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Introduction to Importance of Philosophy

The study aims to critically evaluate the importance of philosophy. Philosophy is considered as the foundation of critical thinking. Philosophy aims to think carefully and clearly about the important issues with concise answers. Philosophy helps to sharpen analytical abilities and enabling to identify the strength and weakness in any position. This study critically evaluates the essay which was published by G.K Chesterton (Stoia, 2018). The first section of this essay will be emphasized on the findings of the author and the second part of the essays devoted by arguing against the author.

The Revival of Philosophy

The author stated that the best reason for the revival of philosophy is that if a man has a philosophy then certain horrible things will happen to him. Then for that reasons a person will virtually think, nurture competence, a process in development and give himself to performances, not upon the words. Authors also stated that a person who refuses to have their philosophy then it will lead to having no advantage of a litter being and the things that remain will be its own occurrence. According to the author, a man should have his own philosophy in order to live his or her life with full of adventure and full of accomplishment dreams etc. A man without philosophy is like a tree without food which has no way of living and he or she will always depend on others in order to achieve something in order to gain something (Lenzi, 2016). If a person has his own philosophy then you will directly work upon the philosophy not just depends on the word and phrases. New ideas and theories are based on the philosophy in fact in the research work every work choose the research philosophy and then proceed further. In the modern world, no every person has his or her philosophy and this philosophy will lead them to accomplish the undefined goals and their dreams.

The author also highlight advantages of elementary philosophic habit which aids the individual to understand a statement like whether there can or cannot be expectations to a process That depends on the nature of that process disadvantage of not having the elementary philosophic habit is that an individual will shot in uncomplainingly even from the most modest axiom and then state it as a metaphysical bridge. The author also highlights the difference between philosophy and philosopher as there is a huge difference between this and a person who understand the differences between these two phases then he or she will accomplish the define goals. The author also says that if a person believes in philosophy then they should stand on that statement (AlJaser, 2017). For the sake of philosophy, people can make any statement rather than conducting deep research and study about the particular sentence they are saying. Many peoples just state the sentences as per the news that they have read in newspapers magazines etc without conducting proper research and considered them as a philosopher but this is not the way to address any philosophical thing in front of any individual.

A person needs to conduct proper research and study before setting any statement and it is very important for a philosopher because he directly or indirectly represents something which has a deep impact on others. In the present era of modernization, there are different forms of research and different authors conduct it for different theories on that. But GK Chesterton presented philosophy most differently and concisely. He also stated that men always acquire one of two things desirable to ample and contrast attitude or to unconscious acceptance of the broken bits of some incomplete and shattered and often discredited philosophy.

Arguing Statement

Philosophy is the study that enables an individual to thinks carefully and clearly about the different issues. Different theories are created that argues with the statement given by the author GK Chesterton. According to some authors, the philosophy focuses on the ability to construct a clear at forceful arguments of dissimilar topics to endorses an individual to work and thinks differently and creatively about the problems which do not present immediate solutions. There are different types of philosophy address different sectors in education, business etc. In terms of education, behind every school every teacher at different philosophy of education that influences the students to understand the real-world problem and the purpose of schooling and the roles of a teacher (Kuukkanen, 2017). Philosophy needs to be addressed perfect solution to the problem that exists in the real world.

The philosophy of education can be stated as the academic field of applied philosophy that promotes a specific type of vision of education. For example, the motto of education, the benefits of education, the impact of education on students are the philosophers that every teacher and every individual have as per their perception. In terms of business, research is a widely different topic and it is the key feature that aids the organisation to think beyond the limits and create a different product and services that is important for existing problems. Every individual needs to focus on the solutions that need maybe finds by different philosophers and then make modernization in that research. Philosophy has a different meaning in the business world, however, the soft kinds like philosophy is not relevant especially in case of business world Frankfurt School of finance and management professor of philosophy demonstrated that successful leader is one who always accepts the challenges and develops its thinking as per the trends and the up-gradation in the technology (Dorrestijn, 2017). If a person wants to think in a better than philosophy needs to be addressed in order to implement those changes.

In the present era of modernization, philosophy helps the leaders to think innovative and accomplish all the goals of the organisation. In the business world as well as in the research field all the things are based on the philosophies. The scientist also used the research process in order to research the most relevant and justiciable way. The philosophies used by the researcher are positivism interpretivism etc. Every individual needs to focus on the changes that need to be addressed and in order to address those issues philosophy plays a crucial role (Stumpf, Becker & Baumgärtner, 2016). As per the professor of the university, it is important to think innovative in order to resolve the existing word problems. So philosophy plays a cardinal role in order to eradicate all the issues that are present. The business world leaders need to think innovative and that will need to fulfil the needs and demand of the customers. For example, the well-known leaders that are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have their own philosophy and that makes them different from others. These leaders focus on the elevation and differentiating themselves from others. Steve Jobs not only changed the way of living for each individual but you also introduce the mobile phone which is the need of every individual in the world. Bill Gates not only delivers solutions to present problems but also launch different products that aids to help any individual in the world.

The philosophy that is introduced by the professor and the other authors is quite different and due to modernization and evolution of different philosophy, the perception of both authors are different. Philosophy helps to understand the real-world problems and encourages thinking creatively that helps to eradicate all the present problems. In this globalisation, philosophy is a really important part for every individual to think differently and to deal with real-world problems. Philosophy is highly different in the corporate world as well as in the education philosopher. It needs to understand the difference between these two philosophies that integral part of education and in the corporate world (Radhakrishnan & Muirhead, 2018). Lots of people need to understand the motive of the research and then gather the information that useful for the research work. Research and development philosophy plays a cardinal rule as it is important in conducting research and philosophy is the initial step to conduct the research. Therefore G.K Chesterton and Christine Tiefense explain the importance of philosophy differently.

Conclusion on Importance of Philosophy

It is concluded from the study that a man should have his own philosophy in order to live his or her life with full of adventure and full of accomplishment dreams etc. A man without philosophy is like a tree without food which has no way of living and he or she will always depend on others in order to achieve something in order to gain something. G.K Chesterton and Christine Tiefense explain the importance of philosophy in a different way.

References for Importance of Philosophy

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