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Dynamics of Practice

Table of Contents


Common Wealth Home Support Programme.

The relevance of the chosen 4 services.

The Rationale for the Priority of the Services.

Rationale of information sheet design.


Introduction to Mrs. Mabel Winter Hemiarthroplasty Surgery Case Study

Mrs. Mabel Winter being 90-year-old lives at Elizabeth Vale in South Australia is spending her life all alone as her husband deceased 30 years before. Mrs. Winter’s daughters (2) are supportive and live at a nearby place with a weekly visit in turns. They found that their mother was fearful of the hospital’s or old age facilities went adamant on the point of staying back all alone in her husband’s property with her two cats. In recent times it was found that she lost interest in socializing hence did not came out of her house much. She even stopped intermingling with her friends refraining to engage in any social activity. In terms of medical records it was found that, her high HbA1C which was increasing at a consistent rate. She ought not to be active due to her recent obligation in the form of her hemiarthroplasty surgery.

Common Wealth Home Support Programme

By means of supporting Mrs. Winter to enhance her life’s quality the Common wealth Home support programme service providers manages supporting her of independent living. They focus on preferences that are responsible for the strength build up. They will tailor the support process uniquely by paring up with Mrs. Winter needs (CHSP, 2020). 

The Relevance of The Chosen 4 Services

Service 1: Personal Care Needs

The Personal Care Program associated with the Commonwealth Home Support Programme will be instrumental in helping Mrs. Marbel White with self-care services and hygiene. This helps in her self-maintenance her in taking care of herself as professionals will be there to assist her to do things in the best possible way. This program concentrates on issues resolving and in a professional manner figure the best solution. She must not worry this motto can bring psychological as well as physically relief enhancing her old age life’s quality (Myagedcare, 2020).

Service 2: Meals and other food services

This will help Mrs. Winter to meet her dietary requirements with optimal care. Professional will ensure healthy ways of serving food best suiting her that old age requirements. Instilling healthy dietary habits for her will relief her from making her own food with ample rest. This will in turn impact her old age based breathing difficulties positively thus, ensuring her living better (Australian Government, 2020).

Service 3: Specialized support (Equipments) for support and assistance

This specialized programme is for those elderly who have particular health complications. She has suffered of colles fracture in the year 2014, humerus fracture in 2016, with Orthostatic hypotension LSCS X 2 and Diabetic (Type 2). She was having mellitus (HbA1C 2 months ago = 9.8), along with Osteoarthritis as well as Osteoporosis. Continuous monitoring of her health conditions are needed to be taken appropriately way to avoid emergency conditions. The specialized support programme will ensure and aid her with all the necessary equipments to improve life’s quality with significance (Grove, 2016).

Service 4: Home support assistance in social support-

Mrs. Winter before her surgery was interested in personally visiting her friends and enjoyed sports participation. After which she was acting the opposite by becoming a bit unsocial and opted to stay socially disconnected and went on to live all alone. The tendency of being apart would be reduced using CHSP’s social support programmes based on the events those are set according to her desires and skills. They will increase her life’s quality staying socially engaged (Grove, 2016).

Identifying Services that links to the Identified Needs

Mrs. Winter’s patient history describes facing a major decline in her health with things going controllable around her and finds it hard to manage her daily activities. However, she is feeling lack of confidence while doing or managing things. She feels depressed as she has been facing a breathing shortage and is feeling drizzling with a tendency of falling. In context to this study it was found that CHSP program helps Mrs. Winter to fulfill her daily needs. It further mentions that nurses will be instrumental in assisting her to avoid hospital stay. The identified services being, Personal care and meal planning along with Nursing and specialized treatments plan will prove to be beneficial for her health and ensure quick recovery (Grove, 2016).

The Rationale for The Priority of The Services

Mrs. White has recently been discharged from the hospital where she was treated for a fractured right hip or (# R) NOF. Given her experience of dizziness and lack of socializing it is recommended for her to take rest as well as relief. Personal care services are of top priority to provide her with regular comfort, relief and with a feel good feeling of being positive. In the direction of leading a healthy life she needs to be monitored, hence these services will be instrumental in providing her with the necessary support. This will encourage her to carry out her regular life activities that even include the diets. For her daughters, it is not possible to cater and take care of their mother's health regularly hence this reason will require having meal services for her assistance. These services fill in the gap between health care and the provider effectively. With the application and implementation of the care services, she will start recovering faster with increased medication response. With these services showing their respective results, she will gradually reduce physical complication's occurrences probability (Jeon & Kendig, 2017). 

She is recommended to opt for Commonwealth Home Support Programme services meant for the aged people.

Service 1: Personal Care Needs

As observed from the case study that Mrs. Winter was unable to do things she liked to do before her hospitalization. These include gardening playing games with friends and socializing and many more due to her dizziness and weakness. She suffers from dizziness due to her health complexities. It is due to these factors that she is unable to regain her strength and lost interest in her daily life supporting works. As she has just undergone surgery hence it is considered to be normal and with her growing age, she feels more retiring and exhausted. Therefore Mrs. Winter will be needing supportive care instrumental in helping her with self/personal care services like showering, hygiene maintaining, and provide her relief. These services will intervene during her everyday tasks to enhance her old age life's quality (Australian Government, 2020). 

Service 2: Meals support

Her daughter’s being unable to take care of her regularly and visit weekly. No cook who can support her in making her meals ensuring her hygienic and health condition. Therefore she needed to avail of meal support so that she can have a fast recovery. With aid by her side, she can now spend more time taking rest and actively participate in the social programs. This attempt of improving her quality of life will fill the void of inability to take care of her. On-time delivery and availability of options are the main criteria of the meal services (Australian Government, 2020). 

Service 3: Specialised support

Mrs. White has suffered from NOF. She has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, has Colles fracture, humerus fracture, Orthostatic hypotension, LSCS X 2, Osteoarthritis, and Osteoporosis. A mechanism that monitors Mrs. Winter's health closely by preventing complex illness ensuring specialized health support program to take complete care of hers. Treatments in the direction of treating her chronic diseases like diabetes and prevent strokes or sudden fibrillation. This will lead to a better life quality for her ensuring the best health care condition for her. This will make sure of the fact that she needs continuous complications treatment with the prevention of any chances to reoccur with specialized imperative support for her (Australian Government, 2020).

This concludes that all these services will be instrumental in her way of recovering fast from her surgery. They will also reduce the chances of any sort of readmission in the hospital. It will also ensure complete peace of mind as it will implement the intervention techniques through experts. She needs to stay home and take rest which will be availed by the implementation of this program in her life (While, 2017).

Service 4: Home support assistance in social support-

It is observed that Mrs. Winter lead an active life and enjoyed her life by playing cards with her community friends and was also interested in gardening. With her ongoing health complications like surgery she has lost her inner strength and interest to socialize. It is due to this reason that she is in need of a home support assistance to look after her. They or their service will be instrumental in helping her carry out her daily jobs of physical and home stay requirements (While, 2017). Not only this these services beside guiding her will also go along helping her to go through the recommended medications for her quick and effective healing. They will also ensure her medicines are to be taken without any major or minor mistake like skipping a dose. Apart from that she will have someone who can make and answer her mails including phone calls. Some of the external work like visiting the medicine shop to collect medicines along with grocery shops visits can be taken care of. A person will be assisting her all the time with ultimate care for her need and wants apart from enjoying the benefit of free full time monitoring of her healthcare aspects. This way she can enjoy her home stay and can avoid hospitalization by recovering in an intended manner. In case of a medical emergency she can easily be helped in the way of making informed decisions and relaying the message of emergency situation to her nearer and dearer ones at the earliest. Therefore, home support assistance caters her daily needs effectively (Australian Government, 2020). 

Rationale of Information Sheet Design

The information sheet was created in the direction of giving a clear message in regards to the provided services. Mrs. Winter needs to use the care services. The writing is done by using prominent fonts in the context of reading easily. The colors used in context to the design are purple, as well as black. The contextual layout contains factual images with messages helping Mrs. Winter to understand the information concerning the benefits associated with these programs. With the inclusion of various text boxes, the services as applied to Mrs. Winter were segregated as well as described (DesignShack, 2020). 

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