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Lifespan Approach to Health and Wellness for Nursing

Table of Contents


Health Promotion and Illness Prevention.

Facilitating the intervention.


Reference List

Introduction to Mary and Leu’s Hospital Stay

The approach to health promotion and disease prevention is one of several possible strategies to address what has become increasingly a challenge of today's times. Health promotion helps people take care of their health and ultimately makes attempts to change their health. The purpose of health promotion initiatives is to engage and encourage people and societies to adopt healthier behaviors and make improvements that reduce the risk of chronic disease and other morbidities. It's all focused on ensuring health equality (Peckham et al., 2017). In this essay, Mary and her son's case concerning health promotion and preventive measures have been discussed along with the nurse role in advocacy for the family in the situation.

Health Promotion and Illness Prevention

Promoting health and preventing disease programs can empower individuals to make better choices and decrease their risk of illness and impairment. The similarities between the two are that they both will reduce health disparities at the population level, improve the quality of life, and increase the availability of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The objective of health promotion is to eliminate inequalities in the current state of health and to ensure equality of opportunity and resources that support all persons to accomplish their ultimate potential. Prevention of disease differs from the promotion of health since it focuses on practical measures to minimize the prevalence and mortality of chronic diseases while the health promotion gives a holistic care approach to individual life (Lor, 2018).

 In the case study, Mary is struggling in taking care of his son Leu. She is exhausted in the big city and has to frequently visit various government offices. She has no housing and financial support, and is in a lot of stress and worried about her son. The bio-psychosocial model plays a big role in assessing a person's health status and behavior. It also plays an important role in evaluating the complex social systems affecting health that further helps determine the patients' health decisions (Bolton & Gillett, 2019). Comprehending this health model helps nurses prepare appropriate treatments for their clients, based on the concept of providing the person with comprehensive and full treatment. It stresses the interactive impact of the environment and the individual’s vulnerability-psychological factors that influence health.

Facilitating the Intervention

Nurses provide patients with the resources they need to handle, and eventually improve their wellbeing, through health promotion practices. The workplace environment of a nurse makes it much easier to leverage an adequate clinical encounter and use that as an opportunity to educate. A more oriented nursing field known as public health is centered mainly on delivering health education and preventive care to large, at-risk communities (Darch et al., 2017). In the given case study the nurse can help Mary in giving references to the community services where she can get help regarding her economic status. The nurse can also help her engage with various community groups where she can empower herself by getting employed. The employment in the current state can help her to avail best health facility for her son as well as solve her problems related to housing. A public health nurse job can get involved in working together and collaborating with communities and groups to overcome health barriers. While the public healthcare nurse also is recognized with substantial health gains for disadvantaged communities, all nurses should be mindful of the vital role that the health education and prevention care play in their patient's welfare (Kelly et al., 2017). Health promotion, however, is all about providing access to services needed to promote healthy behavior which includes employment, housing physical and mental wellbeing. On a far higher level, the nurses can also promote social improvements for Mary to minimize the scarcity of resources that could inhibit health promotion. Some of the major obstacles nurses can face with Mary are language, culture, religious beliefs, behavioral disabilities, and physical problems when it comes to delivering preventive care (Whitehead, 2018). Nonetheless, a community worker can help in addressing patient education with diverse approaches that take into consideration differences in culture that will help overcome the obstacles. Recognition and adjusting patient safety is important not only for nurses but also for all health care providers.

Conclusion on Mary and Leu’s Hospital Stay

This approach to health underlines the value of living and individual conduct in improving personal overall health and in preserving both physical and mental health and functioning. It also acknowledges that the degree to which health care interventions and behavioral changes or channeling can be important in encouraging health and disease prevention depends partly on the current state of health and the stage in the life cycle in which specific interventions are implemented. Both principles reinforce the need for people and family units to take individual responsibility for the health and take the initiative in handling their health care.

Reference List for Mary and Leu’s Hospital Stay

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