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Design Thinking For Creativity

Introduction to Design Thinking Principle

The design thinking process understands user solutions and redefines problems for delivering innovative solutions. McDonald's is an American fast food company. It serves over 70 million customers through its 38000 outlets (McDonald's 2020). The company is facing charges with an increase in competition to sustain growth and profitability through its fast-food chain. Incremental innovation will push business through reconfiguring strategy in the existing division. McDonald s business model focus on standardization. The brand has designed its marketing to increase customer engagement.

Creative Process

The creative process will identify new design thinking and developing new practice (Darbellay 2017). McDonald’s can increase its digital footprint through application redesigning on key factors perceived by customers before ordering food.

  • Accumulation - this is the stage of collecting information through customer interviews, user surveys. Consumer survey assessment will develop knowledge on analyzing design value and market operations to capture customer sentiment (Darbellay 2017). The company has faced digitalization for promotional offers for the top of the mind approach. The unstructured application provides a challenge for shaping organizations for the online delivery market amid changing market conditions. Mind Map as not structured approach guide for design patterns for what customers drive value. Featured product, hot deals, location, availability, and personalization. Consumer survey and creating a persona for result assessment and understanding key gaps through review.

Incubation- the collected ideas will be assessed through thinking on the creative lines for McDonald's for suitability and growth prospects, the ideas that do not align with the solution will fade.

  • Illumination will help in business development for the design process through creatively taking inputs and cumulating employee ideas. The facilities require and existing area and cost analysis for profitability will be analyzed through cutting edge technology by design delivery.
  • Evaluation and implementation - the evaluation of the plan through prototyping and running pilot tests will understand user requirements for the business. The testing of the idea will be through building a wireframe to test by the developer team and launching the exercise for a few areas in Australia. The menu listing and application modification will be done for the personalized setting. This drone delivery model facilitates technology base delivery system and will add to MacDonald's existing capacity to digitalization. The drone will weigh 9 kgs and would transport material up to 2.5 kgs. The food will deliver food to customers accused by online application. The drone delivery will be efficient as it follows one flight path. Drones are the fastest shipping service that will reduce the delivery time. McDonald's will have to develop a partnership in developing the manufacturing model and capacity for drone services for delivery. The delivery capacity and low altitude operation will lead to the first-mover advantage as a differentiator. McDonald's currently benefited from increasing focus on delivery with 90% of sales accounted from drive-thru (NASDAQ 2020). Drone delivery will align with the current focus of the firm. The experience of the future, digital, and delivery to growth are long term experience. 

Creativity Concept Check

Creativity type

The process is idea creativity with food delivery through drone facility. The creativity will add to the business process in cost saving as aggregator charges proportion are 10-15% fees that will be upfront saving for McDonald's (Financial Review 2019).

Creative environment –

  • McDonald's has adapted business prices change through drive-thru, delivery kiosk to cater to the customer, and maintain service efficiency. Its voice ordering technology has positively impacted business sales. McDonald's has focused on speed service system and training resource for AI, digital practice to modify business requirements (McDonald’s 2019)
  • Supportive management- McDonald’s follows administration and marketing through objectivism and positivism for a decentralized and innovative approach. The company has enabled the restaurant of the future for digital systems and services. McDonald’s has developed a velocity growth plan under organizational design. Customer journey mapping acts as a solution and prototype of the team using organization support.

Impediments to creativity

  • Challenges in Implementation- Challenges of the plan require the scale of operations and move from existing digital initiatives for drives as drone maintenance and upkeep will require warehouse and fulfillment center. Outsourcing of the operation will result in profit sharing or acquiring fees for usage.
  • Conformity challenge- the business idea scaling and creativity is new service addition that has not been adapted in food delivery space in Australia, the business adoption will be standardized with tech plans of Mcdonald's expansion.

Source of creativity

The source of creativity is the process need with demand for online delivery is facilitated by technology, consumption pattern, lifestyle, and consumer spending. Process innovation and demographic changes for McDonald’s expertise in the rental and fast-food chain that has sustained adaptability with demographics in product component adding lettuce, beef, developing salad, and traditional offering to attract customers. The drone delivery as process innovation will reduce time and build efficiency to serve the customer. Drones use GPS and GPC technology to function delivery to location and are controlled by ground pit will be a competitive advantage (The Verge 2019).

Stimulating techniques

The stimulating technique will diversity business and combine existing market value through a campaign combining digital application for efficiency. Uber Eats as the delivery aggregate is developing a drone facility by RFID technology (The Verge 2019). By its application of rearranging McDonald's Company will eliminate business competition as the first mover in Australia. Using drones to data gathering and customer feedback will align service improvement to online. McDonald's has purchased voice-based AI that can be combined with drone delivery system software (BBC 2019). 

Creativity stimulating technique for drone application creativity will be the SCAMPER technique

  • Substitute - The current delivery model can be substituted by own delivery service for online delivery for increasing customer base for delivery service 
  • Combining - Combing technology service for takeaway, coupons, and delivery for capacity building. Combing kiosk and digital terminal through retail space for drone delivery
  • Adapting- Adapting to the customization of the menu for consumer choice on GPS for delivery
  • Modifying - modifying for personalization for delivery and service order tracking for delivery efficiency. Linking bestseller's food for drone delivery set up will encourage the customer to add to cart and order for faster delivery options and Combo-deal promotion by the company.
  • Put to other use- McDonald can use his current resources for the development of a drone delivery system. The company will have to take regulatory approval for the same. The country has regulated commercial approval for drones. Australia is one of the early countries to approve drone commercial use. The existing LTE network can be used to manage the drone fleet and get real-time data (The Verge 2019) Australia has an ecosystem for the development, manufacturing of unmanned aerial devices. Previously Google a drone delivery was approved in Canberra.
  • Eliminating -Eliminating - direct call delivery option for food delivery and redirecting support to mobile application channel
  • Rearrange- rearranging design system for open order digital system for ordering

Brainstorming exercise on using the drone system to best of the suitability. Using multiple dispatch systems for delivery from the delivery system. The use of a single delivery hub for dispatch to the customer will be useful as the hub will act as a support field for the delivery system. The company would have to train employees for commercial applications. Adding 30 minutes delivery to attract customers will act as a rebate and marketing strategy to engage the customer for increasing order capacity.


PESTEL impact on the success of creativity

  • Political forces- The innovation has an impact from the governing party stand on the regulation of drone for delivery. The government has allowed unmanned system technology. The political forces are strong and may act destructive practices on drone services proposals by McDonald's. Tax advantage and licensing ease will accelerate the delivery system for starting business operations.
  • Environmental factors- Drone has the potential for reduced CO2 emissions as a benefit to reduce congestion in the area for support to the environment. The impact on clean energy saving will result in the expansion of drones in the future for delivery.
  • Economic factors - Drone delivery will result in cost efficiency and aim to serve industries across transportation, distribution, and impact on job creation. The Australian economy is growing at a stable rate has witnessed a fall in consumption pattern, the integration of drones in divers but food aggregator will result in a boom for the online food delivery market and saving for corporate. The drones powered by battery are environmental solutions for carbon emissions.
  • Technological forces- The drone technology is supported by obstacle detection, collision avoidance technology. The use of UAV technology hindrance impact the of service improvement through communication. The remote monitoring and accessibility and monitoring will ensure timely delivery and ease of use.
  • Legal factors- The government's concern on privacy has been raised with unmanned aerial vehicles advised to follow safety for operational regulation. The privacy act covers organization and agency and is permitted to using the information as permitted in the private capacity. The current legal climate shows approve of 1600 commercial drone operators (Financial review 2019).

CSR Practice

McDonald's can develop reciprocal CSR strategy for mutual benefit, performance goals, and medium to long term planning. The consumer's perspective of CSR is aligned with the company s commitment and association with the cause. The approach for CRM overshadowing CSR practice is not widely accepted due to heterogeneous society (Mozammel 2019).

The action plan for corporate social responsibility will be through application designing by the partnership with NGOs for the feed America initiative. Organization will have to use effectively its approach to not overshadow cause related marketing (CRM ) with long term marketing vision (Sheikh 2011). The application will be as below in the mainframe for the contribution of the amount to NGOs on every delivery order. This will act as a service model for CSR practice and activism by the company.

The new design will feed for contribution to the service on the application for drone service, takeaway, and drone delivery. The cash reward system on adding support cause will primarily depict on the status bar icon and promotion through social media

CSR Action Plan

Key steps are

  • Developing vision –

A better society and developing people and community. The existing practice is on delivering high-quality food (McDonald's CSR Report 2018). Creating supplier framework for food practice, drone delivery donations to support charity organization, and maintain employee value proposition for developing business. The strategy and creativity developed will benefit McDonald's longer-term objective and fulfilling SDG goals. By applying SDG goals for clean energy, partner with stakeholder will reduce inequality for business protocol, and sustainable goals by UNDP

  • Launch strong and monitor effectively-

The Company should launch the product through its commitment to serving quality food and using business profit for Roland McDonald's charity by drone delivery orders. The use of reusable packaging by the company is part of the process expansion as a zero-waste program (Fox business 2020). By operating profit received through drone delivery and adding a monetary donation component on the cart option. This will add to the organization's sustainability.

  • Considering consumer needs

 The Company can develop environment conservation practices and mention ethical sourcing detail through QR code on mobile applications. This will increase customer confidence and transparency among individuals. The nutrient information and external link for ethical practice in more information panels will comply with the regulatory response and business practice. 

  • Using CSR practice to enhance talent

Encouraging talent pool through the competitive practice and responsible business strategy by adding digital value creator among the existing values of talent recruitment of friends, family, and friends, will enhance talent (Altenburger 2018) Encouraging diversity practice in recruitment by community support to aboriginal communities will increase goodwill in Australia.

Conclusion on Design Thinking Principle

Developing a culture of innovation is essential for creative management in the organization for drone delivery. The design thinking process for innovation creates new service and processes to gain a competitive advantage. Eating at home and reengineering digital practice can be an advantage for McDonald's. Encouraging sustainability and society practice through developing a CSR approach will benefit the organization in long term growth. 

Reference for Design Thinking Principle

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