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Systems Analysis And Design

Table of Contents


System Analysis.

Requirement Gathering..

System Design..

Customer Management Process.

Shipment Management.

Payment Gateways for the Portal.

Shipment Tracking..

Report Formation..

Chosen Methodologies.


Introduction to Centralized Payment Eco-System Analysis

Many organizations belongs to different industries have been relying on innovative technology methods such as automation, big data and artificial intelligence to enable a better service quality, better work environments and an enhanced customer experience and loyalty. Industry 4.0 has facilitated the widespread implementation of smart systems and internet enabled devices in various processes carried out in organizations for better work flows and data sharing and management. The mail delivery system in a similar way has also been influenced by this industrial revolution and adapted the use of websites, mobile application and other methods to upgrade their working methodologies such as transportation, mail sorting, resource planning, etc (Bruggeman and Thieriot n.d.). This report aims at the system design analysis of a courier company named Expert Courier Company which has been recently established. The report aims at understanding the various requirements for the company in order to set up a fully automated system which can facilitate various functions such as customer login, delivery scheduling, payment options and report generation for the company.

System Analysis

The recent trends in computerization have led to rapid and uninterrupted transmission and receiving of data and information handling systems have been an essential component for business operations. The use of these information systems supports the implementation of basic processes at a logistics company. Hence, before system design procedures, the important requirements of an automated courier company should be found. The various processes that can be carried out at an automated courier company include:

  1. Customer management tasks including login option for existing customers and adding and deleting customers.
  2. Shipment management operation including delivery agent allocation, optimizing the delivery routes and sorting the shipments on the basis of location.
  3. Automated payment gateways.
  4. Shipment tracking options for the customers and the company.
  5. Report formation for the online portal to analyse crucial data such as shipments received and delivered, customer data, employee data and other statistics.

Requirement Gathering

The requirement gathering technique used in this report is a mind map which helps understand the various tasks and procedures carried out by each element in the system.

  • The blue colour box represents the name of the company.
  • The orange colour boxes represent the main processes undertaken by the company courier management system.
  • The grey boxes represent the major tasks under the customer login section.
  • The green boxes represent the major tasks under employee login section.

System Design

  • Customer Management Process:

There are many procedures to establish a login system for an online business website and client database tools which can be used to create customer database. Various tools which can be used to setup client database includes Keap CRM, Streak CRM and Salesforce. The login system for the company website can be established using one-time passwords with advanced protocols such as the SHA256 password generating method (Permana, Hardijanto and Baihaqi 2020). Another way to implement a login system for the website can be using a prepared statement technique which can help setup a secure and effective login system providing protection against SQL injection attacks (Castillo et al. 2019).

  • Shipment Management:

Shipment management systems include wide ranges of operations. In case of an online courier service company, it becomes important for the portal to sort the shipment on the basis of delivery location, look for available delivery agents and register and cancel new and older shipment bookings (Tan et al. 2020). One of the easiest ways to sort shipments on the basis of location is to group them on the basis of a location related keywords such as cities, pin codes, etc. Automated systems make use of various other algorithms such as path planning and barcode identification, such that when incorporated with a robotic arm and autonomous guided vehicles, the automated system can autonomously identify and sort these shipments without manned intervention (Tan et al. 2020). The scheduling and management of delivery agents can be carried out using various route management software such as route4me, elogii, samsara and autosist.

  • Payment Gateways for the Portal:

A payment gateway is used to verify the customer’s information and establish a transaction for the courier management system. Some of the most commonly used payment services are PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. (Hossain et al. 2020). Payment gateways provide monetary information to its customers with the help of third parties to payment gateways directly.

  • Shipment Tracking:

Shipment tracking systems can be deployed to help the company and the customers to track their shipment in real time (Hasan et al. 2019). This not only helps in providing security but also helps in managing shipment delivery deadlines. Shipment tracking systems can be established using IoT systems in which the shipment can be tagged with IoT sensors such as RFID tags. Another approach to establish shipment tracking can be through blockchains. This technology provides a scalable and immediate solution for transportation and logistics solutions (Hasan et al 2019).

  • Report Formation

Website analytics can help the company visualize the website traffic and courier management system generated data which can further help the company in making better business decisions (Jintana, Sopadang and Ramingwong, 2020).. The recency, frequency and monetary concepts can be used to understand customer behaviour such as pervious bookings, total bookings etc. Clustering techniques such as K-means can be used to group the customers in different patterns. Classification techniques can help predict potential business matches between the shippers and the consignees (Jintana et al. 2020).

Chosen Methodologies

The first step to setup an automated system for Expert Courier Company is to set up a database with all client, employee and organization related data. Salesforce CRM has been an efficient and effective tool to setup organizational databases and this tool provides various services through objects. Standard objects of this tool include account handling, contact information of employees, lead management and campaigns and report formations for visualizing the data generated by the website (Manohar and Chouhan 2017). Clients and employees can login into the system using a One Time Password which can be received on the registered phone numbers in the database. The password can be secured using protocols such as SHA256 which is a Hash function and can help in generating fixed length irreversible functions with collision and preimage resistances (Elganzoury, Abdelhafez and Hegazy 2018). Since the company is not ready to make use of robots and machines which can physically sort the shipments on the basis of location and priority, a software-based solution can be used to sort the shipment in clusters by grouping the shipments with RFID tags having the same delivery location. Since sorting techniques alongside the truck scheduling and shipment receiving procedures can be considered as NP hard problems, the solution can be optimised using algorithms such as genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization (Molavi, Shahmardan and Sakadieh 2018). Shipment routing and delivery agent systems can play a crucial role in the success of the business as they control the time taken to deliver shipments and allot delivery agents to different shipments. A simple and effective way to form routes for shipments and handle delivery agents can be through using the Route4me application which takes in inputs such as customer lists, number of delivery agents, etc and optimises to formulate the shortest and fastest route and also provides features such as auto-invoicing, etc (Route4me n.d.). Payment gateways provide a base for customers to carry out online transactions. An efficient way to conduct an online payment can be through generating secret key elements for every entity involved in the transaction. Such as the clients, merchants, payment gateway, user bank and the merchant bank can generate secret keys with the gateways. At the time of payment, the client can send a request to the payment gateway followed by the gateway conducting verification steps and forwarding the petition to the customer’s bank. Once the quantity to be subtracted is received, the user bank can authenticate it and forward it to the transaction gateway and acknowledge the deduction gateway after which it can send the authenticated data to the payment gateway. The payment gateway can calculate the required result and also forward the same to the bank. The gateway can simultaneously forward the data to the server. The user can initiate the payment using a short-term identity to customer without having to enter the bank details for the customer for every transaction (Hassan, Shukur and Hasan 2020). Shipment tracking processes can be carried out using IoT systems which can make use of RFID tags allocated to each shipment. The data of these tags can be read using RFID reader enabled microcontrollers and the data can be transmitted to the company and its customers in real time using a web-based GUI using MQTT protocol (Laxmi and Mishra 2018). Website analytics can be carried out using big data analytics. Big data analytics can help the company in analysing the total number of customers over different trends, website traffic, total bookings undertaken by the company, etc (Jin and Kim 2018).

References for Centralized Payment Eco-System Analysis

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