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Explain the Differences in Human Wellbeing:

According to estimates, the percentage of the population over 65 in this nation will increase from 13% to 23-25% by 2056, with the percentage of those 85 and older growing from 1.6% to 4.9-7.3%((Kickbusch et al., 2021). Improvements in biological research and personal lifestyle choices contribute to longer life expectancies. Wealth and well-being across nations, people in the past few decades have seen no growth in happiness. Despite the common belief that contentment cannot be purchased with funds, most polls show that the two are related. However, they also demonstrate that relationships are greatest when salaries are low because money makes life better and eases difficulty.

Graph on types of care in human wellbeing for students in australia

Source: Australian Statistics Bureau

Selected Group Description

My chosen group is Aged People, mostly including senior citizens group. There's no explanation for why, after reaching the enchantment age of sixty or even sixty-five, people should automatically stop contributing to our financial system or the community as a whole. (Kickbusch et al., 2021).

Percentage graph on Older people engaging in social activity

Source: Australian Statistics Bureau


Source: WHO


In terms of heart disease, females again exhibited the greatest disparities across all age categories; they ranged from 1.86; range, for women older than 80 to 3.43 for women 65–79. Gerontologists along with others shouldn't welcome modern conceptions of retired and "retirees" because they support personal autonomy, but instead need to consider carefully what types of senior living are both validated and invalidated.

Australian Statistics Bureau

Source: Australian Statistics Bureau

Spatial Distribution

Emotional, local, and particular support for people of different ages is included in social support, which can be official or informal. Individuals who are close to the human being, such as relatives, friends, and others in the vicinity, frequently offer social assistance informally. Both official and informal social services and initiatives are referred to as formal social assistance.

Unemployment Number

The unpaid assistance that friends, family, and strangers offer is priceless. to preserving and assisting senior Australians' independence and well-being. A wide range of activities is acknowledged as ones where older Australians may need assistance or supervision, including mobility, self-care, verbal interaction, health care, mental or behavioral duties, taking care of the house, food preparation, composing or reading, and private transportation.

Key Health Outcomes

Pension savings, earnings, and pay come next. Nearly two in three (63%) older Australians in outer regional, rural, and very remote regions had a pension or stipend as their primary source of money, followed by retirement (15%) and earnings or salaries (7.5%), reported to 2018 the Australian Bureau of Statistics SDAC. For those 65 years of age and older, an official pension or permit is their primary source of income.

Crime Statistics

Their benefits to society from either full-time or part-time work after the age of retirement is one likely possibility. the greater the probability that they can maintain our economic contribution while lessening the demand on our medical system. Frameworks for social security, in reality, fries contend that this mechanism condenses melancholy into the final several years of existence. Contrary to popular opinion, many of us will have modest disabilities and live a significant portion of our remaining lives in decent health.

Literacy Rate

According to the Australian Institute of Family Affairs, information on the frequency and causes of economic strain among older Australians is not easily accessible. Ages 65 and older made up 1 in 7 (15%) of the population in very distant places, similar to 1 in 7 (15%) in major cities. Of all the deaths in extremely distant places in 2019, two out of every three (67%) were of those under 75 years old, or untimely deaths.

Background of the Chosen Group

Societal structures such as the elderly population keep living longer than our present welfare and retirement systems were intended to support. Will senior citizens find alternative means of subsistence or will our healthcare facilities and health services become overworked and inefficient? It is unclear if the population's "aging" composition through 2040 will result in a rise in the number of medical bed days needed

What are the Consequences of These Differences?

Overall, a population that is elderly will work to a lesser extent. It is anticipated that declining overall participation rates would result from the elderly population.

Health of the Elderly Population in Australia  Health of Australia's Elderly Population

Source: Australia's health landscape, 30 August 2019

In addition to the loss of revenue that mostly impacts working-age individuals, the disease itself causes direct costs such as separate medical bills, transit and caretaker costs, and other expenditures that exacerbate socioeconomic inequality. A current Australian longitudinal study discovered that decreased contentment and worse mental wellness of aged Australians with impairments were mostly caused by less favorable living situations. Data on fundamental inequality are seldom found in research, and in Australia, inequality is frequently reported about area-based indicators of poverty as opposed to the person categories.

How do They Impact the Human Well-Being of your Chosen Group?

These factors may help to explain particular behaviors, health variables, and overall well-being. Older people who are well-adjusted are ethically superior for a society who in turn, can assume their position in society if a sizable part of subsequent generations are raised in poverty and hardship, which typically results in lower-quality encounters in life, health, and learning. The industrialized world in addition to other methods for more effectively integrating, managing, and coordinating health services and treatment across the framework.

The Socio-Economic Differences Being Experienced by your Chosen Group

Economic Growth

a) Economic development is neither the lone nor even the primary driver of improvement in health and wellness. improved understanding, improved instruction, and institutional changes have also contributed significantly, despite the lack of steady development. In addition to much greater stress, cosmopolitan women reported substantially improved physical and overall wellness, a greater sense of self-esteem, happier moods, and more happiness with aging. Women/men from rural areas expressed far greater pleasure in their participation in leisure activities.

Proportion of the Population Aged Over 65

Source: Statista

b) The fact that elderly rural dwellers in both ethnic groups regarded their health as being in worse shape has significant consequences. Due to financial and resource limitations, the bulk of resources are focused in metropolitan regions, with rural communities having fewer resources and amenities accessible for health care. Lawmakers and suppliers of services should examine geographical, social, and cultural qualities as well as elements of the urban and rural surroundings when developing policies and programs for older adults.

Health of elderly rural

SOURCE: Allambie Heights Village

Promoting connection and well-being

Source: OPAL Institute

Australia's population Over 85 aged

Source: CEPAR 2022

Reduced Life Expectancy

Home Support Project for Commonwealth Members (CHSP) For senior citizens who require assistance to remain at home, the CHSP offers entry-level assistance. Providers of aged care services assist individuals in maintaining their independence in their own homes and neighborhoods. The sociodemographic composition of the analytical sample is largely reflective. In economic and social analyses, personal health data is frequently employed as a health position indicator of biological and psychological health.

Reduced Social Participation.

In this age group, people remain isolated and upset. Aged populations are particularly hard hit during economic downturns, due to poor health condition they are unable to participate. Gender imbalances in modern countries benefit males over women in terms of financial and social consequences.

Proportion of  Queensland's workforce aged 65+

Source: Australian study of Family welfare

Increased Burden on the Healthcare System

Maintaining the parks, gardens, roads, reservations in public transport, etc all are the prime ethical management for older people. Gender, lesson, age, and nationality consistently influence life opportunities, incentives, and resources in the nations of Australia, as they do in other nations. In general, persons who are privileged in terms of gender, class, age, and race are at an advantage when it comes to objective indicators of pleasure. But we also expect specific relationships between certain degrees of inequality and certain objective characteristics of well-being (Armour et al., 2019).

Short Term Impacts

Financial Hardship

How do the above demographical statistics compare to the Australian base trend/average? Consider things such as population, spatial distribution, life expectancy, literacy rates, key health outcomes, unemployment numbers, happiness, crime statistics, etc. Differences in human wellbeing experienced by the group compared to the Australian base trend. Certain trends, such as the nonlinear profile of wages with age identified in economic studies or older people's experiences, are suggested by research for specific satisfaction metrics.

Social Isolation

Australia uses the "Bridging the Gap" objectives for longevity, death reasons, education, and employment to track Indigenous disparities in objective welfare. There are disparities between older people and the rest of the young or mid-age Australian citizens. It defines all measures, including quality of life, job opportunities, literacy, and arithmetic.

Physical Health

Australia may exhibit comparable within-country trends in either subjective or objective welfare to other nations if the same findings apply to other aspects of actual well-being. After that, a member of the sampled home was questioned about the entire family as a whole. For three years, the people who answered the individual inquiry were monitored. Respondents were advised that they may easily leave the experiment at any time and that filling out and sending the survey to us will be considered as their agreement with the conduct of this study.


The outcomes were good, demonstrating elevated degree of fit coefficient values for both measurements. For help with recruiting, the immigrant resource station and senior citizen society were contacted. To ensure that participants' socioeconomic backgrounds were balanced, recruiting was also done in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs, a wealthy region where 22% of people work as professionals. In addition to reporting considerably greater levels of anxiety, the older urban inhabitants also reported substantially improved emotional and overall health, greater confidence, happier moods, and more happiness with living.


Armour, M., Lawson, K., Wood, A., Smith, C. A., & Abbott, J. (2019). The cost of illness and economic burden of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain in Australia: a national online survey. PloS one14(10), e0223316.

Armour, M., Lawson, K., Wood, A., Smith, C. A., & Abbott, J. (2019). The cost of illness and economic burden of endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain in Australia: a national online survey. PloS one14(10), e0223316.

Fisher, J. R., Tran, T. D., Hammarberg, K., Sastry, J., Nguyen, H., Rowe, H., ... & Kirkman, M. (2020). The mental health of people in Australia in the first month of COVID?19 restrictions: a national survey. Medical Journal of Australia213(10), 458-464.

Kickbusch, I., Piselli, D., Agrawal, A., Balicer, R., Banner, O., Adelhardt, M., ... & Wong, B. L. H. (2021). The Lancet and Financial Times Commission on governing health futures 2030: growing up in a digital world. The Lancet398(10312), 1727-1776.

Romanello, M., Di Napoli, C., Drummond, P., Green, C., Kennard, H., Lampard, P., ... & Costello, A. (2022). The 2022 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: health at the mercy of fossil fuels. The Lancet400(10363), 1619-1654.

Wolf, K. L., Lam, S. T., McKeen, J. K., Richardson, G. R., Van Den Bosch, M., & Bardekjian, A. C. (2020). Urban trees and human health: A scoping review. International journal of environmental research and public health17(12), 4371.

News article (https://cepar.edu.au/news-events/news/new-projections-australia-ageing-population)

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Allambie Heights Village. March 2023. “Protecting the elderly is a priority for the most vulnerable”


OPAL Institue. July 2021. “Breakthrough New Projects”.


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