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Marketing Principles

Table of Content



Plastic Whale Background

Target market profile and positioning statement

Marketing Mix//Promotional Mix


Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC)



Introduction to Marketing Principles

This assessment was originally designed to take us through marketing (in detail) and the steps that are taken in the process of marketing. In the previous report we did on the company Plastic Whale, we distinguished a target market that we would like to focus on which we think would be most beneficial and most suited to Plastic Whale. This target market being the passionate environmentalist, aged 18-35. The table used in the previous report will be added below for reference.

Segmentation of Marketing Principles


Passionate Environmentalists




University/Tertiary education


Male & Female (mostly female but)






$20k-$50k per year


(See notes)




Socially aware, Community active


(See notes)

Benefit sought


Attitude towards product



(See notes)


Lives in Greater Sydney region



The reason why we have chosen this consumer profile is because being an environmentalist, this product markets directly to the consumer’s intrinsic values and psychographics as it captures many aspects of what is important to this individual. Although there are studies suggesting that there is no significant correlation between age and environmental attitudes/behaviour. The reason for choosing this age group above, is that these younger individuals hold different and more concerned environmental issues.

They can mold generations to generations and be concerned about the damage they do to environment. These acts or activities will raise awareness. They will not consider environmental changes that lead to global warming “hoax”. The environmental sustainability type of psychology will be formed. The meta-analysis would be that this generation will fill in the gap of the plastic pollution and waste that kills innocent ocean creatures. Typical stereotypes exist where the age-differences are seen negatively in the environmental critics’ environment – Greta Thunberg a young Swedish activist is gaining recognition for her works such as crisis that is arising primarily due to the climatic changes.

Plastic Whale Background – although established in 2011, Marius Smit – Plastic Whale’s founder was determined to promote a concerned (lightbulb momental) idea towards the ocean life where they could collate the plastic waste that is polluting the Amsterdam, Netherlands canals. The recycling helps in the manufacturing of the boat. This social enterprise idea was promoted when he visited Borneo. They hit a major storm, Marius could see plastic floating on the beach.

Target market profile and positioning statement – as the name implies, they have a straightforward mission of formulating a blissful plastic-free oceanic life. A multi-pronged [set of] methodologies is used to obtain a greater and deeper insight of making water free of plastic, while aiming the provision of PET plastic that could be converted to a viable material.

This idea has formed what Plastic Whale is today – they revolutionised the transportation, preservation, and packing conventional planning in the food chain industry. Traditionally plastic was deployed because of its lower weight, cost, higher durability and strength, but in the modern century, these benefits are regarded as a higher global threat to ocean life or a plastic waste. It is depicted in a report that if the negligence continues, there will be almost around 12 million metric plastic tons in the landfills by 2050 (National Geographic, 2017).

This is basically their position statement where they inform their users at a broader demography that the Plastic Whale provides during the Harbour tours, where the education of plastic dangers come along. As the table depicts, the post-segmentation result has identified the consumer base to be based on three tiers – psychographic, geographic and demographic. The Geographic proportion is PLACE one of the ingredient for marketing mix.

Location is very crucial for the segmentation. Plastic Whale needs to be aware that these location variables – gender, age, purchasing power of the target users. The basis of these young age demography was to illustrate the development of these young ecowarriors for the marine life protection (Sati & Harper, 2018). The purchasing power of the target users/consumers are important where they have the tendency to donate for the noble cause of plastic pollution deterrence too.

Notes – Behavioural factors implies to the readiness and loyalty stage. The behaviours of the consumers are important because they have to be continuously aware with the whopping plastic updates, which makes it interesting for the Plastic Whale to discuss the implications with an informed base. A strong base makes a strong business with good corporate governance, CSR, ethical stance and goodwill. Those who are witnessing climatic changes in Sydney Harbour better understand the brand they are dealing with, rising the chances of business loyalty.

The psychological factors such as lifestyle and personality helps with the interactivity with the base enlightening fishing events and occurrences such as seminar. These psychographic factors impact the interaction levels. Plastic Whale: turning plastic into hope. This is their economic value and a psychological trace they create on their purchasers and advocates. It has three pillars to it:

“We Collect”

“We Create”

“We Educate”

Marketing Mix// Promotional Mix

It is important to comprehend marketing mix before promotional mix. Marketing mix are tools of marketing and 4P’s – such as product, price, place, and promotion. As we have understood that Plastic Whale should be positioned as touring hub for its base to Sydney Harbour where they could educate them and promote green lifestyle (therefore, supporting local community). The marketing objectives are creative, entrepreneurial in nature, with a positive behaviour to inspire.

The PR or public relation is an excellent tool here. Let’s begin with Product- the lightbulb innovation will have imprinted mark and global footprint on Aussie as a whole. Place, it covers Sydney Harbour which could be used for boating and fishing events. Promotion – The integrated marketing communication campaign and PR strategy will do wonder and boost goodwill.

The product and the respective brand knowledge is incumbent for the optimal performance of this strategy. The brand should be communicated to the buyers with the notion of awareness and linking the ideology (positioning) to the emotions of the users. The analytical measures should be tracked by conducting surveys or questionnaires with customers who have a stronger believe in going green and demonstrate the specific anticipated knowledge or intellectual levels.

An email outreach campaign can deliver the survey to many as it strengthens the public relation strategy of the Plastic Whale. When it comes to the sales strategy, the sales promotional mix (is quantifiable, yet short term in nature) can encourage the purchase to be made. These can include sample testing, sweepstakes, sponsorship, coupons, affiliate marketing etc.

Plastic Whale can organise an event where they can introduce sweep staking with exciting games in an exchange to win them something in return, this is better than a discount. They can win fishing equipment, product, and as a sweepstake they can drop their name and email – the target is younger generation, a bingo, short questionnaire about environmental sustainability can do wonder. The events should be relaxing and fun in nature with a prospect to learn and make learn. This, eventually, will attract the users or our targeted niche.

Involvement – these events call for attention and involvement. This will embrace target stakeholders and shareholders. The theme is to make you Marius right away. This will be a point of contact with sponsors, partners and those who are looking to loop in some new ideology.

Personal selling – the cause for this promotion is to promote social and green marketing, As the name implies the first one is for social good while the latter is for environmental friendliness. Plastic Whale can offer business cards at end of the event, newsletter reflecting their sustainable commitment since 2011, CSR and corporate governance stance. The biodegradable, recycles, and the avoidance of PV plastic should be evidently shown.

Plastic Whale can opt for organic product merchandise (t-shirts and bags). The point is to convey message personally, that is by means of Plastic Whale Business Ethics Mag, a local publishing at an environmental news network or a compiled newspaper, for critics greenwashing could be the latest stance that can be omitted by producing videos and embedding it on the website. This will attract new employees, investors, derail critics, as well as circumvent the issues relates to regulations and environment (or eco-friendly environment).

IMC campaign – It is important to know what potential and current niche thinks about Plastic Whale and the relevance should be measured periodically. The social media awareness is the modern weapon of IMC campaign. Plastic Whale should harness the power of hashtags. These are the portal to targeted niche.

Plastic Whale can publish Google AdWords campaign and publish articles related to environmental footprint and whopping off plastic in the ocean life. The potential target market should be aware of the business around them. It should be debriefed as eco-marketing, green marketing, environmental marketing or whatever suits best. The idea should be imprinted; the principles of sustainable development concept is the baseline.

The communication implication should be systematic and the dialogue should be passed on multiple levels or via multiple channels. The content can go viral and this could raise awareness. The content or posts should be colourful, cheerful, where it hits the cognitive process that awakes the green consumer’s behaviour. The ads shown can be a powerful subject. This can hit the right emotions where the ad should effectively relate to something concrete, for instance, the dying whales due to plastic, the plastic in the ocean at the current levels, display forecasts and predictions by notable organisations.

There should be a chart showing downward trends of plastic and raise awareness that stimulates the action. Content analysis could be done via Carlson, Grove, and Kangun (1931-33) list:

  • Produce –oriented claims,
  • Claims oriented on process,
  • Aiming to process and enhance brand image
  • Environmental facts should be presented
  • Combination

A strong leading campaign slogan will leave a faithful and loyal impression where the product should be formed as part of life or at least leisure activity. The examples could be:

  • Save planet, save money! (Environmental Protection Authority)
  • Put more money in your pocket and less waste in your bin. (P&G)
  • Doing well by doing good (Patagonia).

Threshold should be:

  • “If you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem” - Sydney J. Harris
  • “The ecological crisis is a crisis of morality and a true contempt towards the man” - Pope John Paul II.

A word-of-mouth will work too. His could be considered as a secondary communication channel. The prefix should be positive. The marketing communication should be smart and be within the reins of economic entity – i.e. Plastic Whale. The hyper-trend of social media such as Quora, back-linking, no-follow and do-follow links, proper hashtags, exposure to newer markets, affiliate marketing backed by significant scientific evidence can win numerous clients in one stroke. This would mean that Plastic Whale abide by voluntary as well as mandatory legal bindings related to environment. This increases the trust level of the consumers.

Conclusion on Marketing Principles

Saving ocean life is saving lives of innocents. Plastic Whale is doing a great job awaking the users of the potential hazard of environmental deficit activities. Sea turtles are more prone to indigestion of plastic.

A higher level of compliance is needed in the future course of action when it comes to the compliance bodies likes OSPAR. Since Plastic Whale has been operating on the noble cause, it would be great to communicate this with their underlying base.

The aforementioned tools will increase the level of plastic awareness in the eyes of public. This will promote the level of test and serving the social cause. At end of the day, the aim is to reduce plastic debris from canals, oceans, while educating the society to join the social cause. The target is to not let the prediction happen “the sea would have more plastic than fish in 2050”.

References for Marketing Principles

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