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System Analysis and Design




Database management system (Customer management operations)

For searching the customers from the database.

For inserting new customer into the database.

For updating the customer’s detail into database.

For deleting the customer’s detail into database.

System analysis for shipping management.

Functional requirements

Non-functional requirements.

Transaction processing.

Login management functions.

Creating a new user:.

Deleting a user:.

Report generation functionalities.



Introduction to Modelling System Requirements

All the businesses, organizations, corporations, and companies in the present time requires utilization of the internet and different websites to communicate with the customers, to broadcast the news, and any other message. As the number of computer systems and resources of the internet is growing at a very large number, the possibilities of the website becoming invaluable. A courier service provides door to doorstep delivery. Expert Courier Company is commonly known as ECC. It is a new courier service that wants to offer fast and reliable service and it wants to become the alternative of usual mail service. to accomplish the goals, ECC wants to develop an automated system that has an efficient and user-friendly interface with the help of an online booking system that helps the customers to access the system very easily from their mobile and their computer. The automated system helps the customers and they can access the system anytime anywhere.

The automated system is user-friendly; it allows the customer to login after filling the registration form. After logged in customers can book different services according to the requirement. The automated system can help the customers with all the details of the booked service, the delivery date, and the time of the booked service or product. It also calculates the cost of all the booked services and products. This paper describes all the methodologies regarding developing the automated system of EEC.


There are different methodologies that need to be implemented in the automates system of EEC. It is necessary to generate a customer management system, in this customer management system; the system should be capable enough to insert the new customers, to delete the customers who are not using the service, to update the customer’s information, and to search about the customers. This can be achieved with the help of a database management system. The information about the customers’ needs to store somewhere and all the information of all the customers stored in the database of the system. So, the first thing that the system should have a database management system (Vanov, 2016).

Database Management System (Customer Management Operations)

DBMS is the technology that helps in managing the data stored in the database. It helps in inserting the information about the customers, retrieving the information about the customers, updating the information about the customers, and deleting the information about the customers (Mueller, 2015). For instance, a person named Mac Allen changed his name Mac to Ellen then it is the database in which the database analyst updates the name and changes it from Mac to Ellen by using the statements in the database.

SQL is the programming language that helps the user can insert the values in the database, can update the inserted values in the database, can delete the data from the database and can search the data from the database. Here is some syntax that is used for insertion, deletion, updating, and modification (Tan, 2015).

For searching the customers from the database

Select [whatever want to search, it can be anything like name, email address or other information]

From [table name]

Where [condition, for example if the user wants to search the customer above age 30 then the user should write, age > 30]

For inserting new customer into the database

INSERT INTO table name (first name, last name, age, date of birth, email address and all other details that the user wants to enter).

For updating the customer’s detail into database

Update name of table SET name of column= new value where name of column= old value

For deleting the customer’s detail into database

DELETE from table [where condition];


DELETE FROM name of table

Where condition;

System Analysis for Shipping Management

System analysis is an important approach to implement and design the system. It helps in analyzing the suitability of the system to get the intended outcome. It is very helpful in solving problems with the help of information technology. It acts as an intermediate that helps in identifying the improvement areas, system design to implement these changes, and modifications, and offer training and encourage others to use the system. There are many types of fact identifying methods like an interview, review of documents, sampling, research, questionnaire, and surveys. It is the responsibility of the analyst that help in asking the questions from the prepared list of questions after completing the entire process of delivery (Mueller, 2015).

Functional requirements

  • The automated system should add the information together with the automatically produced registration number.
  • The automated systems show the information of the products and service on the computer or mobile when the customer is searching about the products or services.
  • The automated system should produce all kinds of receipts such as deliver date, delivery time and location, cost of the products and services.
  • The automated system should work 24 *7 so that customers can access it anytime and anywhere.
  • The automated system should generate the reports on the daily basis of the customers delivery, a list of new customers and list of all the delivered items

Non-functional requirements

The automated system should be 100 Per cent reliable.

System should be compatible of different language according to the requirements of the customers.

The automated system is compatible to transfer the data of the customers to the cloud or any other storage device if required

The automated system should divide the customer’s part and the one who operates the system without any conflict.

Transaction Processing

A transaction is a logical unit that works independently and executes for data updates and retrievals. In the relational database, all the transactions done should be atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable which are known as ACID properties of a transaction.

ACID properties are very helpful in carrying out the transaction in the database. The transactions can be completed in the database with the help of ROLLBACK or COMMIT SQL statements. These are as follows;

Atomicity: a transaction that occurred in the delivery service should be fully completed, committed which is known as save or entirely undone which is known as rolled back. A sale in the courier delivery service’ product can be done or not but both cannot happen at one time. Either the customer can purchase the service or product or no. both things cannot happen. 

Consistency: The process of the transaction should be completely compliant to the state of the database as it was before the transaction. In simple words, any transaction cannot break the database constraint. For instance, if the table of the database contains only the customer’s phone number which is an integer then attempting to write an alphabetical letter may not be entered or committed.

Isolation: the data of transactions should not be available to other transactions until the time actual transactions are rolled back or committed.

Durable: all the changes in transaction data will be held if the data of the transaction failed (Drew, 2015).

Login Management Functions

Creating a new user:

There are some steps that need to follow to create a new user on the automated system. It depends on the system that what kind of software, its user, the functions are different in every software. So here is the step by step guide to create a new user:

Step 1: To create a new user, it is necessary to click on the new user.

Step 2: after clicking on the new user, filling all the details is necessary.

Step 3: fill out all the required field such as first name, last name, password and other mandatory fields. The password should be set according to the given software.

Step 4: there are different roles present on the website, it depends on the user that what kind of role does the software administrator wants to provide to the user.

Step 5: these steps helps in creating the user and the user can go to the home page (Boateng, 2015)

Deleting a user:

Step 1: Select the user that wants to delete and then click the delete button.

Step 2: The dialogue box appears, it is necessary to click the OK button, the system deletes the user.

It depends on the administrator to delete the details of the user. The user can only delete the account but still the information of this user stored in the database. It is the administrator that deletes the information from the database of the automated system of ECC. This is also true for creating the user, it also depends on the administrator that if he/she wants to add the user then only the user can get the permission to create the account on the website.

Report Generation Functionalities

Report generation is the process in which the automated system generates a report automatically by using a tool. If the administrator of the automated system of ECC wants to generate the report than this person has to retrieve the data from the data sourcing, the data sourcing can be any like Database, XML, or a spreadsheet. It is the administrator who creates the definition of the database containing, what data to retrieve, what not to retrieve, wherefrom the data should be retrieved, and where to display the retrieved data.

  1. It helps in extracting the data from multiple data sourcing.
  2. ECC customers can view the reports on the computer or on the mobile.
  3. It is a full automatic and the report is generated as the given template.
  4. There are various kinds of software available to generate the report of customers about the delivery in ECC such as, crystal report, fine reports, and many more (Young & Jae, 2016).

Conclusions on Modelling System Requirements

The study described how an automated system can work in an expert courier company. There are some functions that need to take care of before developing an automated system of any business. The system should be user friendly so that all people can use it easily. The registration page of the automated system should be very easy to fill otherwise customers left the page in between the search for the other website that offers one or two information for getting the registration done. This study described the transaction processing of the ECC, the customer management operations, the shipping management operations, the login management functions, and the report generation functionalities.

References for Modelling System Requirements

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