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Marketing Fundamentals

Table of Contents


Design Project context

Product categories.

Current Brand perception.


Contemporary marketing issue.

Revised Marketing mix.


Reference list

Introduction to Victoria’s Secret Marketing Plan

The report highlights the case of Victoria's Secret where the company is focusing on expanding business from the United States after ethical issues in the region. The report focuses on two countries, Australian and American buyer experience as the company has used a marketing channel, and new Ad objective and business matrix. The report provides recommendations for choosing a strategy based on its key strength and the external environment governing in the above countries. The major focus will be on the primary product line on intimate wear.

Design Project Context

Victoria's Secret is an American clothing, lingerie, and beauty brand started in the year 1977 by Roy and Gaye Raymond (Victoria’ secret, 2020). The brand is famous for its product catalog and an annual fashion show with the focus on women's lingerie wear. It has net revenue of $6800 with 7% comparable sale (L brand, 2020). Under the CEO, Wexner, the company is split into three major categories - Victoria’ Secret Lingerie, Victoria’ Secret Beauty, and Pink

Product Categories

Victoria’s Secret makes a glamorous product line with customer choice from beauty products, fragrance, and sleepwear. The product line PINK focuses on college students. The bath and bodywork section focuses on providing shower gel, lotions, and other body care accessories.

Current Brand Perception

The brand has built its design as Angels and strong and focus on sensuality, love. The product line with PINK has introduced femininity. The brand image has placed women with glamour with style design. The brand has sparked controversy with projecting women in overtly sexy appearance and offensive remarks on the inclusion of transgender questioning brand inclusion and diversity practice (CNN, 2020). The comments on the transgender community as fantasy remarks had been criticized by the public all over the world. The brand has focused on women's image as a desirable object rather than comfort wear. The brand has been attributed to sales on the design, its current market sentiment is not positive


The sale of women intimate and personal care products is a highly competitive business with various individual and chain stores as direct competition. The process, assortment, and marketing are key factors that impact retail and online sales. The market is competitive Aerie and third love position products on sustainability, positivity, and AI to compete with comfort wear as the focus.

Aerie- The brand has seen consecutive 10 season’s positive growth with a focus in women underwear clothing and no retouch image (Aerie, 2020)

Third love- Third love as a lingerie brand has shaped the garment manufacturing with the development of AI-Based online shopping experience (Third love, 2020).

Adore me is a New York-based brand that sells lingerie, swimwear, and other products (Adore me, 2020). The brand has products in petite to plus size as an offering. The brand utilizes customer experience and first-party data to improve business decisions and was first in this product category.

Nordstrom- Nordstrom is one of the leading fashion retailer offering clothing and accessories for women men and kids. Nordstrom has a strong presence in the US and Canada with over 117 stores. The brand has a strong image in clothing design and aesthetics (Nordstrom, 2020)

Marketing offering

Target customers- The key target customers are women aged 18- 30 years that are attracted to brand on style and fashionable designs (Ray, 2016). The target audience belongs to a medium-high group who spent money on shopping as brand value to seek prestige and attention to their looks. The current trend has evolved in the shopping experience towards natural looks and body imperfections. Victoria's Secret has not fully embraced.

Contemporary Marketing Issue

The contemporary marketing issue is ethics. Victoria's Secret has been witnessed criticism for their discriminatory conduct towards the transgender community. The Victoria's Secret Fashion did do not advocate for diversity, the fashion shows had no non-inclusion the transgender model. The brand has not featured model and shows the old fashion perspective on marketing. ED Razak's remark as describing the show as entertainment and fantasy and gender bias in the ethical marketing of products. The firm has not hired a transgender model and has shown non-conclusiveness with the cover model by cover and retouching images (CNN, 2020). The ethical report by Baptist World Aid Report released a D rating for the brand. Victoria's secret does not use eco-friendly material and has not set greenhouse emissions measure (BWA, 2019). The Victoria secret focuses on women with slim bodies and using the Photoshop model in the perfect body has image retouching has been widely criticized (CNN, 2020). The need to address ethics in marketing and brand conduct will intact brand reputation and will create transparency and customer trust (Chernev, 2018). The business growth of the company has shown a negative trend and Victoria Secret sales have declined with intense per competition and company practice

Brand positioning statement - For empowering women of the modern world. Victoria’s Secret is the brand that provides style comfort and with its intimate wear. We believe in be in truly being as self-phenomenal with unmatched style and body care.

The brand will target segment aged 18 to 34 years with the price range from medium to high and natural product with a focus on diversity with a plus-size range.

Revised Marketing Mix

The lingerie brand dominated the market through a proactive campaign but it gradually dropped as it focused on visual representation and scantily dressed model to focus on a product sale.

The new marketing strategy will focus on body positivity. The product will use tagline design for you, it will focus on celebrating all body types and feature models with real ad series showing acceptance in the way they are born.

The message will be displayed through personalized email and offering subscription service where shoppers on being regular membership can get intimate wear at a lower price. The brand can use its store sales and distribution fleet to advantage by click and collect facilities at the store with the Omni channel (Business Insider, 2019). This will include consultation service and how to do and look book tutorials as opposed to product catalog for adding consumer awareness and increase user experience on the website

Product – Victoria’s Secret will focus on comfortable styling as opposed to overtly sexy bras and thongs. The real image and focus on body positivity will create product appeal to mass users (CNN, 2020). The brand can launch plus-size as a new collection for lingerie, sleep, and sports collection. This will not dilute the brand image and would act as a new collection to meet plus size demographics

Pricing- The pricing is the major revenue drive to add margin in the company business. The current pricing range is from low to high. The company should position its product in different categories with new brand Victoria’s Secret True blue the brand can keep the product at mid-price range segment to attract women of plus size.

Promotion- Company can focus on empowering women and truly you to show women embrace the beauty and promote the real self through the message on billboards. The brand is active on media handle with icons on clothing deals and model can show body positivity message

The use of the right fit quiz in the call to action button will promote product sales and customer engagement. The auto signup for artificial intelligence will give deeper insights into shopping behavior for the personalized shopping experience.

The brand use catalog advertisement to draw attention to the products. Advertisement through diversity using fresh face with a plus-size model, transgender women in the product catalog will show diversity in company operation.

Influential marketing to promote the product through new appeal than incorporating the angel theme will increase acceptance. For a Twitter brand with use, the poll can catch the sentiment

Instagram-The product launch and new arrivals through the story will add to building a customer base.

Content strategy- The brand can focus on the real image as “design for you”, behind these to capture the real narrative of the journey. Place- Lingerie products are on a different spectrum of purchase with low to high involvement (Forbes, 2018). The brand design offers a luxury design that is generally seen in instore experience. The fit to body guide will promote impulse purchase and more shipping indulgence through the online market. Improving the in-store experience through runaway show clothes by the brand’s product.

Figure- New Website design indicative suggestion

Packaging- The product can improve its clothing line through the use of the organic cotton range to keep the process clean and responsible.

Sustainability practice- The use of reusing and recycling in using a tagline. The company has been named in PETA‘s list of companies that do test on animals. Providing product details on the product tag of the suitable cotton product tag and recycled substance used in the designing process depicts reliability measures (Chernev, 2018). Developing website penetration on sustainable product details and use of the fabric to incurs in transparency named #Victoria’sSecretconscious

Conclusion on Victoria’s Secret Marketing Plan

Victoria's Secret request brand image change in the current market. It can move to a representative of diversity by embracing plus size women and transgender women through truly yours and a new brand for Victoria’s Blue will help brand optimize product range for customer retention and growth. The packing and product design label will appeal to customers and incurs the brand sustainability index.

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