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Why America Is Afraid of Tik Tok?

The current conundrum at the international level, one can see that China has become the epicentre of it. Be it an international conference, promoting of terrorism, turmoils with its neighbouring countries and the revolutionary pandemic of all time, COVID-19, its name is always highlighted. America, one of the super-powers currently, has termed its name for the COVID-19 virus to be called as 'Chinese Virus.' One can see it in all of Donald Trump's speech that he never uses COVID-19 or Coronavirus, but the 'Chinese Virus.' This virus has hit globally at a very atrocious level and still, there isn't any stopping to that. The American government is very perturbed that its economy has been hit very hard by this virus and the blame is put on China. 

Internationally, it is rumoured that China is funding Pakistan to spread terrorism in India. It is backing Pakistan to spread its wings at the north of India, that is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and in Jammu and Kashmir, while they shall be striking from the east that is Dokhlam. As a result of this, India has banned Chinese apps and their business too. Since the USA and India are fraternizing together to take down China, USA too tried to ban Tik-Tok from its country.

Due to ongoing distrust with China, ByteDance, the parent of Tik-Tok was banned by an executive order passed by the Trump administration (Schuman 2020) This made Apple and Google store remove the app from their stores, while those who have installed could use it. At least one hundred million Americans use Tik-Tok in a month. The reasons laid down were based on ongoing tensions between the two countries and the Australian government having a solid belief that this Chinese app was waiving their national security. One might wonder how can any video of a kid or any teenager pranking her cat could cause any threat to the security of the nation? But in Washington, it is a strong belief of the national security advisors that it is constantly monitoring their people and extracting personal data of all of its citizens (The Guardian, 2020). It is a move of the Communist regime who wants to dig deep into the American society and feed on their secrets and be of aid to China’s despicable intents. However, before the US district judge, Carl Nichols, the defendant wasn't able to present any conclusive proofs of that. As a result, DC had granted an injunction to ByteDance to be available for download (Arbel 2020).

Recently ByteDance had struck a deal with Oracle and Walmart to be the owner of shares of a new company called Tik-Tok Global. This shall be surveillance over the kind of marketing and storage of data that is been collected by Tik-Tok Global. This deal is however in process and is to be decided on the terms and conditions.

It is up to the judiciary system of the country, to decide on the powers of the President and whether his move was constitutional or unconstitutional. One of the major factors of concerns is that now that China and the USA are at open-rebellion, both know what needs to be done to strike each other. The USA has this feeling that China through hybrid-networking is keeping a check on its citizens, and when the time comes shall use that information to its disadvantage.

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