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My Memories of Being a Young Learner

As a young child, I remember our teachers being very interactive in all our classes. The teachers ensured that their students were comfortable with their teaching methods. In my classroom, the teachers believed that education and teaching was not a one-way but rather a two-way interaction; and that it was important for the teachers to involve their students via question answers and other interactive methods. In that time, our school took a quarterly or half-yearly feedback from all the students regarding their teachers, and accordingly the teaching activities were improved. As a child, I remember the question-answer sessions held by the teachers impacting me drastically. It pushed me into paying more attention during lectures and participate more in every classroom session.

The family I belong from has deeply impacted my life as well. As a young child, my parents taught me to ask as many questions as I could. They believed that a child should be inquisitive about the world around them and thus, should constantly ask questions. They also taught me that every answer should be respected, even if you don’t necessarily agree with the person. Opinions, my parents taught me, are a fundamental right; and that when asking or answering a question, the other person’s opinion should always be respected.

My Academic Plan:

Currently, I am pursuing a degree in arts of associates. The degree is helping me improve my knowledge about various concepts in history, psychology and life sciences. Completing this degree will help me gain the base for further education if I decide upon taking it up or else, the degree helps me gain the knowledge and qualification I require to pursue my aim of becoming a teacher.

Currently, I do not have plans of pursuing further education and rather want to continue teaching. However, I might decide to take up further education in the near future if the need or desire arises.

As of now, the experience I have gained in school has been tremendously enlightening. I believe that by closely observing teachers, one is able to gain an idea about the exact kind of teacher that they want to be themselves. Additionally, the course has been filled with intriguing and interesting concepts and topics that have been very informative. Over the course of this educational experience, I was able to identify several of my strengths and weaknesses as both, a student and a prospective teacher. I realized that I have a curious mind and ask a lot of questions, thus being interactive and having an innovative mind. My teachers themselves have sometimes noticed this particular trait and commented upon it. At the same time, I was able to identify a particular weakness I have in respect to communication. Sometimes I tend to talk too fast, something that I need to work upon seriously. As a student, my weakness also lies in the fact that I get distracted easily as I get lost in my train of thoughts. This is also something that I am working upon and hope to improve.

My Future:

My three Holland letters are Social, Investigative and Realistic i.e. S, I and R. Being social and investigative is deeply rooted in my personality, whereas I think I get my realism from my dependence on facts rather than fantasies.

Out of all the qualities that I have, the ones that will help me earn a living are my sincerity and my intelligence. In my opinion, both of these qualities make me not only a good employee but also a good person. I am honest with my work and use the best of my abilities to perform any task that is assigned to me.

As an experienced teacher, I can positively say that in the future too, I can see myself taking up teaching as a profession. My other choice of profession would be a researcher. I believe that both the jobs are very well suited to my abilities and I would deeply enjoy working for either of them personally, teaching would be my first choice. Additionally, there are always ways that can be found to be both, a teacher and a researcher at the same time.

I have been teaching for almost a year now and that has helped me gain a lot of insights. Undoubtedly, I enjoy teaching as much as I would have thought. Interacting with young children and moulding their thoughts and ideas the same way my teachers and family moulded mine has been very rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable for me. I can positively say that I connect to the job not only as a job but as something I know I want do and am good at.

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