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Social Media Strategy

Racial marginalization relates to the process of making other people or group secondary positions (Centre of American Progress, 2017) The implication of racial marginalization has been long and has been seen across the globe. Racial marginalization is prevalent across America gripping discrimination and unequal distribution of wealth. This essay highlights the racial marginalization campaign against the black community through increasing awareness for equality towards the African-American community in income gap and education access. The social media campaign has the power to mobilize support and highlight the campaign to fight racial marginalization and inequality (Kim, 2016). The historical origins of inequality are prevalent after slavery and racist laws and practice that have spread across impacting the black American.

The social marketing campaign aims to change the behavior of people through increasing sensitivity towards people with color as similar and not inferior to any respect. The NSMC benchmark criteria were designed to support core social marketing concepts and evaluation of key principles for understanding marketing principles (NSMC, 2020). The campaign will be called Building for tomorrow. This campaign aims to build knowledge and foster community strength about the non-inclusion of African –American in higher education and addressing income disparity. This message is designed for inclusion of the African American community in the rental agreement and economic disparity and discrimination in a senior position to disempower the African- American community in the wage pay gap. The campaign for this audience for all American nationals in the city of Minneapolis. The city considered most liberal has struggled with multiculturalism in the recent past. The income gap among black families and white has been huge with black families own homes at a lower rate than their white counterparts. The city of Minneapolis has witnessed racial policing, legal discrimination, and long history of wage pay gap and relocation. The bias on power dynamics create stereotypes on legal discrimination and discourse to living under a small neighborhood (Center for American Progress, 2019). As education attainment was diminished with migration and key movement across relocation in the early 1950s (The conversation, 2016). Mobilizing through equality in preliminary education facilities will put the foundation for stability towards reducing the income gap with the online campaign through virtual groups to embody support by support action for local support through registering short videos as timeline posts will be effective to reach the local community.

Research insights have shown that racisms are present from more than 50 years at sporting events at the national and local levels. The campaign will be run on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter through video content featuring snippets of glory that is brought by the African-American people and their power movement that is required for the nation to become one source for future strength and equality by the program building for better tomorrow. The hashtag #buildingforbettertommorow will be used to ensure keywords are used for retweets and mentions. The overall strategy is to be capture consumer sentiment towards understanding sensitivity and openness towards one another. The city of Minneapolis has been vocal on protest and has seen a subdued attitude towards the black community with major black Americans shifted to their neighborhood with the fellow community. The social media handle will add message threads on community awareness on the wage gap and inclusion sports community for the community to foster growth and state legislators to take relevant actions. The poll option on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to financially support the community and educate others on the quality parameter and right process to follow in communication. The behavior change on white liberal’s action and use the power of violence against the African American community. African – American has been subjected to be termed as poor affecting White attitude them as perceived fit with low wage service role judged based on color. The Anti- Black stereotypes for collective individual psyche with deep manifestation since the time of slavery. Tie-up with local brands to display social community message on #buildingforbettertommorow. The data from Minneapolis shows the household income and inequality as 44 percent as compared to the white household (The New York Times, 2020). The campaign on Facebook will be used for additional event options for the remaining top of the view in the browsing page, the vents will auto sync to remind followers to attend the meetings and collaborate on joining our speaker. The communication pattern for all media handle will have a call to action button to reach out and share content as an access point. The use of video campaigns and about button will have details for exploring and reach out with the link to donations, personal subscriptions for post notification to reach our audience. The frequent updates on the social media handle for content developed by admin will be extensively used on actions by government policy. The cascading impact of systematic racism on education drop out, poverty rate being all-time high as black Americans are locked in the neighborhood with poverty and income emergence drop.

The roots of disparity relating to the 20th century on the real estate transactions with ownership and access to white families (The Washington Post, 2020).The growing disparity will severely impact the education, economic prosperity if the city with income gap, and racial discrimination toward the black community. This campaign will focus on income disparity and inclusion in the community through open and transparent processes with links to external sites to educate the subdued community in Minneapolis. The engagement of households in the campaign to revolutionize change in the behavior and standard norm will be a due change for the city of Minneapolis. The social media campaign will hold virtual meetings and live video streaming with real-life survivors of racism in their experience and how what changes they wish to bring will add a knowledge base and voice to the black community. The media campaign will ensure assistance for educating and funds collaboration for the development of underprivileged African Americans living in the city. The funding for grassroots groups for eliminating interpersonal conflicts at the community service. The mobilization through story highlights and adding video links will add to developing key measures on marking the videos as highlights on #buildingforbettertommorow with engagement through developing arrangements and addressing the resource constraints and federal system and reluctance within the state to reduce disparities on the treatment of people on the basis of color. The target age group of the campaign will be community participants aged 20 to 50 years. The media campaign will support in house meetings with tie-up partner on every month to address the highlights, key initiatives planned, major event/achievement. This will help in addressing economic disparities. The primary intervention through to communicate key messages to the city residents through personal finance and crowdsourcing through an online fundraiser. The economic shift with community support for the African- American community has several media campaigns in support and solidarity. The rise in black American enrollment in higher education has been stagnant with an annual growth of 4% over the last 5 years shows the grim state of the city (The New York Times, 2020). We will actively support other campaigns that are run to support the community, the audience is specifically Minneapolis that do not have any direct campaign run on a social media platform. The focus of this campaign is to emphasize on root causes for marginalization due to income disparity and non-inclusion. The major area of concern is observed that corporate does not directly engage with the community. The campaign will direct the users towards education and using qualitative research on major factors that impact the current situation relating to government policy, corporate incentive, funding programs. The website link and emergency contact numbers will be updated on the social media handle for voluntary support by the community. The use of repost through building better tomorrow will provide a narrative to users to create their own stories and discourse around their journey. The method mix as per the NSMC framework is to facilitate partnership through the creation of connections with support body, key influencers in decision making. The external link to a website, key partners, and understanding the current scenario of the city of Minneapolis.

The campaign will act as a social program for highlighting the impact of marginalization and equality against the African – American community in the city Minneapolis to educate and strengthen the connection between the community for scaling developmental changes in income disparity and marginalization. This will act as an expansion of the knowledge base and informative base for expansion through building better tomorrow. The city has been shaped with a history of inequality, the social campaign will address the proposed development measures

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