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The Use of Massage in Nursing Practice

The main purpose, while including the relaxation techniques is to think about how to reduce the client's stress. For this, often I provide interaction sessions, take the discussion orally, and listen to their details carefully. The pain is caused due to the prolonged stress and how to ease the pain, by pressing the points such as by discussing how they manage their routine life, what are their stressful points and how to bring the changes. The daily stress along with bringing a routine change by having control. My controlling techniques are to check press, monitor, and even check the stressed muscle points, by either rubbing or simply through manipulating one own skin, muscles, tendons, or even the ligaments (Enrico De Luca, 2020).

In every session, the strategies have to be transparent, concise and should be deductive style reasoning. It would help to interpret how the situation can be solved with the best resolution. My main aim while providing relaxing changes and to understand the other person’s problems. It can be anything, from the routine problems to the everyday stressful points. The other person's internal feelings can be understood by hearing them and by cross-questioning them if required. Most of the time, I interact, engage in healthy discussion, more than advising or counseling I anticipate the situation and how the other person is feeling. If required, I often provide the stressful nerves a quick check and provide mental relaxation by giving them advice for the leisure activities or to enjoy with the family. In most of the sessions, the assessment is to know about their family insights, about their backgrounds and their working routines. Based on this, the quick relaxation massage such as, if the client is working the whole day and feels stressed on the backbone or the legs, then they are given a message with the soothing music. In my view, client pain and stress can be reduced through the power of touch and by relaxing them b hearing them. It is important to understand the stressed nerves and how to provide effective techniques, based on which the client can feel relaxed. My technique is to focus on hearing them and in the worst cases like for the important clients to provide them therapeutic massages and even stroking gentle stressed muscles.

Based on the choices of the client outcome, it can be measured based on the feedback, how relaxing they are feeling, and by noting their facial expressions and behavior. Often the stress patient talks, one can evaluate how stressed they were feeling at start and how they are feeling after someone can hear them. The measured outcome while checking if the client’s engagement during the treatment can be evaluated is through the ratings, surveys, and even consistency of the regular sessions. Over some time, for example, if the client has stressed shoulders, which is mainly due to the prolonged stressed muscle and pain, one can empathize with the patient is feeling any by pressing certain points, which can help to measure the outcome. The outcomes of the treatments can be judged by how the clients are feeling relaxed, happy, and enthusiastic to return (Robertz, 2016).

Depending on the client's feedback and the guidance, the measured outcome of the massage can be added such as how they are feeling, the tensed muscles are feeling relaxed, and even how the patient is feeling would be the major judgments (Ooi, 2018). If the client is the consistent coming regularly, then through the specific conditions and knowing the past massage points can help the client to maximize and derive the feelings of caring, comfort, and connection. My judgment would be based on how the tensed muscles of the clients are feeling relaxed and how the client would like to continue the session (Westman, 2020). At the end of the session, the client can also give feedback, provide the overall overview or any critical points to address. Most of the clients have been coming for the quick relaxation massage and it has become easier to understand from where does the pain come from somewhere in the body. It is important to be subtle, be alert, and have proactive thinking to understand what the client's major points are and how they have been feeling. My main outcome and measure are how to engage in the verbal tactic and how to provide them overall engaging techniques.

Reference for The Use of Massage in Nursing Practice

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