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Plant Physiology and Ecology






Soil pH graph.



Introduction to Vegetation Management and The Use of Pesticides

Forest structure in particular area in described by the ecology of the forest vegetation that describe the processes in specific area. In this case Lorne Flora Reserve will be discussed for research purpose. There is a river which cover more than 30km diameter as well as bounded by abrupt ragged rim known as Camden river. Upper riches basin of the river covered by the 20,000 ha of the state forest. Forestry Commission established the Lorne Flora Reserve in this area. NSW declared compartment 86 and 87 as finest for old growth blackbutt. Watershed which is about 80 ha was formed by compartment 86. Lorne Flora with Bago Bluff was assimilated to new area in 1999. As we can say that Lorne Flora is managed by NSW NPWS. There is Flora Reserve which is situated between 200 to 350m at the upper central part of the river. Flora Reserve has soil catenary including red earths which have 0.8 to .5m depth. Soil of the Flora Reserve has phosphorus which have quantity of 25 to 250 ugg-1 and percentage of the nitrogen is 15:1. Soil of the Flora Reserve is well buffered which is characterized by clay loam and pH of the soil is 6.5 as 4.5. As we talk about calcium and Mg, Ca is 33% as well as Mg is 20% in the soil of Flora Reserve. If we talk about rainfall, there are 1500mm rainfall in this area of Lorne Flora Reserve. Temperature difference in ever season like 15 to 30 oC in summer. in case of winter temperature fall to 10 oC which is much cooler. Lorne Flora Reserve also has solar radiations input with greater topology. In winter season more solar radiation received by the Lorne Flora Reserve forest. Crop of this land is 20 t per ha due to the biomass that contain carbon content of abut 5%. As we talk about further, Flora Reserve forest has a diverse of animals that contain 15 species of frog including of Persons tree frog as well as leaf tree frog and Vulnerable frog. There are Snakes also in the forest which contain common tree snake as well as golden crowed snake yellow face snake and red bellied snake etc. The aim of research is that to talk about aim, method, result as well as forest vegetation. (Colin, 2015)


The main aim of this research is to recognize the Flora Reserve which have species of different kind as well as structure of trees to express the vegetation as well as process that occupied in Flora Reserve. The Flora Reserve can be described by classified in structural manner. Several critical functions are done by the vegetation in the forest. Biogeochemical cycle can be regulated by vegetation. As we can say that crowd of the species will be higher because its negative corelated with the growth of the canopy which increase the darken. (Willoughby, 2018)


Mature plant can be classified as structural by using of Specht as well as Specht’s method that contain randomly plots within the Flora Reserve. As we can say that amount of new species can be count by using of 1m2, 2m2 ,10m2 as well as 20m2 and 40m2. Transects can be measured by using of 100m measuring tape which include stating point as well as direction of that transects. As we can say that arbitrary of the transects can be chosen within the forest that contain the edge of the forest away. Length of the transects is 40m. The research of this project includes only trees in 5m diameter which is measured by using of breast height tape. Measurement of 2m side of transects were done by stick which is also 2m. In the forest every tree which have 2m length were recorded that contain its own DBHOB measurement. Center of subject tree and center of stem should nit be of 2m. This process should be done for mire than 80 trees which include the distance of the transect will be recorded. (aprile, 2003)

The tress which we have chosen, their data should be verified by using of excel with subject tree should be categorized into different classes as well as their comparison to their nearest trees. The analysis of the trees contains whether the trees are the same or different. Same neighbor trees then calculated which have same class although it contains different size class. Average distance tress is helpful to calculate the position index of the subject tree. The index calculation shows the whether trees are clamped or not. This process is very helpful for analyzing of the subject tree.


In result section table 1. Shows that tree height between 17m of group 5 which have relation 25m with group 1 as well as group 2 that contain tree height of 2.4m. There is range that contain 64% with group 1 as well as 96% with group 5 which contain main projected foliage of 84%. The whole analysis is explained in below table.

In table 1 foliage cover in percent as well as height in meters which measured by five groups of the Lorne Flora Reserve. There is foliage cover tube is at 50 Randoms which is use in the whole

Group No.

Canopy height

Foliage cover in %
















In case of table 2, Lorne Flora Reserve classified by mixture index as well as positioning index which describe the size and class of the tree. If we talk about mixture index when trees trend to clump with same tree size= near zero, when trees trend to clump with that of different size=1). In case of positioning index there are many cases like random=1, if >1 then regular, <1 mean clumped. There is also different scenario in classes like small = class1, class 2= medium, as well as class 3= large diameter. (Colin, 2015)

In table format:

Position index

Mixture index

All classes

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Plot no. 1






Plot no. 2






Plot no. 3






Plot no. 4






Plot no. 5






Soil PH Graph

In this graph, it shows the pH of the soil of Flora Reserve. In this graph, there are differ cases like ridge, upper mid, mid, lower mid as well as valley. So, depth sampled are 0 to 10 cm of A Horizon, 50 to 60 cm is B 1 as well as B2 has >90. (Colin, 2015)

This is the toposequence of Lorne Flora Reserve which contain typical sequence as well as contain sequence from ridge to valley. These graphs indicate the structure of the Lorne Flora Reserve at different positions in downhill sequence. Density of the tree describes by these graphs. As we can see that open forest in restricted in in this Lorne Flora Reserve. Lorne Flora Reserve is now part of Bago bluff national park which is significant reserve. This park is very important for hardwood network reserves. (aprile, 2003)

Discussion on Vegetation Management and The Use of Pesticides

Lorne Flora Reserve is very closed forest according to Specht as well as Specht’. As we can say that Lorne Flora Reserve is a lowland forest which contain foliage projected cover over than 70% as well as height of the trees are over 20 m and tall >30m. Lorne Flora Reserve has the highest positioning index which contain trees at 2.66 and class 1 tree at 2.6. Class 2 and 3 table described in the table 2. As if we talk about class, their trees are regularly distributed. On the other hand, class 2 and 3 tresses are randomly distributed in table 2. In case of mean index which is 0.33 for all plots but it varies for plot 5. In plot 5 it varies from 0.64 to 3 to 0.08. There is no gap plot as well as mature forest which contain the value of R2. In maturity case mote species detected in Lorne Flora Reserve forest. We can say that diversity of the species id highest where disturbances are moderate. If we talk about the availability of the species which is directly related to the availability of the space as well as gap size. If gap size become larger then richness of the species automatically become increase.

Reference for Vegetation Management and The Use of Pesticides

aprile, F. D., 2003. Forest vegetation as an environmental impact indicator for water resources, s.l.: s.n.

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