Thinking Process in McDonald's

McDonald's has developed its brand through its menu and innovation. The use of the design thinking process for a delivery based option through the app will help the brand to leverage the consumer push for delivery options and gain market leadership share in the segment by the process. The seamless ordering process and retain consumer base on the app and creating ease of ordering for the registered user and designing feasibility. The design process will help customers with a seamless experience on the app and price bundling to its advantage other than store service.

Reference for Design Thinking Process in McDonald's

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