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The Impact of Exposure to Addictive Drugs in Future Generations




Problem 1.


Problem 2.


Problem 3.




Introduction to Drug Addiction 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, (2018) has defined addiction as incurable and chronic unrest that has its consequent effects on the mental and psychological capability and functioning of the individual. Drug addiction, often interchangeably termed as substance use disorder (SUD), develops as a habitual activity leading to numerous cardiac, psychological, and physical haphazard.

However, the concept of drug addiction does not only involve the acquisition of illegal drugs but also involves certain prescribed, medicated drugs such as painkillers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, etc. that can be operative of the same issues and challenges.

The study is purposed at analyzing the concept and problems that occur as a result of drug addiction and their way of resolution.

Problem 1

There has been a list of problems associated with drug abuse in distinct ways. One of the major problems of drug addiction is the surge of psychological disorders among drug consumers. It accounts for issues of certain short and long-term effects like cardiac diseases, organ damage, change in appetite, hypertension, etc.


According to the reports of NIDA (2020), the redressal of the problematic gap arising in form of physical defects in a drug addict can be assessed routinely by the physicians and doctors. For the fruitful resolution of the health problems out of the drug abuse, the utilization of self-regulation activities and tools like nicotine pills, drug control exercises, etc. is vital.

Problem 2

One of the biggest challenge or problem evolving from the increased use of drug substances by an individual is the problem for psychiatric and psychological disturbance and disorders in the human. This involves issues like changing sleep patterns, hallucinations, anxiety, depression, and many such mental illnesses.


As stated in the reports of Everitt, (2016), the resolution of such problems depends upon the duration of the drug consumption of the addict. A long-term treatment or resolution would be less effective as compared to the short-term psychological therapies, self-exposure and development theories, and practices, workshop sessions, etc. with the use of technologies like brain-imaging.

Problem 3

The problem of drug addiction has emerged from the range of individual perspectives to social with the time. The mounting use of drug and its addiction have not only threatened the present generation but also a problem for the future generations due to the rapid growth of drug abuse in the society (Szalavitz, 2018).


The advanced and higher use of drug substances in the society has created a threat for upcoming generations and also in the minds of their parents. The resolution of these problems has become a challenge for the parents and present generations to understand their parental influence and maintain positive relationships (NIDA, 2020) to break the chain for the sake of development of future generations.

Evaluation of Drug Addiction 

It has been proved in the study by Vassoler, (2015) that two factors: genetics and environment, have been integrative in the contribution of drug abuse. Also, adolescence has been considered as the initiative age for such, which gets an eventual upsurge in adulthood (Schulte, 2017).

Hence, for the sake of productive management of the drug addiction, five measures as variables have been propounded by Johnson et al., (2007) that assists the removal of sort of drug abuse to a great level.

  • Community readiness
  • Application of rules and regulations on drug use (WHO, 2019).
  • Anti-drug norms and policies
  • Social pressures
  • Cultural identity and attitudes

Conclusion on Drug Addiction 

To withstand the problem of increased drug addiction, the need for an integrative model of drug prevention at the individual, societal, and global levels has become a need. Additionally, depending on the age demographics of the abusers, the community-focused measures of prevention can prove to be resourceful in training the prospects and educating about the consequences of the drug addiction to the present as well as future scenario and generations at all levels viz. individual, group, societal, and global.

Reference for Drug Addiction 

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