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A Presentation on the Selection of AHRI to Choose a Career

Overview of the Organization

The Australian Human Resource Institute was formed in 1943 as an association of welfare and personal officers. It’s a national association of around 20,000 people from across the globe which is a strong reason of my choosing this institute as the start of my career, as this institute with its vast membership and design structure can help me with best exposure towards various careers and opportunities and will give me a real time experience of my expertise and various career opportunities.

AHRI is known to set professional standard in Australia through certification process, providing education and training in people management and business skill, it also organize world class conferences, seminars and networking opportunities across Australia. It gives companies a strong and valid reason to hire an AHRI member which multiplies my chances of being hired by an organization of my choice in future.

Organizational Design Theory

Allow me to explain the organization design of the AHMI and assessment with the organization design theory.

BOD- The organizational structure of AHMI consists of a board of directors who governs AHRI and has the overall responsibility of governance of the company.

CSP- Council of state presidents consists of the National president and the eight elected state presidents who represent the combined voice of all the professional members.

State councils- It comprise elected professional members from all the eight states to represent the AHRI members and they can advice the Hair board through the council of state Presidents of the developments of profession and members within the state.

Financial Audit and Risk management committee- In accordance with the constitution, the directors allocate powers to the committee which is exercised by the directors. It advices board on risk, control, governance and insurance.

Management Team- Led by the CEO, responsible of the operational management of the AHRI events, education and training.

Advisory panels- It consists of the academicians and industry experts who support the AHRI work and give advice on various avenues.

Organizational design is a step by step and a dynamic process which identifies the non functional factors of the work flow, processes, structures, systems and re-adjusts them to fit according to the present goals and realities of the organization.

By design, I am talking about the amalgamation of the people with the business processes, systems and technology. A well designed organization will serve the purposes and smooth running of the organization; have the ability to adjust to the changes and adaptations.

Comparison of Organization Theory with Organization of AHRI

The organization theory which is comparable with the organizational structure of AHRI is Divisional structure which is made up of semi-autonomous, separate divisions, each division has its own span of control and responsibility and goals to accomplish. The head of the division is completely responsible for his division.

AHRI has separate divisions and teams like councils, committees, management teams which are semi autonomous and are to some extent independent of each other regarding the responsibilities and the work and are controlled by the BOD.

Each of the division’s head of AHRI is responsible for his team’ work and any communication with the upper management and the BOD like the state councils, the management team led by CEO, the financial and risk management committee.

Employment and Career Opportunities with AHRI

AHRI consists of diversity of jobs and is involved in developing the members with education, training from all the sectors. It provides professional development, services, sales, business development, communications, government relations, research, administration, web development, event management and various corporate services.

AHRI claims a great culture with modern facilities, flexible working and it also provides a chance to involve in social activities.

Why Would AHRI Hire Me?

I can be good at relations with peers- There were situations when I have discovered that I am good at relations with peers and can resolve their differences.

On boarding- I will take lesser resources and time to adjust to the social and performance criteria of the organization as I have always been easily adjusted to the new situations.

Listening skills, Emotional Intelligence- I can at least say I am a good listener with empathy. I am emotionally intelligent and can guide people’s thinking in a goal oriented way.

Team work and Collaboration- I have been involved in various projects in which I have efficiently learned team work and collaboration.

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