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Local Health Education Intervention Analysis

Introduction to Sammy D Foundation Adelaide Analysis

Social issues among adolescents are very important to be considered for any nation in order to prevent this generation from risk taking behaviours which can affect their physical and mental wellbeing drastically and have devastating consequences in later life (Perry, Johnson, Popat, Morgan & Gill, 2018). Certain behaviours among adolescents such as substance-use, violence, adopting unhealthy lifestyle and bullying are burning issues for many developed countries that are impacting the young generation and leading them towards destruction (HHS.gov These issues are highly prevalent in the young generation of Australia as well. It has been reported that nearly 8.8% of young adults aged between 12-17 yre engaged in illicit use of drugs in the country (AJGP, 2018). Similarly, every 7 out of 10 children aged 12-13 have faced incidents of bullying as per the reports of AIHW in year 2016 (AIHW, 2020). Hence, appropriate interventions are required to be implemented in Australia for improving the attitude and behaviour of youth in order to create better future of the country. In the same direction, to curb such issues and preventing adolescents from bullying and brutality, Sammy D Foundation has provided some intervention to restraint the issues among adolescents The aim of this report is to shed some light on the strategies adopted by Sammy D Foundation to prevent adolescents from bullying and brutality which may have the big impact on their mental wellbeing.

Practical Process

Practical process is defined as the process of understanding, selecting, implementing, organising and managing any intervention to cater any issue in community or organisational settings. The in-depth analysis of practical process ensures successful implementation of any intervention and managing the different challenges in long run. Planning and resource implementation are two major parts of practical process. According to planning is defined as setting the short and long term goals to cater any issue and selecting the best suitable solution from all the available resources. On the other hand, implementing adequate interventions is an idea of persuading the basic conditions of promising approaches which are brought in practice according to the expectations and to fit local requirements (CTB, n.d.). Similarly, the Sammy D foundation has a robust practical process to cater the issues of bullying, violence and substance abuse. The organisation has clear goals and plans for the provision of mentoring and assistance to young generation who are contemplated to be on risk of inadequate social behaviours (Sammy D Foundation, 2019). 

The major plan of Sammy D is to provide educational services to the adolescents aging between 7-17 years and belongs to urban Adelaide through arranging greatly trained, disciplined and inspired exemplars that can motivate them for the adoption of adequate and healthy behaviours (Sammy D Foundation, 2019). The organisation has adopted SMART framework for setting the realistic goals for the young generation of Adelaide. Their main objective is to educate the young generation and for the same, they planned a program for propulsive awareness about bullying and prevention from violence by providing education over alcohol and drug abuse and decisive parental exemplary. In the previous eleven years, Sammy D Foundation have formed a collection of proof-based, committing and adequate, knowledgeable programs which aims on: (a) averting bullying & violence within schools, sport clubs & society, (b) providing education to young generation people, related to the damage accompanied by alcohol, drug abuse & substance-use, (c) providing education to young generation and also to their parents for telling them how they should organize safe and secure parties for their children and (d) providing education to their parents, instructing about behavioural effects and to become an exclusive exemplary (Sammy D Foundation, 2019).

According to (Georgiou and Stavrinides, 2013), involvement of the parents in developing adequate social behaviour and preventing the incidents of bullying or substance abuse among adolescents can help significantly because parents are the first point of learning for the developing children and they can identify the aggressive or changing behaviours of their children at a very early stage. In this situation the parents can help their children in understanding the difference between right or wrong and can help them to move on the right track (Georgiou & Stavrinides, 2013).

The robust planning of the organisation can be seen in their successful implementation of various plans over the years in different parts of the country. Sammy D Foundation has contributed more than 365 plans in year 2019 only in schools and sport clubs cross-wise South Australia, involving Adelaide, Urban areas, Adelaide hills, Riverland, York Peninsula, Fleurieu Peninsula, Mid-north and beyond these areas (Sammy D Foundation, 2019). (Sammy D Foundation, 2019). Moreover, in year 2019, Sammy D Foundation has viewed that the foundation has extent new peaks, along with more than twenty thousand Australians members firmly educated in the initial 6 months of the year, which was twice as their whole program of 2018

Hogue, Henderson, Becker and Knight (2018) stue et al., 2018 ). Also, there are three fundamental plans displayed to schools, sporting clubs & society cliques which include Sammy D Connect, displays mentoring & society engagement programs to give an exclusive affect in the existents of detriments and at-harm people (ACNC, 2020). The Sammy D Foundation activates and engage in administering resources, explore and approach to hold services that aspire to form the youth civilization within South Australia, the young generation people locating there achieves skills, exclusive attitude and exemplars to hold them, so that they can reach to the peak life potentiality (Sammy D Foundation, 2019).


Funding is very important aspect for nay project or running any organisation as it helps in maintaining the economic stability, risk management, financial flexibility, tackling with unseen circumstances, undertaking new projects and reaching to more and more consumers (João, 2017). The author postulated that it is very important for an organization to disclose about its funding and being transparent to operate ethically for human welfare. The Sammy D foundation disclosed some of its funding information in its annual report but its detail is still missing. A detail should be given by the organisation in order to keep attracting more and more funding organisations and raising more funds. 

It charged 450 dollars to instruct 100 young generation people and educating them with respect to keep them safe from bullying & brutality (Sammy D Foundation, 2019). It costs up-to two thousand dollars to hold weekly counselling for on-harm child or young individual for 6 months (Sammy D Foundation, 2015). Later, fund raising and granting started and the funding rose to 56% by year 2016.

Further, 2.9 million funding package, for up-to 3 years, was provided by the state government, in which the 3 contributors were confirmed to provide preventive alcohol and drug use knowledge. Collaborating with the Sammy D Foundation, increases the actual curriculum & provides schools, a variety of professional educational plans, by which to select relying on local obstacles. Also, the education minister, John Gardener added that, the package was an important investment to prevent the torrent of drugs in educational organization (South Australia Department for Education, 2019).

Also, authorized insurer, Ansvar has provided thirty thousand dollars to the foundation, to favour them providing thirty brutality prevention plans to an extent of junior sport clubs. This contribution is a portion of Ansvar’s two lakhs fifty thousand dollars civil Community Education Program which allows to ten not-for-profits organizational structures cross-wise Australia (Ansvar, 2019).


When organisations carry out a plan to make the things work in a better way, the organization forms an action plan which is known as program. A program design is a type of action plan and exquisitely, the process of program design is collective, repetitive and conditional and the collaborators perform along with each other to repeat, review and refine until they achieve their aim (Free Management Library, n.d.)

This foundation has emerged by time & by the favour from specialist, they have grown fundamental and essential prevention plans aiming to change the character of young generation concerning the effects of their activities (Sammy D Foundation, 2019). Till October 2019, Sammy D Foundation has talked with more than 12,000 participating members. The program booklet of Sammy D Foundation envelopes the packages of 3 plans or programs which are as follows:

  1. Bullying Avoidance- fifth, sixth & seventh years: This focuses on changing attitude of students against bullying & providing them approaches to have themselves & their partners safe.
  2. Violence Avoidance- eight to twelve year: This aimed at changing attitude of students against employing to brutality & bullying & providing them approaches to have themselves & their partners safe.

The Sammy D Foundation can be expanded if they include the plan of providing education to people of other groups also, which could regulate the knowledge with everyone to prevent bullying and violence which also, happens with older people as because from infants to elder people, violence affects in all stages of life which affects their physical and mental wellbeing. Sammy D Foundation provides knowledgeable program to prevent adolescents from such issues and if the foundation will focus on elder people also, it would be helpful for the people and will also favour the expansion of the organisation (CDC, 2018). 


Implementation is the action that pursues initial thinking to get something happen (CDC, 2019). Implementation is important to regulate term of planning action with administration and growth of the organisation analytically with respect to hypothetical reasoning (Researchgate, 2014). For since 2011, Parafield Gardens High School has committed in and formed a warm connection with Sammy D Foundation. Every year eight students commence an effective presentation and group forming actions with the foundation on year eight camp. By telling Sam’s story, students get to know about the outcomes of brutality. Pursuing the introduction, from Neil Davis, students commence workshops which allow them to form decisive, secured selection (PGHS, n.d.).

Sammy Connect program comforts the recipients’ conditions by giving support from a positive exemplar to favour youth better the defensive talents, diminish negative attitude like violence (ACNC, n.d.).

The foundation provides knowledge through camping in schools and by performing a presentation to instruct adolescents, but if the foundation will provide one-on-one discussion to provide knowledge and awareness against bullying and violence, it would be more beneficial for people, as because on-on-one discussion helps students learn faster, capture more material, remember the instructions provided and like the process of learning. This empowers the students to make control over the education, helps them to communicate in a better way over what they require and get the personalized attention that enables them to achieve more (CMASAS, n.d.).

Limitations, Barriers & Opportunities

The limitations or barriers for Sammy D foundation can be for the people existing in remote areas, don’t have the same feel of health and wellness as compared to those who lives in cities (National Rural Health Alliance Ltd, n.d.). Language- the tribal people or those people who are not known with the native language, their culture- e.g. people from different cultures like indigenous people, fund issues, competency with staff. Barriers such as stigma and differentiation, financial and economical barriers like funds, mental fitness structure barriers, administered care (Healthy People.gov, 2020).

Sammy D Foundation hopes to develop a society that glares on any atrocity which is engaged towards young generation and explores to correct such accidents so as to provide young generation a chance & liberty to form their capabilities at their greatest stage.

Conclusion on Sammy D Foundation Adelaide Analysis

 This report aimed to represent the planning process, programming, funding, limitations, barriers and opportunities of the foundation. This foundation aspires to prevent young generation people and adolescents from bullying, brutality, adopting unhealthy lifestyle and substance-abuse which leaves a bad impact on their lives. It also reflects certain plans and programs which aspire to provide education and knowledge to young generation people as well as to other age groups to instruct about bullying and brutality face by them, which may prevent them as well as their partners from such circumstances. Hence, these issues are faced more by adolescents, so, instructions should be adopted to prevent such conditions.

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