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The Sustainable Service Innovation Model in the Chain Restaurant Industry

Table of Contents


Targets & Improvements strategies.



Introduction to Sustainable Project Report

This study aims to create a sustainable cafe concept as this concept has a range of sustainable solution that can use as a competitive advantage for the organisation. The restaurant is located in Sydney. Australia and the name of the restaurant is Sweet Treat. This restaurant is a small start-up and based on the sustainable concept. The organisation is a small one therefore the need of the staff is also less. However, the organisations will have five to eight employees in the cafe. The cafe will serve vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes to the customer. Around 25- 35 members will be able to seat in the cafe (Higgins-Desbiolles, Moskwa & Wijesinghe, 2019). The suppliers of the organisation will be the local vendors who will supply the necessary raw materials to the organization. The sustainable work practises that the restaurant will adopt is to cut down on waste. The management of the organisation is very specific with the management of waste as many restaurants create more waste than they need therefore sweet treat will cut down on waste and save repurposed and avoid waste. 

Targets & Improvements Strategies

The organisation adopted a sustainable concept that gives a competitive edge to the organisation. There are a wide range of waste such as the food scraps, leftovers and different kinds of waste that goes into the trash which can likely be repurposed or saved. Therefore the organization will adopt this sustainable concept this not only create low wastage but also saves a lot of money. The organisation will adopt recycling programme that is highly offered in the USA and Canada. As per these programmes, the organisation needs to cut down its wastage and repurpose and reuse the products which can be reused again (Sarmiento & El Hanandeh, 2018). The techniques that are by the café are to join the smart programme that helps NSW household and business to save their grocery bills and reduce food waste. According to this programme, the organisation sends leftover meals to the people who would really need this and the programme works completely on an online basis. According to this programme, one can reduce food waste as this can also apply to the organisation because the form is a small scale one. 

Love food hate waste (LFHW) aids the business and the households to minimise the food waste. This organisation helps Sweet Treat Cafe to minimise the waste as there are different programmes offered by the organisation which help the businesses to reduce their waste. This organisation helps to reuse the food and provide this to the needy ones and also manage the costing of the food materials that need to be deducted. The organisation have three programmes such as food programme which helps businesses to reduce their waste by 21% and also the partnership programme delivering for the households as well as the businesses (Mancheva-Ali & Lilov, 2018). There are various survey which had the organisation to analyse the growth or the changes that the organisation adopt after collaborating with the organisation.

To monitor the entire process, the organisation will review the performance and the budget of the organisation on the end days of the month. The organisation will monitor the performance and business viability by auditing the expected budget and the actual expenditure. However, the organisation is focusing on sustainable concept therefore minimum food wastage will impact the budget and expenditure of the organisation.

It has been noted that most of the customers pay extra money for sustainable practises as the organisation can take advantage of this and adopt different strategies. For the coming next six-month organisation strategies to invest in water tanks and energy-efficient lighting that helps the organisation to save electricity as well as water. The main purpose of using energy-efficient lighting is that the costing will be impacted also and will be a sustainable approach. The organisation needs to involve staff in this entire process because the involvement of staff is necessary for implemented changes. The organisation is using energy-efficient lighting, therefore, the charging and all the essential activities that need to be done for using energy-efficient lighting will come under the work of employees working in the cafe (Chuang, Kuo & Luo, 2020). Apart from this in terms of waste management, the entire staffs need to consider the quantity of the raw materials that will be used in making dishes and use the appropriate amount of quantities. However, various things need to be considered such as the usage of water and also the leftovers will be properly bagged and delivered to the orphanage or the people who need it should be done by the staff. However, proper training will be given to the employers so that client will be satisfied with the services.

The main benefits of using this practice are that it not only helps the organisation to save money which is wasted through wastage and also it is a sustainable approach which helps to store the natural resources as much as possible. To implement these strategies, it is very important for the organisation to properly plan and schedule the processes and train their staff to implement these steps. The organisation needs to collaborate with the love food hate waste community which highly helps the organisation to reduce the food wastage (Patel, Hr?zová, Rova, Christakopoulos & Matsakas, 2019). However, the organisation also needs to invest in using the electrical equipment that is low energy efficient and investing in water tank for storing water is also a very difficult task for planning all the things.

Conclusion on Sustainable Project Report

It is concluded from the study that the sustainable concept is the most effective approach that gives a competitive edge to the organization. The sustainable approach that is adopted by the organization is to cut down waste which is one of the biggest problems for restaurants and cafes. Therefore, the success rate of this concept is very high and if it is implemented correctly in the organization. The main benefits of using this practice are that it not only helps the organisation to save money which is wasted through wastage and also it is a sustainable approach which helps to store the natural resources as much as possible.

References for Sustainable Project Report

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