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Reflection and Discussion..



Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

Chemical substance is the corrosive substance which can affect the lives of people and every individual in contact. Chemical substance is a precise technical term that is synonymous with the chemicals and mixture of compounds and substances, used basically in the laboratories (Spicer, Holdren, Riggin, and Lyon, 1994).


The Chief of Airforce, Mr. Angus Houston released a report of the Board of Inquiry that was for the investigation of the fuel tank maintenance which was conducted for the fleet of F- 111 aircraft. The report had 53 recommendations and all were accepted by Mr. Houston. The main motive of the case is to work on the safety and health of the workers as it has been affected through the exposure of chemicals used in the maintenance process conducted on F- 111 fuel tanks. Emission of the chemicals in engines of aircraft should be done with all protection and safety measures by keeping the health and security of workers in the priority and all the engines who are covered in the usage of chemical substances should be protected under the measures and proper equipment (Czyz, Grabowski, Pietrykowski, Czarnigowski and et al, 2017). The Department of the Veterans has also started studying that the health of the workers who have been affected by the chemicals also the families which have been affected in this shall be provided the scientific treatment for future issues the measures will be taken if such a problem occurs.

The Deseal Reseal program which was set for the exposure of the chemicals used in the maintenance process conducted for F- 111 was firstly started in 1979 and the early years of 1980 by using the mechanical and chemical dealing functioning and process as Amberley. The workers were allowed within the six months to enter into an aircraft that was subjected to RAAF and workers were given work to clean the aircraft, setting up apparatus to spray a softening agent SR 51, by removing the sealant and creating a surface for the new sealant. Therefore, it made the clothes of workers dirty, stressful and bad smell of the chemicals which also led them to be ostracized by their colleagues in recreational areas families started complaining about the same and also added to the complaint that the workers' bodies have even stained the bedsheets. For the same the commission of SHOAMP took place and it was required to discuss the matter as it was turning out to be a serious matter of concern for the workers and their families.

Reflection and Discussion on Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

I think that an industry such as mentioned above should think about the workers before assigning them any kind of work, their safety and health measures should be discussed before making them deal with any kind of toxic, hazardous substance or any work which include the toxic chemicals should be prepared with the proper and safety measures that they do not get affected by inhaling or by utilizing it in their work. The measures which can be taken for the health and workplace security can be done by providing them the proper safety clothes and equipment, all the medical facilities should be present at the place of the commencement of the work, cleanliness should be the first thing that should be taken care of and provide the resources for the cleaning of the body and clothes as because the chemicals used in the area can be harmful in effect and may be dangerous to the people whoever comes in contact of it (Wang, Anderson, Pan, Poon., et al., 2020).

The SHOAMP commission was conducted because the workers were suffering major health issues of adverse health effects due to the chemicals and solvents used while working on the F- 11. Further, the report found that the result there was a balance of probability and increase of risk to cancer is associated with the participation in the F- 111 Deseal Reseal program and it may cause major loss to everyone working on it with the help of chemicals.

 According to Kauppinen, uuksulainen, Saalo, and Makinen, inhalation of the exposed chemicals have caused many harmful diseases to the people who all were in contact with the chemicals in either in the working area or in working out of the particular chemical zone because the safety measures were not provided to them equally therefor, many lost their lives due to inhalation of the chemicals. Chemical exposure and related diseases are to be expected to get reduced in the future if taken certain and actual safety measures for the same.

Conclusion on Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

The report of the government and the mentioned authorities in the matter have discussed to treat the people and their family members and have agreed to make a sum of payment to the participants of the F-111 and the people who are recognized in it shall be compensated in some of the other ways. Further, the members who were involved in ADF have lodged the claims for benefits and compensation which were accepted by the authorities and so concerning the same the workers who have suffered in the F-111 are eligible to get compensation for the damages faced by them.

References for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

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