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Registered Nurse Standards for Practice

A.1. It was my first rotation being a new graduate nurse, where I responded to a patients’ call. I entered the room and noticed that one of the patients was facing difficulty in breathing and on the other hand, another patient suffering from confusion was trying climbing out of bed. According to NMBA standards, the practice of a registered-nurse is human-centric and evidence-based along with prevention, cure, developmental, auxiliary, therapeutic ,and palliative care constituents. As a registered nurse, I work in restorative as well as professional terms with patients, patients’ families, and I’m liable and responsible to NMBA. To handle such a situation, which has occurred in the room, I’ll think continuously to analyze the background of thought development and perpetuation of effective relationships. According to NMBA (2016), the seven standards of registered nurses are: Thinking in a critical manner and analyze the nursing practice, Commits with restorative as well as professional terms, Asserts the ability for practice, Broadly organizes the assessments, Forms a program associated with nursing practice, Gives secure, suitable and conscious quality care in nursing practice, Judge consequences to instruct practice.

The above standards are interconnected and are applicable for all registered nurses cross-wise all fields of practice.

In this situation, first I’ll seek help from another nurse from the staff immediately in order to stop the confused patients who’s climbing out from the bed and I’ll move to the patient who’re facing difficulty in breathing. A nurse practitioner must seek for another nurse’s help in case of any such emergency where two patients are suffering at the same time period. Also, the supervisor or nursing staff members should help the nurse or treat the patient, when they see a patient is suffering and need treatment immediately, the nursing staff should prioritize the situation in order to keep the patient safe, even when they are not assigned to treat that patient because of team-work results inappropriate quality care.

According to the American School of Nursing and Medical Careers (2016), nursing practitioner faces stress during the work in a healthcare setting to provide quality care to their patients. So, some techniques or approaches should be applied to overcome such stress in the healthcare environment because of the increased level of stress could affect their nursing practice and quality care. I, as a nurse practitioner, will apply some tips to get relief from stress like attempt to be coordinated, request for recommendations, practice to communicate properly, be positive, at the time of stress learn to breathe deeply, taking self-care during and after work, talk it out.

A.2. According to the International Council of Nursing (2017), every nursing practitioner has the privilege to practice in a safe as well as healthy surroundings without the chances of harm or bad health which is the result of their practice. Professional health and security include expecting, identifying, examining ,and managing risks developing inside or from the work unit which could deteriorate the health and wellness of the nursing staff. The groundwork for environmental and professional nursing practice is research-based. According to International Council of Nursing (2017), identifying the ethical framework for professional health and security of patients, this practice deduces the outcomes of its theoretical, hypothetical and descriptive groundwork from an interdisciplinary base involving, but not restricted up-to: Nursing and clinical science, Health sciences of the public like epidemiology and surrounding well-being, Professional health science like toxicology, ergonomics, security ,and industrial hygiene, Behavioural and economical sciences.

According to OSHA (n.d.), the common duty provision of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act demands employers to give employees a safe working system that does not consist of any identified risks which can lead or are likely to lead to critical injury or even death.

In case I’ve to deal with an unsafe situation, I’d handle that situation by the framework developed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses(AACN) which promotes moral courage. According to Queens University of Charlotte (2020), the framework involves asking, affirming, assessing, and acting. This provides a plan for nursing practitioners to evaluate culturally and kindly, a fearlessness-testing condition and involves: Ask: This level allows to take a short moment from the situation, move a step-backward and discern what mainly is leading tension, Affirm: It resolves and help can be expedited by talking with other nursing practitioners who develops a back hold system or guide, Assess: It includes making the note of pros and cons of activity and what can be done to develop a resolution, Act: Making this step is the hardest one as many will be hesitant because of the acting fear. But, this is key for an individual to have a resolution and make a step forward.

A.3. The career plan is a major set of aspirations of a person’s career which includes a plan of action used to recognize steps in concern with the targets. According to me, nursing occupational or professional growth plays a complex role in assuring a patients’ quality care and treatment, career gratification ,and a solid route for upcoming leaders. By committing to the nursing practice involving 3 crucial and complex constituents, the organization in which the nurse is working will lead to the charge to form a committed, accomplished and provoked nursing working staff, ready to accept on the asserts of a forever-altering healthcare structure or design (RELIAS, 2018). Also, there are several ways, that a nurse can emerge amidst the area of nursing and forming a decisive career plan which is the only goal of a registered nurse. According to Chron (2018), it may involve the continuation of education, streaming in a particular area ,or attempting for a lead character as a nursing head or nurse in-charge. Finding a trusted guide in your organization or discussing with the planning of career etc. can be better modes to form a briefed career plan.

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