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Mediation and Conflict Management

Introduction to Mediation and Conflict Management

Diabetes is known to be one of the emerging chronic diseases within Sydney, Australia which shows that for every 119,000 approximately there are 1.3 million patients of Diabetes type 1 and type 2 within the national level. As observed, since 2000, there has been a high rate of prevalence that has covered within the disease that has grown at an alarming rate and further has impacted the youths as well as aged people (Booth, 2016). Through the report, the main aim is to access the Needs Assessment analysis and understand how to control Diabetes in the state and have adoption in place.

Research Question

How badly the Diabetes has badly affected the Sydney people in Australia?

Needs Analysis Approach –Literature Review

To control the rapid spread and understand how diabetes A and B in Sydney, Australia, has been emerging it is important to focus on the Epidemiological and Corporate approach that can help in generating better outcomes. Speight et al., (2016) mentions that the Epidemiological approach would conclude to access the information that can cover the risk factors and it would account for the impacts and relations that can determine the factors to judge the service demand. As per the Corporate Approach, it is important to have the key assessment of major health and even include the healthcare issues that have also noted within the treatment of the Diabetes from professional perspectives

As per understanding of the application while including the mixed approach that can help to note the needs analysis would include the national level and can include how there has been spread of the Diabetes covering the entire nation, as noted from the figures (2020) including the 1.8 million people presently living and among this an approximately there has been 1.3 million that has received a proper diagnosis. It even includes approximately 500,000 cases that cover undiagnosed diabetes 2 which would cover the 2018-2018 and make it part of 119,000 patients having type 1 diabetes in Australia. As per the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2019), within 2016-2017, there have also been 1 million cases of hospitalization cases that have secured 6% of Australian adults includes the aged 18 and over. Further, during 2001, the rate of prevalence of Diabetes has doubled from 3.3% to covering 6% at present. Therefore, the conduction of the Needs Analysis Approach has to be assessed within the Diabetes and deaths.


The challenges, while controlling the need analysis while depicting the Diabetes at the national level and include the lack of proper awareness and depicting the knowledge while evaluating it. The needs assessment would lower the level of self-efficacy that has been used within the people and include the disadvantage in conduction that would include the approaches at the national level. Due to the lack of community awareness would further include the different regions and cities within Australia, in comparison to Sydney, that has shown a high relation to the depicted results. The methods like the self-efficacy scale, including the Questionnaire on Diabetes Knowledge and further, would include the Hopkins Scale Checklist-25. It is also important to note how there can be stigma found in people, that have been living with diabetes that can also access the success possibility depicting the needs analysis approach noted in various disciplinary along with the generic levels of operations.

Glasson, 2016 identifies in the above figure, the methods of Questionnaire along with the self-efficacy scale include low diabetes education and also following low acute diseases in the country which would help to gather valuable information covering a range of health prevention affected by the general people. It would include the different inter-disciplinary covering the generic levels that include the needs assessment task. Further, research indicates, how in comparison to Sydney, the other areas also hold a gathering lived experience and there has been current evidence that can show effective compliance covering the overall needs analysis process following Needs Assessment Guide. Further, O'Reilly, 2016 identifies the Mixed Approach it would include the proper methods such as community needs and covering the facts and information that can help to determine the needs assessment of Diabetic patients to identify the medical intervention along with monitoring. It is also essential to note the terms and conditions include the ‘Commissioning’, further Australian legislature, including the proactive and strategic roles within the given approach.

Methodology of Mediation and Conflict Management

  • Questionnaire for understanding the Diabetes Knowledge, includes the Health Beliefs, Problem Areas and further depicting the Diabetes and including the proper healthcare arrangements
  • Self-efficacy scale
  • Hopkins Scale Checklist-25 (Scott et al., 2016)
  • Structure Interview of professionals

It is also important to note the overall perspective, including the conduction of the mixed approach with the challenges on account of the self-efficacy, lacks, including the lacks in interest and further depicting the needs assessment.

The study would include how there have been growing diabetes instances and show a high relation to observing the deaths and how it. The data has been collected from the various literature reviews and even from the secondary data sources. The secondary qualitative data would also emphasize on the research question. The data has been focused on diabetes 1 and then on 2 and further, comparing the demographics (O'Reilly, 2016). The data would be collected from CINBHL, from PubMed, etc., and then would be taken from the questionnaire and codebook that can be identified per the research paper.

Programme Priorities

The first, the identified special screening plans which can help to depict the needs of accessing information and would cover the healthcare intervention that can note the risks of Diabetes 1 and Diabetes 2 within the community. The plan would include the Normative, Felt, including the Expressed along with the Comparative needs of people who can identify the inclusion of the priority groups covering the mandatory screening, like the age group of 17-25. Includes the 600,000 undiagnosed diabetes within Australia and among, this there are approximately 100,000 in Sydney and have approximately covered the timely medical intervention for the particular group within the priority program (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2016). The other is the specific attention noting the pre-existing and gestational Diabetes found in the pregnant which also goes unnoticed.

Conclusion on Mediation and Conflict Management

To conclude, Diabetes has become a high issue and there has been a noted region that can represent the stages of healthcare along with disease prevention within Sydney, Australia. It even depicts the related identified disease that can be relating to the alarming stage identified at the national level. The inclusion of the Mixed Approach covering the needs assessment depicts the national level identifying the Diabetes over the communities living there. It even identifies the steps and plans that would depict how the program priority can be based on a national level for gaining higher control that can be as per the categories of Diabetes.

References for Mediation and Conflict Management

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