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Leading Lean Projects 

Table of Contents


Lean Project Management

The Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Critical Customer Requirement

Critical to Quality.

Critical to Progress.

Project Background.

Waste reduction in Benfield Unit

Effect of lean on Overall project

Tools and Technique of PMBOK..

Implementation of Teamwork.

The Project Ground Rules.

Meeting Management

Communication Management

Human Resource Management

Supplier Management

Project Deserve to Win the Award.


Introduction to Lean Principles in Project Management

A strange form of release and leakage of Benfield Solution (Hot Potassium Carbonate) along with large amount of syngas from level bridle of CO2 absorber in the Ammonia plant resulted in wide spread subsequent fire and plant shutdown in the respective case study. In this particular situation, fire spread was completely controlled in the Benfield Unit. There were no higher form of damage and serious injuries. Immediate action was taken by plant authorities during the incident. Under this, Restorative form of work including material procurement, demolition, fabrication, insulation and NDE took completely seven days. The study gives more emphasis on the incident caused in Benfield unit along with evaluating some major concepts of project promoted effectiveness of the team to overcome the particular issue.

Lean Project Management

Lean project management has a lot of common features as lean concepts, which assist to be elaborated as lean construction, lean industrialization including lean process thinking towards the project management system (Ersöz, Pekcan & Tokdemir, 2019). It is used in the project development because the lean management system always ready to provide the precise questionnaire of what is required when it is essential and the exacted amount of lean management as required is firstly crucial to be eradicated with the process of the resource management system, fundamental equipment, labors' potency including the space utilization also being predictable in this project management system method.

Five main lean principles management which can be explained to be formed a proper project: 

Defining value, it helps to get the proper value that can be identified as the first enrolled principle of lean project management which develops to enrich the project as the implementation of higher value and make a worthy project as per client requirement (Raymond, 2017).

In the second point, lean management technology has identified as map the value system. This helps to notify the needs of the activities included with the objectives and the values (Almeida, 2017). It is used to drive out unnecessary or non-valuable processes as steps to the “produce productive service.” It draws an impact on the system by using quantitative and qualitative techniques.

After eliminating all the unnecessary information and wastage from the valued system management in every step as creating a lean flow progress management (Valderama et al., 2019). To ensure several steps though to control the managing system of any project runs easily without any disruption and also reconstructs the producing step with levelled out all the workload and implementing the diagonal-functional departmental process with training workforce to be more multi-skilled and adaptive to be delivered.

Establishing a cart is the further stage, which is mostly considered one of the major waste management production methodologies that can actively clarify the projects' activity (Nyman, 2018). It ensures either the resources are present to quickly encapsulate the project and included the limited supply and supervising the work which is to be processed.

After elaborating on the first four points, in the fifth branch to pursue perfection as it is essential the concurred the idea of a lean management system.

The Voice of the Customer (VOC)

The most important feature in project management is to listen and always completely understand the requirement of the customers or the clients before aligning any management process in progress (Jünge et al., 2019). Regarding the understanding of the requirement of the system or the respective management regarding their likes, dislikes, preference, and priorities.

So, as per the case study is asked for because of gas leakage that specific company is ready to shut down the total business but all the employees together face the situation and ready to include some changes to draw a fine line towards the success. Without knowing the exact-fact voice of the customer is crucially important to form a public strength. 

Critical Customer Requirement

Regarding the recruitment of the customer or the market demand as measurable standards to update the performance for a product to be serviced are also very crucial for development in project management. In the case study, the critical equipment is very much essential to form a concrete development of the particular gas plant to avoid a further explosion is very much needed to full the VOC as per to manage all the resources belongs to the customer requirement. With an acknowledgment of the higher authority, it is crucial to be formed.

Critical to Quality

It is completely related to maintaining the quality of the ingredients to avoid the further explosion of the gas plant. If a business is about to reach the number of customers sometimes quality can be compromised which causes this kind of accident this can be harmful to more workers also (Dabestani et al., 2017). So before reaching a vast market and maintaining a large number of target customers maintaining quality also is very much essential to represent a proper image for a lifetime in the market. A proper management era to be followed is also required.

Critical to Progress

As all the resources to be considered in a limitation and also communication will be continuous at all the levels. The biggest part of the management is mainly focused on the success of the project before delivering any methodology to grow. In this process regarding all the preplanning and pre-scheduling is important. The project needed to be slotted out in various parts. To be more progressive budgeting with proper time management is needed to specify. It is included with the resource management system and also profit of the project is collaborated by the higher authority and the developing project to establish the gas plant again.

Project Background

The respective project analyses and evaluates some core initiatives adopted by the management and the employees associated with the project in the area of overcoming the issues related to Benfield Unit. As per the case study, clear understanding regarding the system of waste reduction and application of several manufacturing such as PMBOK tools are studied and applied to the paper. The major segment of the research is based on the actions adopted by the team management and human resource management of Benfield unit in the area of overcoming the consequences caused.

Waste reduction in Benfield Unit

As per the case study, with related to the Benfield issue caused the first and foremost wastes based on lean can be the defect. Under this in order to control the respective issue the major action adopted by the employees and the management of the unit was by identifying the major defects of Benfield unit which was repeatedly happening. In the case study compared to several functional aspects associated with the scope management process it is clearly mentioned that the core objective of the project were to solve the issue from where it got started. 

To control any further defect the objective of the management were to resolve and bring the operation of the plant on line within short point of time. The core initiative adopted by the higher authorities were to remove damage caused in the shell sections for which they created a communication link among the Sastech processing engineers and CBI. In this in order to make it work effectively as per the plan, no strong form of fundamental changes to baseline plan was made under the project life cycle of Benfield Unit. Apart from this, the duration of the project was reduced and was completed in advance of the schedule.

Effect of lean on Overall project

As per the respective case study the leakage happened in Benfield unit was considered to be the core major part of issues though there were no high amount of damage caused. Comparing the major two segments of waste management which includes waiting and non utilisation of proper talents in Benfield case, it reflects under two major components of time management and quality management. In the case it is stated that, the respective wastes of lean were applied and used in a systematic manner which resulted in successful operation of the plant.

Quality management was considered to be the major part of project. As it is a clear example that all employees working under the project was well aware about the Sasol terms and procedures and well experienced in their area of work. So it can be stated that proper utilisation of talents have been made to make the project successful. On the other hand, task which were required to be completed were assigned to the respective teams on the basis of their experience along with a particular time frame of complete the work. Hence, waste management process had a positive effect compared to Benfield case.

Tools and Technique of PMBOK

As per the case study, some of the major systematic tools and techniques of PMBOK applied under Benfield case is associated with the process of quality management and Time management. Under the quality management process related to Benfield unit, the most effective technique were associated with the system of using experienced and talented employees to the work process. In this the beneficial part were that the employees had the previous experience operating with Sasol Quality system and were strongly aware about the procedure and terms related to the respective work unit. 

Under this initiative made by the management there was strong form of team management within the internal environment of the organization. The employees were able to maintain strong coordination with QC personnel and the artisans. The assigned task was performed at the required point of time without any form of discrepancies. Compared to the time management function, task which were identified at the time of development of WBS were assigned to the respective team with developed time frame. Employees issue and problems were solves immediately, here was proper and systematic usage of labour and other resources which made the operation more strong and effective in Benfield unit.

Implementation of Teamwork

The Project Ground Rules

As per the case study it is stated that the first and foremost initiative adopted by the management was to bring adequate solution to the issues associated with the workforce. This was made for the part of increasing and developing strong form of motivation among the employees. The second major segment of project rules associated with Benfield unit involved terms and conditions related to conducted meetings. Under this the employees and the officials attending the meeting were selected carefully in order to avoid conflicts within the internal environment between the team members.

Within the team, separate members were appointed for the part of giving and receiving the feedbacks. This respective process basically helped in the area of reducing risk related to misleading or confusing information being propagated at the management ladder. On the other hand, the management of the organization was successful in the area of meeting the basic amenities and requirement of the employees. They were given proper accommodation and transportation facilities along with extra pay for extra hourly works which developed them to remain more goal oriented.

Meeting Management

As per the respective case study, it is understandable that the meeting attendees associated with the respective plant project were selected carefully in order to prevent conflicts within the team members. A strong form of hierarchical gap between team was set up to overcome the respective issue. On the other hand, the core beneficial segment was that a separate member within the team was appointed for the part of giving and receiving the feedbacks. This helped in developing and maintaining better form of team management and coordination among the members. 

Communication Management

As mentioned in the case study, it is clearly demonstrated that the communication channel associated with the project faced some major form of issue in the beginning. As an example it is mentioned about the activity of quality inspector where during the first consignment the no presence of inspector affected the goods inflow and outflow. Later, necessary action was made against the respective issue in order to ensure the same problem may not happen further.

The positive segment associated with the communication management system of the project was that the project team generally spent 14 hours per day on site. The strong area was, they had enough time to have communication with the workforce and gather more information related to the performed task. As this went on happening continuously along with better form of familiarity the flow of information also increased proportionally, confirming the maxim that simplest form of solutions is considered to be the best on all bases. Lastly, with reference to the communication management process it can be stated that, communication management is considered to be the major element of project success. Without understanding the expectation of stakeholders can strongly create a negative impact on project operation and management.

Human Resource Management

Compared to the above mentioned statement related to the system of project ground rules, meeting and communication management it is understandable that Benfield project had strong form of human resource management. They were successful in the area of meeting and managing all forms of immediate and long term needs of the employees. Employees were provided with better accommodation and transportation facilities. On the other hand lunch packs were provided to employees’ every day in the site along with this better consideration was given to their overtime work hours. The policy set up by the human resource management in the area of looking after the people and letting the people look after their job really worked in the project management operation of Benfield unit.

Supplier Management

The successful operation associated with supplier management function in Benfield project management was that, Instead of adding more departments one single worker was appointed to look after and handle the complete purchase orders. This helped the management in the area of receiving instant feedback at required point of time. On the other hand, to prevent any form of risk in the current and future operation the buyers were asked to maintain a handwritten diary to record events. The approach made with suppliers was to go in insistently to ensure that no advantage was taken in vulnerable situations.

Project Deserve to Win the Award

Despite not following the PM method then also this project has won the International Project of the year award from PMI which is the world's largest PM professional organization. After this massive gas explosion, all the employees gathered together and take a unitary decision to recollect the image of the company. Previously the techniques were not modern and reveled appropriately. In following the project, few factors which needed to be established after the main focus on the reducing project and all the reduction policy is needed to be estimated.

This upper mentioned project is as deserving as the project effect to be maintained by all the sustainable activities and also the lean objectives have been made to give a fruitful impact on the development. The positive spirit has been created to dedicate the project team and follow all the terminology to lead up the project to overall many successes and the goal of achievement.

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